paladin nerf

P:S srry if my english is not really good I speak french ^^

light of dawn is a very good skill but since the new patch it becomes too bad ... there was need 3 holy power for the skill ... heal as before and went 5 target!
VERY VERY Bad especially the skill of word glory needs holy power...

when the skill was costing of mana and with more target .. this skill will be nice .. but now... .just bad

the skill beacon ... heal 50% less ..........BAD

Divine plea.... REg 10 % mana and 50 % heal less..... just BAD !
paladin healer VS mana burn = .. paladin just bad

many peoples in the server think that the second patch is really bad for the paladin healer and reduces the force of the healer

the change to a five target HP spell allowed light of dawn to be used more frequently and heal more more per target.

It also distinguishes it from holy radiance.
if mana burn ends up OP it'll be nerfed.

in any case man burn is not a paladin issue. All healers have limited mana.

priest disc or holy with mana burn VS palladin healer ... im paly and i lost sure... with mana burn ..i can have 37k hp with 0 mana and him humm 37k hp 36k mp too ^^
dear blizz, please make mana burn have 2 min cast time.

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