[A] Emerge is Recruiting

Emerge is a new guild on Kil'Jaeden that will be focused on 10 man raids and rated battlegrounds for those that are interested. Goal is to eventually have multiple groups running current 10 man content, and alt runs on weekends.

We are opening recruitment to all Classes and Roles...transfers/rerolls welcome. Please refer to our website at emerge.wowstead.com to submit an application, or contact Omgagro and Shaskor in game for more information.

Current plan is to raid 3 Nights a week Tues-Thurs 6pm server to 10pm server

We are still working out time and days; this will be more set in stone after our core is built.

We don't care about your current Gearscore
We don't care if you have Kingslayer
We don't care about how many killing blows you get in Battlegrounds or dps in 5 mans

We DO can about how much knowledge you have of your class
We DO care about your raid awareness and ability to listen
We DO care about your ability to work as a team, and get along with others

We believe just because you're not raiding 5 nights a week and or on the very cutting edge of server firsts you can't be efficient raiders who finish content in a timely fashion

You will be expected to show up on time and ready to raid, having read up on fights and pertinent information to be effective in your role. Must have Ventrilo, you will not be forced to talk all the time but will be asked to relay important fight information and listen during raids.
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