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01/16/2014 11:47 AMPosted by Holystudx
am still in maintenance

Just checked, and so am i.
It just worked for my rogue. Illidan to blackrock
two of my characters are moved but the one i really want moved is still pending.
for those of you that it is working for are you just going to the free character migration page on your account? and it is not showing maint?
you trolling or did you pay service is still down for alot lol
Try a different browser if it still says maintenance.
free character migration page and then it pops up the characters you can move... no maintenance page.
Still not working for me -_-.
$100 says that by the time some people get to actually transfer the service will be closed and half of their characters will be stuck
haha it made me rename my character and the name Joe was actually avalible
It is working, got 3 characters transferred, waiting for my raid team to transfer the other 2.
01/16/2014 11:53 AMPosted by Tivon
Try a different browser if it still says maintenance.

Tried in both firefox and chrome and it's down in both
Can we get some sort of confirmation that this is actually good to go now?
Any working transfers from stormrage to turalyon?
It is working on - got 8 of mine
I was able to transfer my warlock Area 52 -> Turalyon about half an hour ago. However if I log in now the page says its in maintenance again. Glad I only had one to transfer. Hope it comes back up for the rest of you soon.
they are pending. how long will take and do i need to be offline?
Use Internet Explorer. It works on that browser.
well chrome it doesnt work, firefox works perfectly in process of transferring all my toons to blackrock.
you have to use Internet Explorer, its not working for chrome or firefox

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