Prot T11 2 piece bonus?

Alright, now, forgive me if I'm asking a noobish question, as I've only just started up WoW again for the first time in 7 months and am still trying to get up to speed on all the new changes.

I was checking out the T11 vendors and I noticed that the 2 piece bonus on the tank set was a 10% increase to the damage of crusader strike. Now, I had previously written off crusader strike as mostly useless, since it shares a cooldown with hammer of the righteous, which for me hits for about ~250 physical and ~1750 holy damage in addition to being AOE (as compared to my crusader strike's ~1500 total). Crusader strike pretty much seemed to me like an ability I'd only use on a fight like Saurfang when there are alternate targets I want to avoid hitting.

Now, since this is a bonus on our tier set it leaves me with the impression that blizzard doesn't seem to think that is the case and expects crusader strike to be a part of the prot paladin's standard threat rotation. So this means either A) Blizzard messed up and gave prot T11 a terrible 2 piece bonus or B) There is some value in crusader strike that I am simply not seeing.

So, I don't want to be that moron who's using his aoe move instead of his single target move because it has some advantage I've overlooked. Can somebody explain this to me?
Hammer of the Righteous is strictly an aoe ability. Crusader strike does much more single target dps after talents and glyphs.
As Zealhoof pointed out, HotR is really an Aoe meant for packs of mobs. CS, on the other is the one attack to use against bosses. Otherwise, you'll end up doing too little treath and the big DPS will steal aggro from you.

If the boss summons adds, then HotR will be useful and as soon as the dps finish off the adds, resume to CS on the boss. I really wish these two wouldn't have a shared CD...
What seems contradictory to me aobut the Protection paladin set up is the over abundance of parry in the set, and lack of dodging. This seems contradictory to protection paladins which only gain back mana after dodging and blocking, which parry will not provide. So I am jsut curious if others find that odd. I know parry is good for extra mitigation but that seems to be detrimental to actual tanking when your mana supply is being impeded that way.
As of now Hammer is better, but with fast tank weapons going extinct in about 2 weeks Crusader will pull ahead.
This must be a scaling issue if CS is supposedly better than HotR single target, because since the most recent patch, my HotR is consistently higher damage on single targets as well.

Of course, I did hit 80 a few days ago.

Edit: I'm using a slow weapon as well.

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