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Guild Recruitment
A little about us:
We are a 10 man raiding guild on Silver Hand that formed about halfway through ICC. Most of our core raiding members are friends that came from other high end raiding groups on the server. Since our formation, we have gotten Tribute to Insanity in TotC, 11/12 heroics in ICC and our Drakes. Our goal for Cataclysm is to be a competitive hard mode raiding guild.

About our raids:
At the moment, we plan on having two different 10 man raids. One will be the main progression raid, and the other will be one for others who wish to raid that aren't in the main raid. We may possibly even have a third raid if there is enough interest.

Raid Times:
Our raiding time is still in debate, and we may even add a third raiding day. We currently have not picked days/times for the second raid, as there is not enough interest yet.

Progression Raid:
Tuesday: 6-10pm PST
Thursday: 6-10pm PST

Currently Recruiting:
Everyone is welcome to apply, but our main raid recruitment is as follows:

- Protection Paladin
- Feral Tank Druid
- Blood Death Knight

If you are interested, please go to our website and apply!


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