I..love them ores

Wrote this fairly rapidly, and been bouncing around my head today. I deeply apologize to Perry Farrell, and the rest of Jane's Addiction for this utter travesty to one of their finest songs...

Way down low where the ores are littered
I level my skill with the gold that glitters
Need to level mining just a little
Gonna tap my nodes when I get them

I love them ores, sometimes you find two
What can you say when you find an ore?
They sell real good when you get 'em
Take your chances drop to mine 'em

Hear me skill up!
Give me some ore!
Master Miner!
Need a little ore.
Outbid you!
Give me ore, give me ore ore ore!
Master Miner!
A little ore!

You give me copper ore, uh-huh
I'm tired of living in Blizzard's dream
They'll squeeze you dry man if you let em
Better tap your – tap your ore node if you get it.

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