Where is Pattern: Stormshroud Armor gotten?

Since Azshara is a level 10-20 zone now, where does one obtain Pattern: Stormshroud Armor?
Does anyone have any info on this yet?
Inscription has a way of generating blue recipes. But cata is the first expansion where patterns just wont be available any more because of changes. One of the last things I did was spent 5 hours farming for a stupid green pattern that I had all ready farmed for in classic and tbc. Meh it didn't drop, I had my chance, I just forgot about it.
Well, I can confirm that [Pattern: Stormshroud Pants] is still available in game. so, I presume that the set is intended to still be available.

Any word on where to get Pattern: Stormshroud Armor yet?
Blizzard won't remove items already created, for example if you have the pattern in your inventory it will remain there. However, it is entirely possible that with the mobs that dropped the pattern that no new one will be created. If blizzard didn't feel like moving where it drops, you're out of luck. I expect to see many craftable plans/patterns/recipes/etc being confirmed "retired" in the comming months.
Since the pants pattern is still obtainable and there are set bonuses, I doubt it is intended to completely remove the ability to obtain any of the set's patterns.

So, has anyone heard anything new on this?
While you may be right, I think you severely underestimate Blizzard's lack of caring about things of this nature. I suspect that if they ever do bother to adress this they will simply say that if you want the set there is bound to be some one that can make it for you.
I don't want the set, I want the pattern, since I have the other 3 for my leatherworker already.
Oh I know, Im just saying Blizzard really has put old plans/patterns on the back burner, so I wouldnt expect much from them.
If the thing that dropped it is gone, you can only wait until they put it back into the game.

Don't stay up waiting.
The quest that rewarded Deviate Scale Belt was also removed from the game, and right now there is no way to learn the pattern anymore (other than however finite copies are floating around).

I thought there was an Inscription pattern that made a "long-lost" recipe scroll, but I cannot find evidence of such on Wowhead. It may have been removed.

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