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Hi guys i am a level 21 rogue and my quests in azshara are green, should i abandon them an go to a new zone? and where should i go?

I am also worried that going into a new zone without finishing azshara will make me miss out on some quests because usually when you finish a zone there is a quest leading into the next one (correct me if i am wrong on that)
It depends on if you want to finish the Azshara storyline or not, as far as I can tell. If you want to make sure you don't miss a thing, do those green quests, but you can always come back later, if leveling is more your priority.

There are Warchief's Command boards in capitol cities that give you quests when you're the right level to go to another zone. I didn't do Azshara, so I can't tell you if there's a chain that continues in a higher level zone, but if you're not sure where to go next the boards might be a good start.

That help at all?
"Green quests are the best." You can rip through them much quicker than yellow or orange quests, but they don't give that much less XP. Of course, I'm a completionist so I'd say do them anyway.

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