Blizz, there's not enough ore to go around.

One doesn't even need to "level an alt" for this.

Hi, I'm a gatherer alt. I was made specifically because:

1. I start out at level 58/9 when I get into the world.
2. I have a mount.
3. I can quickly level skinning/mining because of 1 and 2.

Because of the fact that anyone can do exactly this, increasing the amount of ore nodes available will do nothing good for old world prices.

Your main's a bs/jc/eng? Need lots of ore? Screw buying it, you can simply make a DK, 1-2hrs of starter quests later and you're farming the needed mats. And you won't even have to work for it, as Az is now inundated with ore nodes.

Has anyone rode around Winterspring yet? I would've had to take a cold shower 4yrs ago if I had seen 1/10th as many Rich Thorium as I do on a ride around now.

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