Awesome Troll Druid Names ??

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How ya doing mon. I'll vote mah own name in.

Stay away from that VooDoo!
I have one, lvl 8 so far (work getting in the way of my PLAY time dang it!)...

Named him: Marleymon Just seemed to fit...

Now if I could just get that dang barber to understand dreadlocks....and get the <General Goods> Vendor to sell rolling papers...

Just wanted to THANK you all for your great ideas about troll druid names.

I also wanted to tell you that i have decided to name my new alt: "Mojo"

Luckily the last guy who owned that name was a banned account and the GM helped me clear it for use and i snatched it :P

Thanks guys
Mine pretty much rocks.
Hey guys, i'm the OP ! :D
<=== Batmon

next best thing lol

*is hungry for giant chicken now*

Edit: Moogoogaipan involves chicken and mushrooms, so Mojogaipan could work with both Boonkin and Resto specs.
I like my name.
Can't go wrong with my name...
i kinda like mine :) Altho everyone just calls me troll
Damn, I'm normally good with names.
But, with the Troll accent I just keep coming back to Bobmarley.
There HAS to be one of those on every server already. Its like Legolas, but for stoners.
Mine rocks
make a tauren druid
How about "Trollindirty"?

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