Tauren or Blood Elf Paladin - Aesthetics

How does a Tauren look/feel in Wrathful? How do they function as Ret/Holy? Are the spell casting animations cool? Deciding on what race I should go, and I'm split!
There's a Blood elf (avatar) in your Tauren Paladin. Hrm.
If you plan on tanking ever I would suggest Tauren. The Belf doll has had problems tanking large mobs in the past (Unless you were up against a wall you'd be getting hit in the back) that may resurface in the future. Blizz is notorious for rebreaking things.
Tauren all the way.
If you plan on going holy, I would say blood elf. They have better casting animations, and more mana. If you want the cool factor, I would say tauren. Tauren are awesome.
just rolled a tauren. looks sexy, especially with shield. tauren prot warriors were always dope, which is why i rolled pally
There's a Blood elf (avatar) in your Tauren Paladin. Hrm.

The avatars are just slow to update.

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