How does Ret fight a Shadow Priest?

I fought one today, and I do despise priests, but usually I have no problem. (It was late at night, my hands were cold, tired, been up playing for 14 hours, swore hands, blah blah blah, but still).

Resistance aura, Seal of Righteousness, Blessing of might to start it off. Basically I couldn't pop the priest's bubble, and he was out damaging my healing almost. Of course, you're supposed to heal with you're holy power mostly, but the problem was the DPS. He dropped me to about 1/4 of my health every 6 seconds. I have about 1460 resilience. I know that's not THAT much, but still.

Fight went like this. He fears me, dots me up, I heal. I get a couple hits in, break bubble, he fears/horrors and kites me. I really can't do much. Maybe rebuke a mind blast/flay, but he has so much haste and I was so tired, my reactions weren't fast enough. I trinket'd nothing, because I fat fingered and I didn't bother bubbling because he did to much damage.

I know not to Zealotry in the open, but the problem was his damage. Should I gem ALL resilience? I gem'd stam because I didn't have any yellows at that time >.>

Only problem is that any time I pop anything, it's instantly dispelled.
You don't Win against Priests period. Shadow will melt your face off right now at 80. Offensive dispells alone will own you.
You don't Win against Priests period. Shadow will melt your face off right now at 80. Offensive dispells alone will own you.

Wrong. You can beat a equally geared priest. For starters, why would anyone use SoR in PvP? SoT is better, even if you don't have a full stack. When fighting a shadowpriest, don't pop your wings at the beginning. It's going to be a drawn out fight. As the fight begins, you can do decent damage to them with CS, Judgement and Holy Wrath. They will for the most part always psycic horror you. Don't trinket that. If you do they will get a full fear duration. Eat the PH. After that, flash heal or WoG yourself. Play the battle thinking defense at first. Pick away at them with CS, Judgement and Holy Wrath. They will eventually disperse. When disperse is gone, continue. When they get about half health and you have 3 hp stacks, that's when you repentance them. When they are CCd, that's when you pop wings and zealotry. If they happen to pop their trinket on repentance(only bad priests would trinket repentance), immediate hit them with hammer of justice. If they don't trinket repentance, you'll get a HoW off on them. Then you immediately HoJ them. They key is to never ever pop wings unless they are CC'd or stunned and not until they have about 50-60% health. When you get a HoW off, CS for 3 stacks of HP and TV. Don't listen to anyone saying a ret can't beat a shadowpriest.

I have like 3 priests and a Ret so I am very familiar with the play and mechanics of Shadowpriests. Every shadowpriest I go up against follow the same routine.
You forgot to mention the entire time at 80, Your taking 7k to 10k worth of dot and instant cast damage every 2 to 4 secs. While the pries shields can eat as much as 40 percent of your CS and HOW damage. Because you can't dispell them solo.

Shadow Priests in full wrath right now are a freaking Nightmare. You better bring someone that can heal, and dispell them.
With the correct amount of haste a shadowpriest can force a bubble in 1 set of offensive cooldowns.
Easy: judge them as soon as they are in range. Then use your pursuit of justice buff to run away. As soon as you are sufficiently distant to break combat, mount up and leave.

And that's how you fight a Shadow Priest in 4.03.

Anyways, I don't use SoT because of the DoT. So many times I have won fights due to Repentance saving my life, or being a game changer. I know Ret is like lululul just smash and die, but I do like some finesse of CC in there.

Like, running cleave lol.

But anyways, yeah. I think I was super tired. I started to fail. I mean, I popped Zealotry in the friggin' open, got immediately dispelled. I think I know what I did wrong here.

And by the way, I played a Shadow priest BC, but they are no where near the same as they are now. I usually know how to fight one, but since I recently came back, apparently they are doing LOTS of damage PvP now. So. I'm going to gem +Resilience fully. With some +Strength here and there.
As prot.
As prot.

I have a Prot offspec, but it's more PvE orientated. I guess I could respec my Ret tree, but I really don't want to.

I tried the Protribution (Or whatever stupid name you want to call it), Prot talents, but Ret gear. Yeah. It's meh to be honest. I played it before 4.0.3a and well, it was respectable damage. But with this vengeance and Shield of Righteousness change, it really affects the damage. Of course, it does more damage than if I was in my actual tanking gear, but still.

I tanked heroics in my PvP Ret gear all the time before 4.0.3a and was pulling decent DPS. Now, I noticed I don't do as much in PvE, so I'm assuming it'd be even less in PvP.

Also, divine storm is so worthless. It's only been used about 5 times for me, pulling people out of stealth. Otherwise, CS is the way to go.

If anything, bring back the time where Retribution abilities would proc the seal off. At least Justice/Righteousness. Truth might just be a bit to OP in this case, but I remember putting out mad burst CS + Judgement + DS + Autoattack for lots of damage.

But then again, this is almost pointless since apparently damage is supposed to suck at 80 and gets better or respectable at 85. I just don't think that 30% holy power thing is gonna cut it, and it'll probably just be ROFL-DISPELLED all the time anyways.
Rule 1. Don't spec into Zealotry, its purgable and not worth it. (for now)

I find shadow priests and warlocks fairly easy now that we have Rebuke. I would repent after a fear without trinket just to minimize damage running back. Also save your burst.. Exo, Hand of Light proc.. Pre patch ret didn't die due to the word of glory spam, they changed the holy talent so we have to heal someone else to get the extra 3k heal = sucks.
I believe it's /lay or /sleep

Genar Tornspart
Wait til he shadow infuse demon and start licorice beam use brightest bubble and blind him with your shield. He will them try to reload ui and here is where you victory.
you beat a priest the same way a warrior beats a paladin

by outgearing and outskilling them simultaneously

you beat a priest the same way a warrior beats a paladin

by outgearing and outskilling them simultaneously
Or just attach a healer to yourself for every spriest you face.

once you get out of 1v1 things are indeed a lot less rock paper scissors

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