[Sticky] Free Character Migrations Now Live

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Oh Blizzard...making jokes again.
Read the last blue post and the BlizzardCS account,they are having issues, an update would be nice though
Yeah thats the problem...the sticky is still up...and that was over 4 hours ago.
Oh i know, there are some of us that want OFF these servers but noooo we have to wait because no one doublechecked the coding.
lol blizzard dropping the ball worse than when ICC was released and that was bad.
The fact that they messed it up is one thing...but the fact that they can't go in and fix the Sticky or give any kind of updates is completely different...its like they refuse to admit in writing they were wrong about being ready.
Blaa, errrrr. Just saying...
Moved my guild.. then found out my guild can't move yet.. doh!
blizz screwed us simply put, now with realms going on/offline FCM gets pushed back even further, my guess eventually we will only get the chance to swap for like 2days before they get it fixed. Of which they wont updated us another ploy for us to PAY to go where we want.

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