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Post your character's back-story or simply some interesting tidbits of information that may pique others interest so that they may seek you out in game and start a conversation. Feel free to use the template provided or simply disclose as little or as much as you see fit.

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Physical Description:

Personality Description:

General Notes:

Unusual Notes:



Current Going-On (if any):
Name: Shakina

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Frost Mage serving the Tears of Draenor
Including skill with a thread and needle as well as a talent for enchanting magiks on items.

Physical Description:Ice Troll with Snow white hair and light blue skin. Tall with an average build for a female troll of her age. Notably sharp pointy tusks that she is eager to display. Small visible scars that tell tales of their own showing that she has seen battle.

Personality Description:Loyal and loving to those that have earned her trust. Full of mischief, and known as a prankster with a sharp tongue that often finds herself snickering to her own amusement. Arrogant, headstrong, and opinionated, yet she follows orders when needed, though has been known to be reckless in a manner that begs that their is some very calculated chaos and method to her madness.

General Notes: Unusually kind and tends to show affection by biting, more of a nibble, but also tends to pick on those close to her. See Tough Love, shown to Kormok, Mulkanus, Novina, Hubnester and the like..

Unusual Notes: Generally surrounded by unusual people.

Secrets: Ask Me No Secrets, I'll Tell You No Lies

History: Ice Troll by birth, but unsure of her tribe she was raised by the Zandalar tribe on the Yojamba Isle located off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale. Schooled in the ancient knowledge collected and archived by her Zandalari family, As she learned more of Loas and much of the mysticism including Shadow magiks, Voodoo and the like, she found that she had an affinity for Frost magiks. With the aide of a shaman mentor learned to summon her very own water elemental companion granted to her by the Loas. Always a need to prove herself she quickly joined the battle versus the Atal'ai tribe, those that worshiped the blood god Hakkar, as soon as she could fight.

Every 6 years, the Zandalar host a gathering of all Troll tribes in their capitol city of Zuldazar where they discuss matters of importance to all trolls. During one of these such gatherings she met the shadow hunter, and chieftain of the Darkspear tribe, Vol'jin. Enamored by his character and cunning she set out to follow Vol'jin and enlist herself to aide the Horde in what ever conflict they must battle. Till this day she is still a proud member of the Horde and now resides on the reclaimed Echo Isles, though she is uncertain of that future with the building tentions between Vol'jin and Garrosh.

Current Going-On (if any): Attempting to get her bearings following the Shattering.
Name: Lellenthyr Blooddrake

Age: In human years, she'd be in her early 20's

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Alchemist/Thaumaturge

Physical Description: She has very delicate, typical fey features. She is rather pale, with long hair past her waist in various shades of gold and platinum. She is a little shorter than a normal elf female. Her eyes are silver, with a faint green fel glow.

Personality Description: She is very mischievous and playful, which at times makes her appear overly child-like. Though normally very warm and kind to her friends, she can become extremely vicious and manipulative when something or someone has upset her. She is loyal to the Horde, her Clan, and her husband.

She loves alchemy, engineering, and biological experimentation. She believes the way of science is the true faith.

General Notes: She wears a black velvet choker that has a golden bell on it, and her wedding rings, at all times. She has an extreme love of animals, calling them her "children" and refuses to eat meat because of it. Her favorite animal is the penguin, and her most faithful pet is her worg Smoke.

Unusual Notes: She always carries a set of needles around filled with a range of mixtures, including varying levels of sedatives and poisons. She is efficient in using these needles as a weapon.

Secrets: Only one person knows all of her secrets.

History: The adopted daughter in a Noble branch family, Lellenthyr was raised by her brother Laethellewyn Windsphere, who was a devout priest of the Church of Light and wished nothing more than for his sister to follow in his footsteps. However, her cousin Vinecus De'Aerin encouraged her engagement to his best friend Sethas Stormfire for political reasons, and she soon found herself unhappily anticipating an arranged marriage.

Before she was married the Scourge invaded Silvermoon, and her brother gave his life protecting her and ger fiance as they escaped. Sethas, once a mage, could not accept the loss of his magic and turned to the fel in desperation. She rarely talks about the events that happened after, it is only known he died somehow at her hand and she eventually found her way back to her surviving cousin who had been taken in by his former patron, the now powerful merchant Dhizelandra Mi'Neris.

Dhizelandra raised her as a daughter and taught her the ways of engineering and alchemy. She lived in depression and isolation for many years. She only began to slowly recover from her trauma when she was finally reunited with her brother (now a death knight) and met the members of the Clan he was protecting, the Tears of Draenor.

Vandrian Blooddrake then took her in to serve in his household, which she accepted out of a lingering guilt of not being able to save Sethas, which in her mind was someone she should have protected, but killed instead. However, she soon fell in love with her employer, and learned it was an affection he returned.

After many events and time spent together (all chronicled in her in-character journals!) they eventually married.

Current Going-On (if any): Lellenthyr was in Gadgetzan during the time of the Shattering, and suffered many injuries while protecting the citizens during the chaos and flooding. As a result she is suffering a temporary bout of amnesia, and is lost and confused as to who she can trust, and is desperately struggling to remember who she was.
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Name: Sascha Escher Ergpivot (a.k.a. "Skunkwerks")

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Civil Engineer

Physical Description: Unlike most of his kind, Sascha is clean shaven, sporting no beard, mustache or other facial hair. This does quite a lot to emphasize his protruding lower jaw and slight underbite. His large greenish eyes are always shifting, watching for small changes in his environs, or the next interesting thing to catch his attention. Close-cropped dark brown hair spills over the crown of his brow, hanging over in the front in a certain wavy curl.

In dress, Sascha is very utilitarian, preferring clothes that feature many pockets for carrying various trinkets and items. Flame retardency and durability are also a must. Nearly always Sascha wears a set of engineer's Goggles, and seems to sport several pairs presumably intended for different uses.

Personality Description: Sascha is possessed of a certain whimsy at all times that can be infuriating to others and even dangerous to himself on occasion. His meticulous attention to detail is matched only by his inability to focus on any one detail at a given time. Anyone speaking to him might mistake him as mad, schizoid, or perhaps just excessively rude and disruptive.

...anyone given to talking frequently with him, therefore it should be said, has a saintly amount of patience.

In all activities Sascha has an indomitable will and spirit that will not be extinguished or pushed down. He is all at once precocious and incorrigible. He speaks quickly, and often passionately, which makes his sudden tangents all the more difficult to follow.

Sascha enjoys all manners of academic pursuit, but none more than he enjoys the act of invention- imagining that which has not yet come to be. And yet, in his frenzy to create, Sascha often leaves behind many works which others would perceive as unfinished. His workshop is filled with half-done sketches and partially-conceived ideas. This perpetual state of mental chaos however, is his home territory, and he is well-at-ease with this ever shifting landscape of interests and passing fancies.

General Notes: ((reserved for whenever Skunk becomes a General of some sort... which is never, probably))

Unusual Notes: Sascha isn't very swift when it comes to matters of current events (those that don't involve science, technology or the arcane, anyway), and tends to find the more "popular" topics of Politics and Warfare drearily boring and ultimately un-engaging.

Secrets: ((Well, if I blabbed 'em here they'd hardly be secrets, now would they?))

History: ((One of these days I need to set this out in a more prosey format. For now, bullets))

  • Sascha was born on a ship as it pulled into Menethil Harbor, while his mother nearly strangled his father for rigorously "documenting" the birth of his son. Ecsher Ergpivot was an odd chap who had, in all likelihood, never spoke with a female before Joulie. His son inherited some of that eccentricity.

  • Lost his beard (or ability to grow one) during an experiment to determine the specifications of Trogg reproduction. Sascha grossly underestimated the volatile qualities of Trogg musk and an explosion occurred, both permanently rendering him incapable of growing facial hair and gaining him his new name, Skunkwerks - as it took nearly a month and a full on "Phazz Maat" team to get the smell out of his room and his clothing. It's possible his affinity for goggles also cropped up at this time. It's a source of some shame and embarrassment for him. (Age 5)

  • His mother was concerned that young Sascha didn't have enough friends, and wanted at least for her son to have a pet. Escher objected, citing that animals are uncleanly and expensive to keep. While his parents argued over the particulars, Sascha solved the impasse by building his own pet- a mechanical squirrel he has since dubbed "Jerrold". Sascha still tweaks and tunes the little contrivance, speaking of it fondly, "he's getting rather rusty in places, but he is a good automaton squirrel."

Current Going-On (if any): Sascha finds himself embroiled in a great deal of the rebuilding of the Alliance's infrastructure and capital cities. It's an exciting time for him in which the faction skirmishing, posturing, and even the matter of Deathwing's return have gone relatively unmarked by him.

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Name: Gendenwitha Wildspeaker

Age: 60

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Elder Far Seer, Senior Member of the Orgrimmar Guard

Physical Description: Though old by orc standards, her body and mind are in great shape. Her eyes are bright blue. She is much larger than the average female orc.

Personality Description: Mostly jovial, but gets serious and solemn before battle. A short temper, she may charge headfirst into the fray.

General Notes: Has a fondness for wolves and is always in the company of one. You can find her patrolling Orgrimmar on most evenings.

Unusual Notes: She laughs quite a bit and smells of fresh earth and clay. She can speak to and understand most wolves.

Secrets: To restore her life from a Death Knight, she made a blood oath with an earth elemental. Her body belongs to , and is made of, the earth but her mind and soul are her own. Even she doesn't realize that her "benevolent" elemental benefactor is actually possessing her.

History: Born on Draenor to a family of powerful shaman, she was disowned after drinking Mannaroth's blood. She participated in the first, second and third war, and redeemed herself by following the spiritwalker's path in the latter.

Current Going-On (if any): Currently helping with the restoration of Orgrimmar.
Name: Dhel’Renth Blacksun

Age: In human years, he’d be mid twenties

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Dispute Settler/Jack of All Trades

Physical Description: Dhel'Renth is a well groomed and maintained sin'dorei. At 6'1 with a lithe frame, the only thing that truly stands out of the ordinary about this elf is his eye patch over his right eye where a hint of a battle scar can be seen. His raven hair is held back by a headband that covers both his eyebrows and hairline. A few bangs hang over it, but most of his hair is pushed back. A bit of a darker shade of skin than others of his kind, he wears twin engagement rings around his neck.

Personality Description: He’s a Casanova. He enjoys talking up woman of any race, loves to wear a smile and acts like an all around good guy. But under the surface, he’s vindictive, cold, calculating. He’s highly ruthless and mostly merciless. He’s very protective of his possessions but is not afraid to let a pawn fall if it serves a greater purpose.

General Notes: He smiles, a lot. Like a Cheshire cat. But he also likes wearing loose fitting clothes and will complain when he has to wear battle raiments too long.

Unusual Notes: He was married once. She died and for awhile, after he found her, he bound her soul to him and was reluctant to let her go.

Secrets: Not really a secret, but he owns a cartel that deals in underhanded dealings and assassinations.

History: Dhel was the one and only son to be born to the Blacksun House. Growing up, his father tried to instill knowledge of shadow weaving and the darker side of Silvermoon’s underworld into him. Dhel was more interested in the girls around the manor. Upon coming of age and being acknowledged as being skilled enough as a warlock, his father announced that he was to be wed to one his old childhood friend. Shortly after their wedding, Silvermoon was attacked by Scourge and his wife died. Refusing to lose her, he nearly killed himself binding her soul into their wedding rings.

When Kael’Thalas returned to lead his people to a new life, Dhel joined up. For a time, Dhel went through the process of becoming a fel elf but was stopped after seeing the monster that he was becoming. Before he lost himself to his hunger, Dhel escaped from his former allies, losing his eye in the process. After returning home, he fought a long and arduous withdrawal period from the fel energy. The people of his House helped as best they could. At present, Dhel’s hunger for fel energy his still there, but he is able to sate it with a small amount.

Current Going-On (if any): He has recently confessed his love to someone, but found her absent since then. To keep himself from feeling the sorrow and feeling of emptiness, he’s been cooking and creating foods for his pub. His cartel has been quiet and laying low as of late till things after Deathwing settle down a bit.
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Name: Kormok Wraithverge, son of Grolmok

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Horde Shock Trooper

Physical Description: This young orc seems to bear a permanent snarl on his face, seemingly borne from distaste at everything in his vicinity. His armor is battered and marred with soot, as though having been exposed to flames. Weapons bristle from belts and holsters all across his body, from axes to knives to a crude shotgun with its associated ammo bandolier.

When visible, his left arm is seen as having runic tattoos from wrist to shoulder. The skin of his right hand looks to have been twisted by fire, and whip scars mar his back and shoulders.

Personality Description: Best described through his profile introduction on (shameless plug for the Ning!).

General Notes: Kormok is the former Chieftain of the Tears of Draenor, now relegated to the role of Arbiter (a clan enforcer and protector). He is trained in several styles of fighting arts borrowed from orc axe combat, blood elven swordplay, and Lordaeron (via Forsaken) military drills, preferring to fight with axe and shield.

Secrets: It is no real secret that Kormok is in love with the Forsaken woman Athalia, and has it in mind to find a means to reverse her condition, justifying it as the ultimate gift. He has tried (in secret, of course) several methods of attempting to rejuvenate and rekindle her life-energy, to no avail, and often taking extreme risks or performing decidedly dishonorable acts to meet that end. He's only been caught and called out on it once to date.

History: Kormok was born just before the end of the Second War to Grolmok and Kormala, a peon and a camp cook respectively. Kormala died in childbirth and Grolmok was torn to shreds by gargoyles at the Battle of Mount Hyjal (the final scenario of Warcraft 3). He was raised mostly in the interment camps and developed an intense hatred of humans during that time. It has mostly abated in the years since, though he remembers that the humans would rather see his kind wiped out than accept the differences in their cultures.

When he was freed from the camps in his youth, the young Kormok became savagely devoted to the new Warchief Thrall. In his eyes, Thrall was a messianic figure, destined to bring glory and honor to the orcs. Even now, with Thrall having stepped down as Warchief, he convinces himself that it was all for the best and puts an uneasy trust in Thrall's decision to leave the belligerent Hellscream in charge. For now.

The orc has been many things in the time since carrying water for laborers and soldiers at Hyjal, growing into a tough warrior despite his somewhat small size (as far as orcs go). He has been at the forefront of most major engagements that the Horde has participated in, though never as a would-be hero or warlord. Any leadership roles have fallen to him strictly by chance, and he feels uncomfortable in command of any large group for long.

Current Going-On (if any): Kormok is presently engaged in efforts to find survivors, particularly other Tears, lost in the events of the Shattering. As a side project, he is beginning to consider training those who would listen in the methods of killing dragons, seeing as how they seem to be arrayed as major opponents in the coming battles.
Name: Rayveniael Kel'Adoria

Age: After thousands upon thousands of sunsets one stops counting

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Primary - Priestess of Elune occasionally providing the services of an Enchantress and Tailoress

Physical Description: Too tall for her taste, too lithe for her taste, not at all elegant as one would expect. Her appearance often looks disheveled and her now longer snowy white locks always look tousled but she has an intense love for fashionable attire so occasionally she will make an effort to feel pretty.

Personality Description: Emotionally frail, fraught with an intense distrust of most persons due to previous friendships marred by underhanded and treacherous dealings. Despite all of this, she puts on a friendly face and one day hopes that her feelings fade with passing time. Always helpful and willing to lend a helping hand to someone in need, even if they are a stranger.

General Notes:

Unusual Notes:



Current Going-On (if any):

( adding the rest from my saved Bio.. it is far too much to type )
Name: Bronil Nightwind

Age: 429

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Druidic training taught Bronil much about plant life. He has recently decided to expand upon that knowledge by delving into alchemy.

Physical Description: Large and hairy muscles easily lead most to take Bronil for a Druid of the Claw. His canine teeth are slightly pronounced, and his skin is marked in places by thin, pale stripes; such as that of a tiger. They seem like scars at first, but closer inspection reveals that they are not.

Personality Description: Despite appearances, Bronil is warm and kind to those he meets. Gentle-natured, he avoids combat if at all possible; often to a fault. Some claim he would try diplomacy while bleeding from a fresh cut.

General Notes: Sometime during the expedition to Northrend, he suffered massive amnesia. Faces, names, and a few specific events are all that he can recall. Occasionally, other memories bubble up to the surface, suggesting that his amnesia might not be irreversible.

Unusual Notes: Aside from amnesia, there are a few oddities about him. Most notably is that he often seems lost in thought. Other times he seems to be listening, and even speaking, to something that only he can hear. He also displays a strange aversion to shapeshifting.

Secrets: If he has any, he can't remember them.

History: Born in Ashenvale forest, he lived his life in peace until the Third War took most of his family. In his mind, the Third War just ended and not much has happened. Talking with others, of course, has shown that his perceptions are very far off base.

Apparently, he has come back from the dead, though he does not remember dying; much less how he came back. Unsure of his rebirth, Drahliana escorted him to Moonglade under armed guard. Once there, Remulos served as the final judge on matters and claimed Bronil was who he claimed to be. He subsequently trained Bronil in the druidic arts.

Current Going-On (if any): After spending nearly a year traveling Kalimdor discovering who he is, Bronil is on the road once more. He is traveling from town to town, assisting the people and the land with recovering from The Shattering.

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Job/Profession:She occasionally sells shiney rocks to folks now, at one time she was a leather crafter. The dragons continuously trying to eat her got annoying. Some know her as a shaman.

Physical Description:Vibrant red hair, blue green skin, she has tusks not just nubs..but actual tusks. She tends to sit in any company so one might not realize she is a rather standard troll size.

Personality Description:
Wyst is emotional. Things get out of control around her rather good and bad ways.

General Notes:
If Wyst talks to you (in character) more than three times, given reasonable expectations of wind and distance she can find you again. Words said on the air stick with a person.

Unusual Notes:
Wyst is afraid of spirits. Not elementals ..but the dead.

Wyst is not in her original body.

Wyst was born to a fire dancing troll of the Darkspear. Who her father is anyone's guess. After a particularly nasty incident with her mothers visitors, Wyst took her sister to her maternal grandmothers. There it was found that both children had some aptitude with the elements. Wyst's seemed to be deeper and she was encouraged to work with a witch doctor. He was anything but nice to her, and her flat refusal to do some basic troll rituals had her shoved off to the Orcs when such was available. She was no better suited to the orcs, nor were they particularly suited to teaching her and she ended up in Thunderbluff. There her talents bloomed as she learned how to be a shaman.

The trials and tribulations of what happened after she left Thunderbluff would take days to tell. In the end of it all she has little left from that time. A few names of friends fondly remembered, some minor respect from others.

Current Going-On (if any):

Currently Wyst is making her way back from the coast of Desolace where she weathered the tidal waves. The water itself was not terribly difficult , getting even the most minor elemental blessings to work at the time was.
Name:Anlya (Ann) Starcloud

Age:young for a Kal'dorei


Job/Profession:Priestess currently unassociated with a particular church. Her services are requestable for any emergency.

Physical Description:6'ft ish night elf with light blue hair, her skin is quite pale.

Personality Description:
Ann wants to help. Her nature is to help at risk to herself. She considers this no consequence and will brave the fire to help again and again. If you stand between her and who she wishes to aid she has no qualms about knocking you over the head to get to them. If you are trying to kill who she is trying to save you might want to watch your back. She has a very sharp dagger.

General Notes:
One might miss her as she walks through the cathedral, perhaps not notice that she passed you on the street. Her presence is at best ephemeral.

Unusual Notes:
She is often seen taking care of a small elven child. When pressed she will tell you the child is Aelannor's.


Ann was raised to be a servant of Elune. At one time it was her only desire to be cloistered and serve as a voice for the Goddess to speak with. This dream suffered an extreme derailment when she met a odd old mage with a funny hat and a elven child in his arms.

Having decided to not remain removed from the world she dived head long into it. She has been seen tending folk anywhere from the Castle in Stormwind, to the battle fields where the Horde presses too close. Her one regret is that due to an illness she was unable to participate much in the Lich King's eventual defeat.

Current Going-On (if any):
Currently Ann has asked "For a dagger". She will not take the situation in Ashenvale passively. Where before she might avoid Horde, now she will seek to kill them.
Squeee, fun topic! ♥ Thank you for posting!

To start with, this character has been made, but I've yet to actually get much play time on her.

Name: Adèlaide Rose Bailey

Age: Thirty-four

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: War hero (I use "hero" loosely. Think of like a local hero. Also, she is a Hunter.) Thinking of taking up leather working as it's something she has always been interested in and it's pretty damn useful.

Physical Description: Adèle is 5'5" and 120lbs. She has one good blue eye, the other is covered in a red leather eye patch (or at least will be once I level her up enough to wear one!) She has a deep scar on her right cheek, that goes from her eye to the corner of her mouth.

Personality Description: Rough, gruff and totally unladylike. Adèle has one friend, her wolf and longtime companion Snarl. (However, she will eventually have romantic interest in my wife's character!) Adèle has a sailor mouth and smells of cigar smoke and wet wolf. She doesn't hold back and is often crass.

General Notes: Technically, Adèle doesn't work for anyone. Her loyalty is with the Alliance, yet she'll work with the Horde if need be. She will work for gold, but doesn't except petty jobs. Her motto is "Danger Equals Fun."

Unusual Notes: Oddly, Adèle is quite unlike me. I'm a girly-girl (though I'm not afraid to get dirty... And I do have a sailor mouth.) She is probably the only character I've ever had that isn't girly. And she also is probably my least appealing character (wellll... That would probably have been my scarlet...) I think she'll be a challenge to RP, but I'm excited for that!

Secrets: Old war stories...

History: Still writing.

Current Going-On (if any): N/A
Name: Bitneko "Whitemane"

Age: 232

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Potion Doc

Physical Description: She's rather tall, even for a Draenei. Her skin and hair are both milky white and seem to almost give her sort of a "glowing" appearence. She has a number of tatoos on either arm, including the purple butterfly of the Unseelie Court and a blood red Horde symbol. Her clothing at most times will consist mostly of furs, making it easy for her to be mistaken for a shaman.

Personality Description: While she has a strong sense of right and wrong, Bitneko has a genuinely sadistic twist to her. She's fond of conducting potion experiments on her foes, which more often than not turns them into various twisted forms. On the other hand, she is incredibly kind to her allies, turning her skills to healing them instead of twisting them.

General Notes: She can always be seen wearing a butterfly shaped pendant made of titansteel that shows her to be a member of the Unseelie Court. Her fighting style is essentially an azerothian version of the martial art Capoeira, while mixing in attacks using her potion bombs at a distance. Her potions and ingredients are all closely buckled into her clothes, eliminating any chance for a costly spill during battle or travel.

Unusual Notes: Bitneko isn't a member of the alliance at all, instead serving Garrosh Hellscream's Horde as a low level commander and (sometimes) as artillery. Also, she has a habit of muttering to herself and remarking "Right, right." after most sentences.

Secrets: Bitneko has an odd pseudo-immunity to fel corruption that causes her to be able to return to her normal state after being heavily corrupted. However, being exposed to too much fel energy causes her to enter a berserk state until most of the corruption is purged from her body. The amount of energy it takes to do this decreases every time this happens, and she fears it may become permanent eventually.

History: Born into the world of Draenor, Bitneko was trained in the light from a young age and lived in relative seclusion. When the orcs started their slaughter of the Draenei, her family always chose to travel alongside Velen instead of facing the orcs. This caused her to be relatively ignorant of the bloodshed that was being visited on her people until she arrived in Shattrath. Her father, who was a vindicator, decided that her family would stay to fight the orcs. However, when the majority of Shattrath fell or was corrupted, her parents were turned into broken right in front of her.
When her parents were shunned by their people for their broken state, she shunned the light and instead became a hermit in the Zangarmarsh until she heard of the pending attack on Tempest Keep, during which she stowed away in an escape pod. However, the pod proved to be defective and launched her into the plains of Mulgore.
Without any knowledge of her people's fate, she was taken in by the Tauren. During her stay with the Tauren, she learned of the Earthmother and the ways of the races of the Horde. The culture of the Tauren ended up sticking with her and she adapted most of it as her own. During the wars in Outland and Northrend, she remained as a neutral healer who roamed the wilds of Kalimdor.
However, she would soon revoke her neutrality in the face of a brutal attack on Taurajo by the Alliance. Because of her attempts to aid those fleeing from the battle and her active participation in combat against Alliance forces, she has been declared an enemy of the Alliance. Without a place to go, she soon managed to convince Horde commanders to induct her into a low level position within the Horde forces, allowing her to harass the Alliance war effort all over Kalimdor.

Current Going-On (if any): She's currently participating in the Horde war machine in Kalimdor, and probably will have to hide her identity to enter any capital cities of the Alliance.

Name: Drahliana Moonrunner

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Commander of the Moonwood Rangers, also mastercraft leatherworker and skinner.

Physical Description: Average height for a Kaldorei female slightly on the tall side, muscular build, Wings style Kaldorei tattoo on face. silver hair, most of which is hidden beneath a distinctive dragon helm.

Personality Description: Mercurial if gregarious desposition, tends to go all buisness in combat situations. Somewhat standoffish towards Humans and Gnomes, but more approachable than most Night Elves towards non-Kaldorei. She is particurlarly unforgiving of Night Elves who've in her judgement agregiously betrayed their racial birthright. The latest addition to that list are those who are leaders in the Twilight's Hammer cults. Having lost faith in the concept of incarcerating them for trial she now opts to execute summary judgment on such.

General Notes: As a young night elf she's a bit more open to pushing the cultural boundaries of her people, to the extent that she has carefully expanded the Rangers' membership to select non-Kaldorei. She still is struggling to understand several alien concepts, honor being one of them. Prior to the Wrathgate she had actively pursued various personal projects of bridge building between the Alliance and the Horde, a goal she is losing faith in attaining. For now she has put higher priorities on fighting what threats there are to the Night Elves and the Alliance in general, and making sure her Rangers do their best to survive them.

Unusual Notes: While generally her appearance is that of a young adult, she has developed some slight signs of aging around her eyes.

Secrets: For a time following the events of the Wrathgate, she abandoned her responsibilities to live among the female furies of Brunhildar Village with the use of a runic charm that disguised her as one of the frost vrykul.

History: Detailed on the Earthen Ring Wiki ;

Current Going-On (if any): Surverying the damage done to Kalimdor and looking for some sign that her father may have survived the destruction of Auberdine and is looking for opportunties to revenge herself on the Aspect responsibile. Conducting a reassement of Ranger activities and organisational goals in the aftermath of the Cataclysm, she intends send Nalice of the Black Dragonflight a collection of black dragonscales as she is rediscovering the merits of dragonhunting. She plans on presenting a mound of such scales to Nalice on the day she takes the latter dragon's hide.
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Name: Mulkanus (Mulk) Cloudchaser

Age: Late 20s or so. His birthday is unknown

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Current Steward/Chief of the Tears of Draenor. Also scout/explorer as necessary

Physical Description: Quite tall for a tauren, with red fur and black hair, but lean and rangy being a couple hundred pounds or so lighter than average. No obvious scarring is evident. His fur is usually a bit unkempt and likely to have bits of grass, leaf, twigs or whatever caught in it.

Personality Description: Mulk is very much a cat - inquisitive, intelligent, insatiable, and possessed of a massive amount of wanderlust. He possesses a thief's urge for sneakiness. For all that he is steadfast and dependable and that more than anything is probably why he holds his current post. Regrettably, patience will never be in Mulk's list of virtues.

General Notes: His current title rests uneasily on his shoulders but he makes do as best he can. Mulk and his mate Lindi are both clanless, so they have formed their own clan with the blessings of Lindi's greatfather Meo and already there are calves to raise up.

He has friendships among many races, even those not among the Horde. His only real lasting distrust is directed at those who see the axe/hammer/sword as the first and best solution. He prefers not to take sides in any conflict involving Horde and Alliance and works toward reasonableness and peace when possible, though he does take up arms for the Horde in defense. He will never take part in a war of aggression unless the Alliance leave no alternative.

Unusual Notes: Mulk is militantly indifferent to his appearance. If he is wearing anything remotely matching, it is due to his mate's insistence that he wear something that doesn't threaten to burn the eyes out of his friends' faces. Regardless of what else he wears, there will ALWAYS be a hat. Why? Who knows?


History: Mulk is a foundling from a centaur raid. His family and clan are unknown, as no one recognized him when he was found. It became clear early on that he was not suited to warrior life, and his intellectual bent landed him in the training of an elder shaman. It became clear soon that while the path of the shaman fit him more than that of the warrior or hunter, his path lay in yet another direction, so he was referred eventually to one Dendrite Starblaze of the Cenarion Circle to take up his training. After his training was complete, he found the company of Sullindill, also a foundling, and the two were married in Feralas, where they keep their new clan home and raise their twins. He has since adopted a clan sister, Awenita, and steadily risen in rank and responsibility to his current post.

Current Going-On (if any): Mulk attempts to balance his new duties with his inclinations and the need to gain more knowledge of the goings on in the world. He considers his abilities as a scout to be as good as or better than any other in the clan, and though he understands the need for caution, he still makes forays into the East for knowledge.
(( Thanks for posting this, Shakina. It's been a great help for rediscovering my bearings with Liberanos, not to mention a lot of fun. ))

Name: Liberanos

Age: late 30s

Gender: male

Job/Profession: Liberanos is a shaman. He once answered to "Elder", but has grown uncomfortable with that title. He prefers "Friend" or simply "Liberanos" these days.

Physical Description: Of average tauren height, with dark brown fur and a black mane that is braided into two cords alongside his face. His left horn is broken. He has pale yellow eyes.

Personality Description: Liberanos is serious and introspective. He is given neither to frivolity nor rage, but regards those who are with forbearance. He tries to follow a temperate path in all of his actions and dealings with others. He has had few of the latter, as he prefers quiet and solitude, which appeal to his contemplative spirit.

General Notes: Liberanos does not believe in faction or clan, thinking these divisive, destructive concepts. He serves under the banner of the Horde reluctantly and does not share many of his compatriots' hatred of the Alliance. He generally measures people as individuals. When he does turn against a group of people, it is because of the actions of the group. He has a particular contempt for the Venture Company because of the damage that they have done to Mulgore, to which he is extremely devoted.

Unusual Notes: Because he has spent comparatively little time in the company of others, instead communing with the spirits, Liberanos' speech is somewhat outmoded. Some would say that he speaks ponderously, and he would not argue. He is also given to speaking in parables. This allows him to strip away the particulars of his experiences and communicate the lessons in a more general manner. He thinks this is more true to his calling as a shaman.

Secrets: Liberanos does not share the name of his clan, as he thinks it meaningless.

History: Liberanos doesn't speak much of his past before becoming a shaman, not out of any dark secrets or regrets, but because he prefers to live in the present. He thinks that the lessons of the past are more important than the details.

What he will tell of his past is that he has been a shaman for some time. He has witnessed some bloody conflicts between the Alliance and Horde, though not as many as most. After a particularly gruesome scene at Bloodhoof Village years ago, he became disgusted with his fellow people and began to doubt the spirits. He set aside his totems and became a hunter. He befriended a cougar of Mulgore and walked with him for a time, but the call of the spirits was too strong to ignore. He ultimately released his friend to the wilds and returned to his shamanistic roots. He considers this a time of great weakness and has walked his path more resolutely since.

He did briefly serve under the banner of the Thunderhorn clan. While he enjoyed those days and remembers them fondly, he eventually chose to walk alone again. He thinks that by belonging to none, he can better serve all.

Current Going-On (if any): The events of the Cataclysm caught Liberanos unprepared. He is trying to marshal his strength in preparation for the months to come. This journey has currently taken him to Howling Fjord in Northrend, for which he finds he has a great affinity.

He disapproves of Garrosh Hellscream and is using this time away from Kalimdor to determine where, or whether, he belongs with this new Horde.

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