wheres the wolf mount vendor in orgrimmar?

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i love org now but it is so confusing to where everything is. can someone help plz!
Ha, had the same problem! Find the hunter trainer, he's behind that building
Hi i was seeing if anyone could tell me where to get a wolf mount I'm on horde side in ogrimmar. Please contact back i really want a wolf mount thank you
Oh and i like to play my lvl 90 zefora but please just let me know where i can get a wolf mount
Good Lord, its like an invasion of shadow-forsaken. Also, dat necro.

I think the wolf vendor is up on the upper levels of the city--i vaugely remember seeing a bunch of them around a pen and a similar one for raptors. If you're serious about finding them I guess you could ask an npc to mark a riding trainer on your map; usually they stick the mount vendors near the riding trainers. take care.
Ok I found it on my 100 level BE DK, it is in the Valley of Honor behind the Hunters Hall, go to the left of the sign behind the building you will see stabled pets. The vendor is called Ogunaro Wolfrunner, Kennel Master, and he does walk around.
Ive found the vendor but i cant get a wolf. i am revered by orcs and he says i can peruse his woves for buying but it doesnt show the option to actually buy one. can someone help me?
you need to be exalted if you're not an orc.

also, wow 2010.
How do u get exalted

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