@ people who race changed (Tauren)

Is it awesome?

In all seriousness, its nothing special, but to people who enjoy the tauren race and cant stand blood elves...this is an amazing thing. I finally got to go horde again, and I have always prefered Hrde > alliance I just couldnt stand the way blood elves looked, and I just happen to like the way humans look on alliance.
I think beef in plate is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Also, I like the lore.
Tauren has been my favorite race since the beginning of WoW, so I jumped at the chance to make my Paladin a Tauren.
I'm enjoying my femtaur paladin.

And it still has yet to update on the forums. /sadpanda
the tauren casting animations are smooth and cool, pally armor is showcased nicely on the big frame, the racial is straight ice as everyone knows, yea it's awesome.

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