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How much longerrr
pls hurry
Transfers are live
Awesome! Finally home on Blackrock!
01/16/2014 11:24 AMPosted by Travincal
Transfers are live

Maybe they are throttling the amount of people that can xfer at a time, that will suck for people that want to get in and may get locked out.
I agree Trinity, they must be limiting it, because I am still down
Still says in maintenance for me
01/16/2014 11:28 AMPosted by Notagin

you trollin bro? is it really I show you on SR still.

Looks like he and the previous poster were transferred. Click on his armory profile and you get the "Oops! Character Not Available" page.

I click on him still says illiden to me
nope, not trollin.
& Yeah, they are probably limiting the amount
Question if I'm on Darkspear as a guild leader and want a free transfer. Can I transfer me and the guild for free? If so do I have to boot everyone away before I do a guild transfer?
You have to pay to transfer a guild still
you transfer yourself and the guild for $35 and if anyone chooses the free migration after you transferred, they will automatically be put in your guild.
01/16/2014 11:30 AMPosted by Toiletz
nope, not trollin.
& Yeah, they are probably limiting the amount

If thats the case then there are going to be people that will miss out that want to xfer, because they can close FCM at anytime.
Still in maintenance. Sigh.
woot, it allowed my bleeding hollow toons xfer to korgath, all 6. best 15$ resub ever. 150$ value town
still down for me
You guys should give it a try. My 5 toons are pending to transfer to Blackrock from Illidan. Worth a try.

Updated: Just logged on all my toons. All are on Blackrock server now. Migrations process took only 5 mins.
am still in maintenance

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