Holy shock stealth nerf.

I couldn't find anything in the patch notes about a change to holy shock yet when I was online yesterday I noticed that it was not healing for nearly as much as it used to. My holy shock used to crit heal for about 10-11k and now only crits for 7-8k. Why was there a change to holy shock without being informed about it? Or am I just missing the part in the patch notes where it discussed this change?
Holy Shock's healing was reduced by roughly 30%. It wasn't in the patch notes but it was definitely intentional.

Sometimes things slip through the cracks and they miss things like this. We shouldn't be angry about them not telling us about it, we should be angry they did it in the first place.

I could see reducing it's healing by some but 30% is too much. It's gone from a nice healing spell to a utility spell that we'll sometimes cast for the HP.
I fear holy shock is going down the same path Flash of light did in wotlk where it because a near useless heal just because it was too small :(
i had same critz b4 and after as u and i came on the forums to find a post like this. i wish a blue would resolve this in an explanation imo.
I posted about this 2 days ago.

They clearly have more important things to do
i really liked my holy shock :( :( :(
It has two procs tied to it. If you stop using it, well, just don't stop using it.

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