12/12HM ICC 10 + Herald LFM Cata

Guild Recruitment
<Perpetual Divinity> is a guild that has been around for the last two years and has recently been reformed on Turalyon after months of being apart. We are a 10man focused progression guild with the intent on competing for server firsts in Cata. In the few weeks that we have been together we have gone 12/12 HM (Bane of the Fallen King) in 10icc with drakes. As well as completing Herald Of The Titans. We do not recruit for the bench. All spots are core. Raid days and times are Tuesday-Thursday 8:30-11:30 pm EST.

We are recruiting the following classes as we move into Cata and finish out wrath.

Holy Paladin
Resto Shaman

Boomkin or Ele/Enh Sham

pst myself or /who Perpetual Divinity and ask anyone in guild to speak with an officer or the GM Razørbladez. Visit perpetualdivinity.gplegion.com to apply
WTB a few good players.. GOGO !

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