[A] 564 MDPS/Tank - 1/14H - LF Fri/Sun Group

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As the title states, No flexibility on this schedule presently. I need a group that raids friday night and sunday night, i can make 100% attendance those 2 nights (preferably after 5pm EST but can work the times around if needed). I am not sure if there are any heroic type guilds who could use a stellar dps, moderately good tank or hell even at this point as a backup i am just sick of not hitting normals is over a month (PUGs make me a sad gnome)

anyway im sure this will get the normal spam responses, however if you are genuinely interested (sorry no logs of dps are currently available, did all of my progression as a reluctant tank) add my battletag #darktree1190 and we will chat later.

Thanks for stopping by!
no weekend groups need a good dps'er with solid tanking background?

le sad
Still looking, am dying to raid! going bonkers just farming and leveling alts
weekends are good.....and free!

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