Glowing around buttons...

Death Knight
So I was told that when an action bar button starts glowing it means I procced an ability that relates to it.

So I'm confused now.

Frosty power aura over my character means free Howling Blast.
I was under the impression that frosty lines on either side mean killing machine.

But "frost lines" aren't consistent with glowing Frost-Strike button. They happen at different times and coincide at random. Is there another proc I've forgotten?

Maybe someone can help clear this up.
You should be prioritizing Obliterate with Killing machine anyway. FS won't light up because KM works with both FS and Oblit.
So... I appreciate the feedback. It has nothing to do with the point of my post.

Sometimes FS lights up. Sometimes I get power auras (the lines, not the HB). Sometimes I get both. There is no consistency. So do I misunderstand what they each mean?
Powerauras on both sides = KM proc - Ob and FS glows
Powerauras on top = Rime proc - HB glows

I normally respond to the powerauras, rarely pay attention to the glowy buttons, so I am not sure about the inconsistency you claimed, could be a bug, could be you staring @ too many things at the same time and got yourself confused.

From my understanding, HB will always light up when Rime procs as it is a free cast. Ob/FS on the other hand will not light up unless u hv the runes/RP available to cast them, but they will still hv their borders glowing.

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