Hellscream's Downfall a la <Crisp>

Got gold you want to offload on something amazing? Been saving for the special something? <Crisp> wants to take that gold off your hands and provide you with the most epic experience WoW can provide you currently. Roll alongside our raid group for a night or four and experience every heroic kill in Siege of Orgrimmar, including the big bad guy himself.

Pick what you want, and allow us to provide you the means and the team to get it done:
- Heroic Garrosh
- Title: Hellscream's Downfall
- Kor'kron Juggernaut mount
- Feat of Strength achievement only obtainable this tier: "Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream
- All the loot your little heart desires. Beautful, glittering, and elite 566-572 item level gear! Go AFK with pride and style wearing your title and gear.

In addition, purchasing a run from us will get you exclusive access to our guild/raid forums, mumble/vent servers, and a night of songs and puns from Mass.

Prices vary greatly, starting at 400k, and depend largely on which of the above items you want (discount for buying the full package!) We do offer a small sliding scale and everything is always negotiable!

For more information on pricing, scheduling, or just to whisper sweet nothings contact me (Chesticles#1307), Samiam (Samiam#1176), or Mass (Mass#1138) in game or via battle tag.

Why wait 8 months or more for something you can get now?!
Nice sells pitch Chesticles!
Sup blu, Cromagg was lookin' for you yesterday.
Can we do this tonight? :P
Hi Chesticles, not much just doing a lot of work on my 11 90s, doing gardens, ect. Cromagg ignores me and after he professed his love for, and they say women are fickle!! Poo on him, lmao...
I'm sorry, the timing was just wrong. It wasnt you its me.
OMG!!! You mean there is "DRAMA" on Baelgun?
If i had the gold I pay just for the Mass puns
If I had the gold I'd pay to NOT have Mass puns
The big guy dropped again last night. Lock in a run with us and get this kill before it gets nerfed!
Certain items and kills are also available à la carte. Some examples include:

Tier-gear boss kills.
Trinket or weapon-specific boss kills.
Rare pet/mount boss kills.
Rare title bosses.

And yes, we will do older content as well. If you can dream it, we can provide it.
May I ask what the price range would be for a H garrosh kill or perhaps an H Siege Crafter?

Just curious as to what that would be :)
Hello, I am very interested in various things, though the Juggernaut is the most prominent one. I have sent a friend request to Chesticles via the Btag listed here, and would like to discuss further. Thanks very much.
4 heroic tier tokens and a mount, all from 1 kill. This guy championed H Garrosh looting tonight.

Way to step up and provide Crisp!

Any BOA's?
Still selling spots in our Tuesday heroic 14/14 clear of SoO!

Just need a specific heroic boss killed? Want a specific piece of loot? Contact one of us and we would gladly sell you that spot.

Your gold goes from our hands right back into the Baelgun economy via auction house materials!
I'm a little cash strapped... But hear me out...

I'm prepared to offer you one (1) (half-eaten) strawberry poptart.. THREE (3) Full 10 second hugs (gentle swaying optional), and all the noodz Ahab has sent me over the years.

I know this offer seems pretty enticing already.. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

To top it off, I'll sing sea shanties of your choice whist you carry my beloved toon to victory.

Think about it
Haha the gentle swaying option made me lol
<3 These guys are amazing!
I heard the guys were... a pretty cool bunch. You guys should give them your gold.

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