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Hey guys, just wanted to post a few thing's that I saw from the loading screen, and have accumulated from multiple websites(credit given at the bottom). Although some of these things may seem like common sense for you veterans, try to remember back when you started. Here are the tips to make leveling that much smoother:

Read your Quest Journal- Now we hate to snipe here, people, but the "L" key on your keyboard opens up your Quest Journal. This handy-dandy little item contains literally all the information you need to solve whatever quest your given.

Every Trade Skill has a Complement- For example you decide to train Herbalism. An excellent combo with that would be Alchemy. Just by combining one Gathering Profession and one Crafting Profession, you can save yourself a lot of time and Gold.

-You can Eat and Drink at the Same time.

-If you don’t have enough room in your inventory for rewards given from completing a quest, you will not be able to complete that quest. Make sure that you have enough room to accept all the possible items given as reward for a quest before you go to complete it.

-Mobs with yellow exclamation points over their heads indicate they have a quest to give you, while mobs with a silver exclamation point indicates that they have a quest but you are not yet ready to undertake it. Mobs with a question mark over their heads indicate you have a quest to complete by talking to them.

-NPC’s are not the only things that give out quests. Be sure to check out wanted posters, items and terrain features as they all have the possibility of giving out quests to you.

-In your quest log your quests will be colored according to their difficulty (gray being pathetically easy and red being extremely hard).

-If your reputation is high enough towards specific factions you will get lowered prices when purchasing from that area.

-Fishing, Cooking, First Aid, and Archeology do not count towards your two maximum professions as they are considered secondary professions.
-Between the actual game screen and the User Interface bar is a small bar that fills with blue, this shows your experience to next level. A small arrow tab indicates any accelerated experience you have accrued from resting.

-For the most part, items that are titled in gray text are simply vendor fodder. These items can sell for varying amounts of cash, but are usually meant for just that; to be sold.

-Holding shift and right clicking a corpse will automatically loot all items on that corpse. This works for the skinning and mining skill as well. This can be useful when farming zones for money, as all the items acquired can be sold.

-Going “/who” will bring up a list of all the players in your current zone who are of similar level. This can be changed by editing the level tab in the Who box when it comes up. Going “/who” followed by a user name will bring up information on the specified user.

-Adding players to your friends list allows you quick access to see when their online, as well as the options to send them tells and invite them into a group with a single click.

-When you have a stack of items in your inventory and want to give just a few of them to someone else, you hold down shift and click on the stack. A window will appear asking how many to separate. You can then place these in a different slot in you inventory to trade or sell.

-When an item is bound to you, you cannot give it to any other players. You may however still sell the item to any NPC vendor, or drop the item if you want to. Some items will bind to you in different instances (pickup and equipped for example).

-Grab as many quests as possible whenever in a town and don’t return until they are all completed. This cuts down on travel time and it really is a lot of fun turning in 5-9 quests at the same time!

-Don’t be afraid of asking for help. Run into that occasional hard quest that you just have to do? Ask your friends/guildies to help you out. Remember to only ask for help when you really need it because if you start taking advantage of someone’s help they will not help you anymore.

-Typing /1 will bring you into General chat. There you can ask other people in the same zone as you(If there is any) questions.

-Invest in bags. The more space you have, the less time you will need to take to the local towns, lowering your downtime.

-When you are underwater and your breath timer times out, you will start to take damage. When you go afk, remember to swim to the surface.


(My Brain)

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