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Happy Thanksgiving all...

I'm currently looking for more members to join my guild. Some background info: back in the day there was an online gaming service for the 16-bit SNES and Genesis that was eventually discontinued. It had made such an impression on my neighbor and I that we continued to use its name for our guilds in every subsequent online game we played. If your memory of the 90s is hazy or was before your time, you can do a youtube search on “xband promo video.”

Since then many games have come and gone, but it looks like WoW is our permanent home. Our guild was comprised of ten players: childhood friends, new friends, and relatives all who lived within minutes of each other. Our most recent exploits were running Naxx etc. and meeting up at a local restaurant after the dungeon was cleared (a real life 10-man raid for grub). However, a great “cataclysm” occurred that has, for the most part, separated us from all meeting online at the same time: we all got jobs.

Our activity has been much lower but the new xpac next month has us psyched to run the new dungeons and raids, but since all ten of us will not be able to raid together I thought it was time to relax our “IRL or GTFO” motto for now and increase our ranks with some new members from the same ‘hood.

If you’re in SoCal and looking for a very casual place to run Heroics and Raid every now and then, feel free to send me a message in-game. I usually log on every night right after getting home from work at 7:00pm Pacific.


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