Dungeon Set 1.

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Hello. Since this wasn't in any patch notes and we still dont have any Blue Responses to it,

What is the current deal with these sets? Do they drop anywhere? Are there plans to bring them back?

I know, old sets are old who cares. But many people collect things from vanilla and this is something that I've been struggling to get to drop.

Can we get any confirmation that the developers know that folks still want these sets?
I as well am trying to get the set and have not been able to get it as the old Dungeons are now not the correct lvl and I as well am not sure if they have removed them or not.
I think they've been removed. UBRS is still level appropriate to the D1 sets and I just did UBRS today and Drak didn't drop a chest piece like he always did. Sad.
Since I'm leveling up a few alts I was curious about this as well. Even though the sets aren't really useful, I've been curious as to what has happened to these pieces.

It feels weird to see Gandling drop 1 item because he no longer drops a dungeon set hat. :/

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