Green is on EVERYTHING!

Bug Report
I was walking around SW and saw some guy's weapon was a neon green. And not a part, the whole thing. I thought it was just a graphics card glitch or something and ignored it. The next day, I walked back to town and saw an NPC's armor completely covered in neon green. Also it was on the tents of the cult camp, outside of SW. Has this been happening to everyone else too?
yes this has and i have no idea why.
it is the most annoying thing because idk if there is anything to do about it. i meen im not just seeing green on some. im seeing green for the ground green for the trees GREEN EVERYTHING! its like razer when and took over the game and made it into some green universe like there logo
I have that problem too, it's like a missing texture file or something. I can't seem to find a repair tool in the WoW folders anymore either. Anyone know where it's located at?
I don't have that problem, I have the naked from behind bug problem. Both are probably corrupted texture files.
Haven't seen that one.. yet..

But I have seen a weird purple bar flash on a split second under the health bars of npcs.

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