How is feral?

How does feral fare in 2s and 3s?

How well do you think it will fare in WOD?
How does feral fare in 2s and 3s?

With a good person playing it, good.

With a bad person playing it, bad.

How well do you think it will fare in WOD?

Pretty much the same.
How does feral fare in 2s and 3s?

pretty good in 2s..but.. i run kitty cleave and it always seems like the feral I play with doesn't get enough damage out because he's constantly under pressure and unable to really move

i think they could use NS back or a slight damage buff to compensate more for treant stun/insta clone loss. they really just aren't that good right now at all.
they really just aren't that good right now at all.

Yep. Feral offers nothing to a 3s team that another melee wouldn't. Uptime on mages is about it, but since they're usually playing with a rogue or warrior that's training the feral, you can't do much.

Train feral into the ground. He can't ever get a clone off, can't ever get any damage out, collect points.

Sorry, but you're an idiot.

I'm an idiot for asking advice?
lets put it this way, a feral druid did half my health in his opener while i was full grevious had 542k health, and in defensive stance. 3-4 seconds
Pears, i wouldn't say I disagree with saying they aren't viable, but to say if even one person can push with it doesn't mean much.

if the best feral in the world runs the best feral comp in the game with some of the best players in the world, i don't think that means it's playable, i think that's about player skill and being carried by comp and partners

ferals are strong as hell, but i think that cyclone change was a bit rough, they should've just left it on a cooldown

even having NS back for Ferals, could make the difference

edit, i worded that terribly, I can see where you would be bothered when someone says they're unplayable, they're very playable.
Much like almost every other class: Good player, good class. Bad player, bad class.

tl;dr they're not warrior/rogue/mages.

On a serious note though, they have insane damage but they're lacking CC. They're super mobile and with most comps, they're very safe. Easy to train though and if you make a mistake you will get punished.

It's how every class should be. If the player is good, the class is good. If the player makes a mistake, they will get punished for it. /cough RMD.

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