seals of the pure vs. arbiter of the light

I see a lot of variance in allocating spare talent points once the ret tree is full to people's satisfaction, and the choice between these two is the biggest point of variance.

Can someone explain to me which is to be preferred and why?

Much appreciated.
Ret is not my main spec so this is speculation on my part but i think its because they nerfed seal damage so much that Arbiter of the light is higher dps.
"I also am not certain whether Seals of the Pure boosts Censure damage or just the Seal hit."

Yeah - I wondered about that. You can't tell from the tooltip.

On the other hand, I've certainly never heard it suggested that the Seal itself is supposed to be a part of the regular damage rotation. I've always understood that the idea is to put up the desired Seal once and leave it up, unless circumstances require a change. That's certainly how I'm playing right now.

If this is right, then it's hard to imagine that the damage boost is on the Seal hit alone, which you're only likely to see once or twice in a normal dungeon finder instance (for example)

On the other hand, maybe I'm doing it wrong, and the intention actually is for you to hit the Seal again and again. What's the general wisdom on refreshing Seals?
Ah - I guess I misinterpreted what Elidra was trying to say. Thanks.

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