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Which website are people using to find Korgath's alliance numbers? I am using and am comparing it to

According to this site, Korgath only has a couple hundred more alliance than Bleeding Hollow does, however, I was under the impression that Korgath had several thousand more alliance than Bleeding Hollow. Which website are people getting their numbers from?

Move the slider at the bottom over so you're only looking at level 90's. That's what's important, anyway. Right now you're taking into account every character from 1-90.

BH Alliance - 14k
Korgath Alliance - 21k

Aside from that, looking at wowprogress to see how many raiding characters there are also works.

BH Alliance Raiders - 2300
Korgath Alliance Raiders - 4700
Look at the level 90s - according to RealmPop, in that level bracket, we have 14,557 on Bleeding Hollow versus 21,013 on Korgath. The AH liquidity numbers back this up as well.
The big issue with realm pop is that you're seeing a lot of BH Alliance players who are no longer active on this server. Tons have faction transferred to Horde or moved on to other servers over the course of this expansion, yet their toons are still counting toward BH's population.

My guild has done quite a bit of on-the-ground census taking over the last few days at varying times throughout each day. I think we can safely say Korgath Alliance generally has 50% more players online than BH Alliance. At some time, there would be nearly double the amount of Korgath Alliance than BH Alliance in the major areas. It, of course, also has way fewer horde to the point that Korgath Alliance outnumbers them.
Thanks for the clarification, appreciate it

Did not notice the slider at the bottom

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