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Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Hi. I play a druid tank called Slashallia on Saurfang Alliance.

I am looking for a Oceanic guild for Cataclysm that plans to raid 10 mans only 2-3 nights per week with raiding times starting from around 9:00pm ST.

The type of guild I am looking for needs to be serious about raiding but not super hard-core. I would prefer a guild of people who are friendly and encouraging over a bunch of hard-core @*!#s. I am also looking for a bunch of people that understand the demands that real life can sometimes place upon you. That being said, I am a committed and focussed player, I always show up when I say I will and and I am always looking for ways to improve my characters and play style.

I have a lot of game experience. My Druid's tanking set is over 6k GS and has Kingslayer. I also have 5 other 80s. Also, I am in the beta and have experienced some of the expansion content there already.

I would be willing to change servers or factions for a suitable guild.

If you would like to consider me for a place in your guild, please reply to this post.



PS – I have a good friend who is a Mage and better geared than me who might want to come along too.
Hey mate, am in need of a capable bear tank.

If times and days suit your needs please hit me up.

Best of luck in your search.

<Game Øver> has been around since the start of WotLK and had pushed it hard enough to secure 11/12 HM and GotIR while content was still current. None of our achievements have come from post 4.0 - Currently atm we are preparing for Cataclysm and working on past achievements that have been missed - mainly Ulduar, ToC etc. We are aiming to obtain #1 ten man guild on Dreadmaul for Cataclysm and be competitive towards the world ranking, which we will do with ease.

Our main focus is to go into an instance and kill. We raid hard and efficient clearing as much as possible per night with little downtime with our 9 hour a week schedule is plenty of time for us to destroy what we have to. We do not consider gear as a primary focus. We consider gear as a secondary reward and outstanding fringe benefit. We are aware that gear is important. Obviously with better gear you will yield higher results in regards to performance. And that performance will lead to more progression with higher quality gear for continued progression. Everyone who is considering applying including current members will have to understand this idea and method and live by it.

Raid spots are given to those of 'exceptional skill' first. We are a Progression guild first, Social guild second. Raiders need to take self accountability for their own performance and not expect raid spots due to social friendships in the guild.

What are we looking for:

To be Brutally honest we only accept people who can make every night consistently, if your real life prohibits you or you have distractions with in our raiding time frame, Don't bother applying. I have a core group of raiders who never miss a raid (bar the occasional night off for whatever reason), We are not a Raging guild, we are pretty relaxed guys just this one request is the only one we drill hard on =P Like minded raiders is needed being that pushing for hard modes and content while its still current.

Come Cata time we are expecting members to be lvl 85 within 2 weeks MAXIMUM !!! if your RL is going to exclude you from this apply when you are 85, we are pushing hard come cata time to secure our #1 spot for ten mans.

We are opening our doors for Casual players and Casual PVP'rs although we will organize premades etc on off nights it is not something we are focusing on, If you want to PVP fulltime join a supported PVP guild this is simply to bolster our numbers to do PVP on our off nights of raiding.

Do not Apply if:

► You cannot keep 100% Attendance
► You don't have 10 man's as your focus
► You Frequently or Randomly Disconnect
► You cannot perform every raid
► You have parents who forbid you to stay longer on the odd night for a progression kill.

What are we Recruiting:
Accepting application's from the following class's/spec's.
** x1 Tank (Druid, Warr, DK)
** x1-2 Melee DPS (Rogue) and Range DPS (Mage, Boom, Hunter)
** x1 Paladin Healer
** Exceptional Players **

<Game Øver's> Progression:

► RS HM = 0/1
► RS = 1/1
► Glory of the Icecrown Raider - Complete
► ICC HM = 11/12
► ICC = 12/12
► ToGC = 5/5

Raid Times: Server time is same as EST

►Wednesday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+8) or (12.00am to 3.00am - Server Time)
►Thursday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+8) or (12.00am to 3.00am - Server Time)
►Sunday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+8) or (12.00am to 3.00am - Server Time)

Conversion for US players: (excuse me if this may be wrong, but im sure its correct)
► 8.00am to 12.00pm PST
► 11.00am to 2.00pm CST

If you are interested in joining come stop by our website and check around http://gameoverhorde.guildlaunch.com, PST Shodowzrofl or /who us ingame for a chat if you have any additional info you need.
Also email me or MSN chat: nettsharkjnr@hotmail.com
The guild sounds great but I do have to miss Thursdays occasionally due to RL stuff. Also I would have to miss the odd Sunday for family stuff. Otherwise, my attendance would be almost perfect.
Bumping cuz I am still looking for a suitable guild :)

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