Awesome Troll Druid Names ??

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Hey guys,

I've been having a hard time thinking about a name that i LOVE for my new Troll Druid alt.

I was never good with coming up with an avatar name that was creative and because of that i always sought help here at the forums. I thought about many names with "Tusks" but didn't really love them and others with "Kittysomthing" or "Bearsomthing" i got frustrated. Y_Y

Some of the names that i have:
-Waterboy: Mage
-Gunner: Hunter
-Monk: Priest
-Harrydotter: Aff Warlock
-???????????: Troll Druid << Help me pick one please!!! :)

Any funny or awesome fitting names would be much appreciated and would help a lot of others I'm sure :P


P.S An awesome name that i saw today on a lvl 3 troll was "Deafwing" made me lol. Take it if it's not taken!!
No help ? /SadPanda


Just wanted to THANK you all for your great ideas about troll druid names.

Also to tell you guys that I've decided to name my new alt: "Mojo"


I was hoping for Batmon or Glowstick myself and both were taken.

I also like mythology around classes, Trolls are also known as Jotunn.... here's a nice clip from Wikipedia:

"A certain class of jötnar are the fire jötnar (Múspellsmegir or eldjötnar), said to reside in Muspelheim, the world of heat and fire, ruled by the fire jötunn Surtr ("the black one"). The main role of the fire jötnar in Norse mythology is to wreak the final destruction of the world by setting fire to the world at the end of Ragnarök, when the jötnar of Jotunheim and the forces of Hel shall launch an attack on the gods, and kill all but a few of them."

Very appropriate for Cataclysm eh?

Also there's the Troll Language "Zandali" guide from wowpedia:

Could find combinations of words from that, use the random name generator ( good at making troll names ) or most people just use humorous names for trolls.

Jin means leader of a tribe, so I'd stay away from that personally.
Lol someone told me about "Batmon" but it was taken! Y_Y
This is a general Druid name, but I like it.
Not a name i'd take but some folks I was talking to came up with "Tuskboy"
Saw a troll druid with the name "Shiftinmojo".
My bro rolled on on my server named MojoKitty
I like my name. Not very trollish but meh :)
haven't thought about a "Mojo-ish" name. Sounds fitting for trolls imo.

Maybe Mojoman or something idk lol
My name is the greatest. But I'm not much of a Batmon without my bat form...
Spur of the moment, mon. I tot it fittin'.
Monkin.....or mines name, Mongle(feral ofc)....
i named mine tuskticular :)
Mine...deleted this one and re-used it a couple hours ago.
I have a troll druid named: Monaliss. :)

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