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Guild Recruitment
Axiom of Icecrown (11/12 ICC25 HMs / GotIR)
  • Raid Times: Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Mondays, 8:00p to 11:30p, EST

  • Raid Type: 25-man HM focus, with a professional approach

  • Server Location: New York Datacenter - high population

  • More Info (LOTS of it): www.axiomicecrown.com

Axiom is a brand new guild (doors opened on August 25th, 2010) founded on the belief
that hard-mode raid encounters can be mastered with a small but dedicated team of
adult raiders in a professional, mature and friendly atmosphere.

We're looking for just a few more folks to fill out our roster. If you would like to get in on
the ground floor of a solid guild that is preparing now for the challenges of Cataclysm
HM raid encounters then read on.

Our Progress So Far:
  • The week of September 1st, we did our first all-guild 10-man, while still building
    our 25-man team, and completed 11/12 HMs, with a talented group, many of whom had
    not yet seen the HM fights.

  • The week of September 15th, our team did our first 25m ICC (with a couple pugs).

  • The week of October 5th, we hit 9/12 HMs in ICC, downing H:LDW with 24!

  • The week of October 19th, after the wonky patch week passed, we took down HM:PP
    and HM:Sindy to go 11/12 HMs.

  • The week of November 9th, we completed the ICC25 Meta, Glory of the Icecrown Raider.
    [li]In our final weeks before Cata, we're continuing to get used to one another as a team
    while getting the meta for the last few folks missing some achievements.

What we are looking for:
  • Excited, dedicated, adult raiders (21+ minimum, Council is 30s-40s) who are
    looking to invest themselves in a new home for Cataclysm

  • Team oriented people with the patience to help build a strong, long lasting
    progression raiding guild

  • Strong situation awareness - not only do you stay out of damage dealing
    environmental hazards, but you actively look for ways to improve your response
    to the various situations Blizzard throws at you

  • A drive for excellence - if you're satisfied with your performance, you're already
    moving backwards!

In return, we offer the same enthusiasm and a structure built for the long haul. We
recognize the effort that will be needed by ALL members to ensure a successful
Cataclysm guild, and we promise to match that effort! Specifically, we offer:
  • Experienced leadership - all council members were 10/12 HM ICC25
    before stepping back to develop Axiom

  • The structure, transparent leadership, communication skills, organization and
    life-experience necessary to cultivate a healthy team

  • A focus on maintaining a small, dedicated raid team of like-minded individuals,
    all working towards a common goal

  • A fun guild environment and leaders who know when to get serious
    [li] Raid leaders that do not believe in yelling and belittling individuals - positive
    reinforcement is much more effective!

  • A commitment to progression - we are primarily Cataclysm focused, but we are
    using the remaining time of WotLK to work on HM25s, learning to work
    as a team - we ask you to be driven - so are we!


Council for Cata!
When the burden of leadership falls on just one person you risk too much if that person
gets burned out. Especially considering how guild rewards will work in Cata, you don’t
want to put all of your effort into a guild that folds out of the blue because the one person
in charge of running everything has left the game.

At Axiom we share the burden of leadership among four Council members whose
strengths complement each other’s weaknesses. The labor of guild and raid
management thus divided encourages each Council member to excel at his or her
tasks and ultimately leads to a more stable and more enjoyable guild.


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