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It isn't working for me on IE. I'm trying to move off of Darkspear.
weird FF works for me
Using chrome, its currently pending as we speak.
he is right you have to use IE or no go
There is a problem though. I wanted to move a few characters because all 11 slots were full on Illidan. It still thinks I have 11 characters there. Is this a glitch or will it take time to show that I moved one??
01/16/2014 12:00 PMPosted by Tritdog
he is right you have to use IE or no go

I used Chrome on my iPhone...
Yeah I see the page in Internet Explorer and on Safari on my iPhone. Still doesn't work in Firefox or Chrome.
Working with IE. Just transferred 4 toons from stormrage to turalyon.
Also I used firefox. No problems at all. Maybe some of you are having problems due to traffic?
Mine worked on Chrome but not on IE. try different ones folks.
01/16/2014 12:02 PMPosted by Berith
he is right you have to use IE or no go

I used Chrome on my iPhone...

Let me rephrase. i tried chrome and fire fox and the only thing that worked for me was IE. so if one of your browsers is not working try another. Just trying to help. Like all of you i have been trying to get this done for the past 3 days.
Just took the xfer off Stormrage on my hunter. Had to use IE. Any other browser said it was in maintenance.
the transfer for my lvl 80 DK went thru fine and can log in etc. My lock is still pending, any idea how long it should take?
I used Firefox for my transfers
thats incorrect i just used google chrome and it worked just fine for me
I'm still having issues in Firefox and Chrome as of this post, but I was able to initiate a transfer for an alt in IE.

Doesn't seem like anyone has had a problem with IE. I'd say just do it through that, but maybe wait for an official announcement from Blizzard first if you're planning on moving with your guild.
Just did it working well with firefox, tried with Chrome and Internet Explorer neither of the 2 works !
Still pending.
Mine didn't work with Firefox, but did with Internet Explorer

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