Holy Paladin PvP

Any of you out there doing it? I suddenly had a sense of nostalgia with how things are currently and how they were back in vanilla (ret being a practice done by damaged people). Is Holy being rocked by anyone out there currently on the PvP scene?
i can tell you (at least on BGs) the are few holy pallys (and from those there are some who try to be shockadins and just forget to heal) so please BE a holy pally, we need you :')
ok, now being serious, im a holly pally doing BGs (just starting) and most of the time i am the only one healing or with proper gear (i have seen dps melee on blue pve armor :S), i think that at least on BGs we are pretty decent please become a complete holy pvp pally and dont try to just dps as a shockading while all your pals are dying around you :'(
As a holy pally, Im still tanking their whole WSG team... and im still not dying.... im getting sleepy.

I miss my pillow...
I am PvPing as holy for the moment. About 1300 res. 4 pieces to full wrathfull and unless they gank me 3 to 1 with at least one dispeller class they can't kill me. I even stayed alive a full 3 minutes with 5 hordies on me and I successfully prevented them to take the stables in AB and survive (It was urgent that help arrived). It all depends on play style and resilience. Yep, resilence is still important to us as we get targeted by a lot of ennemies when we are recognize as good healers. Yet, even with full enemy concentration on me, I can and do die.
It all depends on team mates and if they're working as a team or soloing simpletons...

Your professions are really important too. Alchemy is a must and I'd say that Engineering is saving my butt more often than not.

The worst class so far for me, DAMN MAGES... spell steal is a killer, dispel even worse and we can't stun them. They just blink away...

One last thing. Shockadin? No thanks. Might have been fun, but I was sure Blizz would nerf our attack abilities so I didn't waste time on that. Guess what? I was right. HS is now only good to proc HP a bit faster and to hasten our HL. Rarely will I use DL. But then again, I'm trying to get more haste to see if it's worth it.

Currently I was thinking to go PvP in Prot spec. The nerf on prot makes me a bit unsure if it's worth it anymore.

But yes. Holy PvP is quite fun to play.
I can agree....
I recently started pvping in Holy, I have 350 resilience (about 1 day played time at 80) half ret gear and I'm still doing great (surviving, not being anal *@@@d by whatever comes within 20 yards of me...
We seem really OP, now that blizz have tried to change us into a more raid healerish type healer.
The Holy Paladin in PVP role as a Healer is pretty potent right now. I think it will gain a lot from the new abilities given by 85, but for now its ok.

Shockadin, if you're interested, used to be about burst damage. Now it seems the only real benefit for PVP is some damage output potential. Sadly, this still doesn't play anything close to the great fun that was had in S1 with Shockadins. Huge burst, good healing, we ruled back then. :(

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