lvl 90 monks, can you solo any Cata dungeons?

If so what spec and what itl did you start to solo them at?
They are all soloable by any spec.
Not sure about the ilvl, but its easy enough to get ilvl 496 in a few days and that's more than enough.
Even some of cata raids are soloable.
I think I was around 476 in brewmaster spec when I farmed a ton of cata dungeons for enchanting mats. It was pretty easy back then, with some timeless/LFR gear they shouldn't be a problem at all.
i can solo bot 10m trash.. i do it for the boe epics, those shoulders sell pretty well
i can solo bot 10m trash.. i do it for the boe epics, those shoulders sell pretty well

i can't believe you used the shoulders! i've never seen a monk actually put them on ! :D

sorry to hijack the thread :)
I feel like we can already solo the early half of Pandaville LFR... (as can frankly, any class...) this expansion was seriously 'overtuned' on the progression power ups.

Cata content should be easy.
I did the early ones at a fairly low ilvl for cloth and for lulz... mainly in blues and a few pieces of raid gear. Well, mostly Grim Batol which was faster than I remembered.

I struggled on ZA early in MoP when I was like 470-480 couldn't do enough deeps as heals, and couldn't heal enough as deeps or tank. I got through all of ZG, but the bear boss of ZA kicked my butt. Actually, it was the trash >.<

Anyway, now it's so easy to be over ilvl 500, I imagine everything is simple. I blazed through ZA/ZG at 530 as MW... faster than I ever did with 5 well geared in cata for the bear. If there was anything cool in the last Cata tier dungeons I'd do them, and I'm sure those are simple.

Also, for the longest time I read the title of this thread as MoP dungeons >.< Funnily enough, the same could be said for them. Any monk spec could solo them. Oh lol, Askala already said that :) I concur.
ive soloed almost half of DS normal and all of it has been done by other monks. and everything before it (well i havent set foot in bot on this guy mostly due to laziness)

as far as the 5 mans, i could solo them when i could get to them. some of the heroics are rougher, but at 90 you should have no issues with them in any spec
I've solo'd End Time in Heart of Fear LFR gear. (dps spec) I think I've solo'd that dungeon earlier, in heroic blue gear, but I had to skip the Tauren boss. Rest is a cakewalk.
I am able to solo all of them but the bosses that actually require more than one person due to the mechanics.

I can't think of any that you can't do enough damage to outpace mechanics on? Corala was the only one I can think of that at content needed more than one mechanically, but now? Cake.
Cata dungeons are fairly simple. I've soloed the first 3 bosses of normal 10man BoT as well. Didn't get Cho'gall down. Only gave it a couple of shots though and my gears a lot better now so maybe that's even possible, not sure. I was brewmaster and probably 550-ish at the time. Soloed 2 of the Baradin Hold bosses as well. Haven't tried any of the other raids yet but I'm guessing there are a few more that are possible.
You can solo level 80 dungeons at 80 as BrM. Just need to kite sometimes and paralysis some of the harder hitting mobs.

Second boss in BRC is the one you really can't though.

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