Any addon that you click to cast dps for pvp?

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Ok what im trying to say is their an addon that is basically the same frames as vuhdo/healbot but instead of only having friendly targets in the frames since its a healing addon is their one that has the enemy targets in the frames so then i can program a dps spell to a click
Click-casting AddOns require unit frames to function, unit frames can only be created for things that have a unitID. These are all the valid unitIDs:

Enemies only have a valid unitID when you, your pet, a group member or a group member's pet is targeting them or they're your mouseover/focus. There are also up to five arena enemies (flag carriers in BGs) and up to four bosses (only in some boss fights).

When an enemy doesn't meet any of the above criteria, you can't have a unit frame for them and thus can't click-cast spells at them.

Basically, there's no reliable way to click-cast spells at arbitrary non-boss enemies.

In future, AddOn questions belong in the UI and Macro forum:
Thanks choon so there isnt a decent working one for arena 2s or 3s?
Thanks choon so there isnt a decent working one for arena 2s or 3s?

For arena, all of your enemies have a constant unitID: arena1-5. The default UI includes arena enemy frames and most unit frame AddOns will replace these with their own.

AddOns that integrate click-casting into their own raid frames like HealBot and Vuhdo won't work with arena enemies, but Clique will work on any unit frame.

I managed to miss the "PvP" part of your title, so my initial response was more PvE-centred.
Thanks a lot
What about Battleground Targets.. It has frames for all of the horde (up to 40) characters in a Battleground.
BG Targets and Gladius give you frames to click on, but no it won't cast for you.

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