Earthen Ring - RP Character Sheet

Earthen Ring

Name: Nizzan Screamwhistle, formerly known as Trade Prince.

Age: Middle

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Ex-Trade Prince, liar, cheat, scam-artist, con-man, fruit vendor, seller of artifacts to the highest bidder and Chief Executive Officer of the Kezan East Undermine Company.

Physical Description: Scrawny and short like all goblins. Well groomed hair has receded from his forehead, retreating like a forest systematically being cleared by the beautiful machinery of his people.

Personality Description: His rap sheet will here serve us best: Racketeering, price fixing, collusion, market adjustment, insider trading, murder, manslaughter, goblinslaughter, forgery, property theft, property damage, intellectual property theft, intellectual property damage, and loitering.

General Notes: Nizzan will sell anything to anyone at any time. He has no prejudices except against people who waste his time. As every goblin babe knows, time is money (friend). He has a keen business acumen and a fine sense for forgery. He is more fraud than true businessman, however, having lied and cheated his way through cleverness into the upper echelon of goblin society and plummeted back down again at the height of his career.

Unusual Notes: Was arrested and put on trial by the Goblin Trade Commission after the Great Linen Crash. Held in prison on Kezan until the island was attacked by Deathwing and escaped on a converted pleasure barge named the Kraken. Was tracked by the GTC commandant Kruzo and his aide Man Friday to an uncharted island near the Maelstrom. Subsequently stole their ship, the Antitrust and, after wrecking it off Kalimdor, washed up in Azshara.

Secrets: None. That lying (truthful) rat Sly Screed has outed everything about Nizzan there is to know and published it in the Gadgetzan Gazette.

History: Growing up as one of Gadgetzan's many orphans, Nizzan found work early as a transport boy for a fruit vendor there. He and the vendor's daughter, Azzah, fell in goblin-love and planned to abscond with her father's money. However, something went wrong the night of the robbery and she never showed after the money was secure. He fled to Undermine where he used the cash to create a new identity and enroll in the Undermine School of Archaeology.

After graduating with a falsified degree, Nizzan went on to put together one of the most infamous mercenary archaeological teams in the history of Tanaris. He sold artifacts to the highest bidder for nearly twelve years, amassing a personal fortune at the cost of the Dwarven Senate of Ironforge and other such buyers. With this money, he established the Kezan East Undermine Company and eventually forged papers stating that he had purchased the rank of Trade Prince.

Selling weapons to both sides of the conflict in the Second War and generally performing unethical business deals, Nizzan was eventually caught when he lost the money of a powerful Gadgetzanian investor in the Great Linen Crash last Orktember. He attempted to escape before the hammer came down, but he was betrayed by someone within the Company. He was taken in irons to Kezan.

Once there, he was tried by Chief Investigator Frenk Zappar and found guilty of all the charges previously mentioned. He was held in the deepest portions of Undermine's High Security Debtor's Jail while his board of directors and faithful second-in-command the disgraced noble-elf Oranor Sunstar scrambled to put together a bribe.

Instead, Nizzan requested a ship be outfitted in secret on the islands off of Silvermoon. This was the pleasure barge on which he made good his escape, which docked at Kezan in the days just following his parole hearings while he was allowed free roam of the harbor. When the chaos of the catastrophe began he saw it as an opportunity to escape. He and Captain Riker (a hired hand and thoroughly untrustworthy goblin) set off.

They were forced to put in at a small island (which the crew named Riker's Island for the captain) to weather the massive tidal forces following the destruction of Kezan. They were caught by a rogue GTC ship, the Antitrust but they cleverly distracted the crew and stole aboard after their own ship was scuttled.

Nizzan currently is a homeless drifter with a large bankroll provided by the Silvermoon banks (which Oranor has been in contact with) hoping to rebuild the company of his former glory. And hey, with the GTC gone, there's no one stopping him from calling himself prince again...

Current Going-On (if any): Attempting to rebuild the Kezan East Undermine Company.
Name: Cirsene Shadowgrove
Age: By human standards, 22 years
Gender: Female
Job/Profession: Druid, Natural Healer, Part-Time Engineer, Champion of Darnassus, Member of the Cenarion Circle (Guardian of Cenarius rank).

Physical Description: Very short for a night elf, standing only 6'4" tall. Cirsene has long, dark green hair and wing variant of tattoos on her face. She has an athletic, lithe build and light purple skin.
Personality Description: Very quiet and often shy, Cirsene is not fond of confrontation and tends to seem very anti-social. She speaks in a hushed tone, almost to the point of a whisper, but has been known to come out of her shell around other night elves and members of the Cenarion Circle.
General Notes: Cirsene always wears a green article of clothing, usually a shirt, stating that green is her favorite color. Unlike many of the druids of the Cenarion Circle, she sees mining and engineering (also blacksmithing) not as taking from nature, but using what nature provides to make new means of defending, simplifying work and things such as that. Cirsene does not enjoy the company of humans, claiming they tend to be very boorish and crude to her, especially men.
Unusual Notes: Cirsene is very reluctant to show skin, tending to cover herself with a tabard or undershirt. Unlike many who think showing some cleavage would distract enemies, she believes a cleavage-exposing piece of armor serves no purpose other than telling an enemy "stab here," claiming that 'if an enemy was going to be distracted, chances are it is not going to be because that enemy is being attacked by a nice pair of breasts.'
Secrets: It is believed that Cirsene has been involved with a male blood elf of unknown class (though judging by accusations, a paladin). Why? No one knows, and she is quick to dodge the question if it ever gets brought up.

History: ((In lieu of a very long, over-complicated backstory, please enjoy the abridge version.
    Born in Starfall Village, Winterspring. Family moved to Auberdine, Darkshore when she was an infant.
    Trained originally as a priestess of Elune. Did poorly at it. Eventually quit.
    Made numerous attempts to become a druid, always rejected due to night elven societal beliefs.
    Became a cook during the Third War, contributed to the war effort by making food to feed the troops.
    Decided to become a druid after the Third War when night elven societal beliefs became more lineant. Showed great prowess.
    Originally instructed as a Cat Form-specializing Feral druid. Soon before the Shattering occured, she went through a bit of a shift, choosing to specialize with offensive magic with a secondary specialization in natural healing.
    Deeds in assisting the Cenarion Circle on Azeroth and Cenarion Circle in Outland gained her the respect of her fellow druids, earning her the rank of Guardian of Cenarius.

Current Going-On (if any): Cirsene is currently getting her affairs in order after the Cataclysm, waiting until things have calmed down a bit before acting. She has been seen in Stormwind, aiding the efforts to bring order to the chaos caused by Deathwing.
Name: Heid Zakal

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Professional Naga Hunter/"Misc"/Goblin Engineer

Physical Description: Heid's visibly been through hell. His nose has been broken more times than he can count. His hair is starting to show signs of gray. Brown hair, blue eyes. Nothing particularly special about him, other than that he's been beaten up too many times.

Personality Description: If there was ever a goblin given human shape, Heid's come as close as you can get. "No job too risky, no job too illegal" is his motto for accepting work. "I draw the line at cleaning up after felboars, though." Recently, he's been slowing down, though, and has taken up less... overtly insane tactics in combat.

General Notes: Very rarely is he seen without some form of weaponry on his belt, alongside his toolbox and a gnomish army knife. His current attire appears to be made entirely out of naga leather.

Unusual Notes: He tried to start up an information-gathering business before the Cataclysm, but failed spectacularly. He then moved on to mere caravan thievery near the center of the Barrens, even managing to build a small hut out there. The hut has since fallen into a giant river of lava.

Secrets: An extreme fear of spiders once prevented him from doing work in Northrend for a good four weeks.

History: Born in Stromgarde shortly before the First War, he was kidnapped by bandits that thought he was a girl that could be sold for a quick buck. They were incorrect, and their boss raised him to be a caravan robber. Years passed, and he attempted to go straight as a carpenter, hearing there was pay to be had in Stormwind. That did not end particularly well. Words were said. Rocks thrown, etc. He spent a lot of time in the Stockades. Hideaki Immamura bailed him out after eight years, stating that he needed a bodyguard for a trip into Outland. Adventures were had. Heid did not participate much in the events in Northrend, choosing a relatively simple life in the Eastern Kingdoms. He's since been moved to action after Deathwing inadvertently dropped his house into lava.

Current Going-On (if any): Looking for work.

EDITED: Timeline issues, retcons.
Nizzan Screamwhistle <- All that's missing is a reference to meat.

Name: The Oks
Job/Profession: Cow-Monster
Physical Description: Cow-Monster
Personality Description: Alternatively despondant and hungry.
General Notes: Oks speaks in third person.
Unusual Notes: No really. Oks speaks like this.
Secrets: Always wondered what it would be like to be a pretty flower.

History: Oks used to be druid. Then he drowned in the Thunder Bluff reflecting pool. Graduate of Acherus University with a double major in Cannon Fodder studies and Sulking.

Current Going-On (if any): Lurking in cafes in Bilgewater Harbor, writing plays about being neurotic misfit living a sophisticated, big city life and offering to buy mounts for level 17 goblins.
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Name: Arialynn Maewood

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Knight of the Former Silver Hand, Justicar of the Templars of the Rose, profession N/A

Physical Description: She is not the tallest woman, but her height is enough to be a small asset in battle, and stave any jokes about the contrary. Regardless of season or occasion, she is fully armored with the only rare exception of her helm. Her facial features are angular, much suited to her no-nonsense personality, with a prominent jawline and noticeable cheekbones. The tiniest hint of age lines are apparent at the corners of her eyes, and lips. Though dark and alternating between kept long and cropped short, her hair has the occasional strand of gray at her temples. Her age is obvious within a ten year degree, appearing her still-young age of 32 but still hinting at a lifespan and persona that have aged her a handful beyond her years.

Personality Description: An austere type, she is more likely to stare blankly than to smile. But her persona is not without compassion or affection to those she meets, or those she considers friend - but all of which is done under the chiseled persona of stony expression, and even-toned voice. Her alignment is best-described as unerringly Lawful Good, to the point that makes her politics a-political, and tactics that are metaphorically described as "straight forward, ignore the landmines."

General Notes: Arialynn is a paladin through-and-through.

Unusual Notes: She dislikes portals to an obsessed degree, and is one of the few things she will outwardly complain about. Her version of complaint is less vocal than most, but her aversion to portals drives her enough to say, "No, not this again."

Despite rumors to the contrary, she does have the ability to laugh, and does so on occasion. She has worn a dress twice in the last four years, and owns only two pairs of civilian clothes that go unused. Due to lacking a trade skill, any gold in her possession is earned by the service she provides in educating, healing or protecting Azerothians by the Holy Light. Unfortunately, those funds tend to find themselves donated to orphanages, or causes outside herself - the only exception granted is the upkeep of her weapon and armor, and sometimes food.

Secrets: She has a soft, nougaty center inside that just wants to be loved. Actually - no, she doesn't. Her secrets are not kept well, simply because she isn't the type to keep them close, or see the reason why.

History: Arialynn left the peninsula kingdom of Gilneas nearly twenty-seven years ago in the company of her father, a cleric and later knight of the Silver Hand. She followed in his footsteps as a young page, squire and finally knight in her own right by the eve of the Third War.

Current Going-On (if any): Since the fall of the Greymane Wall, the usual on-task lady paladin has been distracted with locating any surviving kin. The prospect has proven difficult due to the nature of the Gilnean evacuation that spread its denizens to the four winds, in addition to the twenty-five or more years that has passed since she and her kin last met.

On the warfront, she and the Templars are retraining themselves from the war in Northrend against Scourge to a war on the homefront against cultists, dragons and enraged elementals.
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Name: Erstwyld Zygygax
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Job/Profession: Adventurer, Mage, Profit Finder

Physical Descriptionn: Erstwyld is an average height for a male goblin, coming in a fraction under 3’51/4”. He has medium green skin tinged with a reddish brown around the tips of his ears and nose and deep green freckles on top of his head and down the back of his neck.

His ears are extremely large and pointed, much like those of a large bat (Erst has always been proud of his ears, if only because they make him look taller). He wears small blue-tinted Kaja’mite studs in each lobe and three small silver rings along the bottom of his left ear. A larger silver ring hangs from his nose. He has light violet eyes that peer out inquisitively from beneath a prominent low hanging brow. Currently he is wearing is blue hair in a Mohawk.

Personality Description: Erstwyld is an intelligent and curious and somewhat forgetful dude. He loves to learn (“Knowledge is Power. And you can use Power to make huge stacks of macaroons!”, that is what his teachers always said) and will gladly speak to and perform dangerous tasks for anyone he thinks might have something to teach him.

Difficult problems bring a smile to his face, a gleem to his eye, a skip to his heart, yadda yadda. He loves a challenge and assumes he can probably solve any problem given enough time and money. Probably. He has a great deal of patience, but when he runs out he really runs out resulting in moodiness, rather harsh bluntness and extreme hunger.

General Notes: Erstwyld especially enjoys sipping Pineapple Punch (any variety) while meditating on his spell books on a lazy Sunday morning, working on his stand-up comedy routine, adding to his collection of pets and, of course, plundering dungeons for lost artifacts, weapons of terrible power, tomes of forgotten lore and/or piles and piles of gold coins.

Unusual Notes: Erst always carries a blade of some kind. When he is forced to carry a staff as his magical implement, he resorts to slipping a small dagger into his bootleg.

Secrets: “Sometimes a tree is more than a tree. Sometimes it is a tree plus secrets. Just saying.”

History: Erstwyld was born on doomed Kezan and into the KTC like most other Bilgewater goblins, but he never really developed a taste for the GTL lifestyle his friends loved so much. An unfortunate run-in his father had with a shady Steamwheedle dealer that put his family business out of business taught him early on that, sadly, some jobs are NOT worth the gold. As a result Erstwyld resolved to make a more or less honest living and turned the full weight of his attention towards his education. He would make money, but he would be smart about it.

The PaPA (Personal and Professional Assessment) test he took in school came up Priest. His parents rejected this and had him take the test thrice more until he got a different result: Mage. His parents had been hoping for a Tinker or Rogue result but accepted Mage because “at least it involves a few explosions”.

Current On-going
: Newly arrived in Orgrimmar, Erstwyld has taken his modest stash of gold and invested in a new venture- The Dendroid Society Adventure Company. His hope is to find other adventure-minded folk to join him in his lifelong quest to acquire knowledge. And great wealth.
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Name: Ana 'Stocking' Rych
Age: Somewhere in her late twenties or early thirties.
Gender: Female
Job/Profession: A member of the SI:7.

Physical Description: Tall and slender in her Worgen form, with a nice brown and tan coat with long, almost elvish ears. In her human form, her hair is long and black, her skin a nice tanned coloration from her days in the sun, only marked by numerous scars from her days at sea. Sharp blue eyes in either form are constantly looking about, as if watching for openings or incoming attacks.

Personality Description: Somewhat kind, but easily annoyed by the other races of the Alliance, especially Gnomes and Night Elves. She can be cold and harsh at time, but means well all the same. When faced with most Horde, she will sometimes attack outright, with no regard for the consequence. Especially Forsaken and Orcs.

History: A (former) member of the Brashtide Crew, she earned her nickname for her constant wearing of stockings, which as expected, she always wore, regardless of the situation or how bad things got.

As one of the crew, she was holed up in Gilneas when they shut down the ports. While most of her crew lamented at this turn of events, she herself took this chance to find a nice young man to settle down with. While she was still a great fight with a sword, she chose to put them away for the sake of farming and moving on.

When the rebellion occured, her only child and husband left to join the Gilnean Guard and fight on the side of Greymane. When the rebellion had finally ended, or came to a close end, both were listed as either KIA, thus bringing great grief to a now-widowed mother, who had lost her family to the civil war. This grief would not last long, however, as a what was a once-usual trip to the market became an unusual series of events that culminated her leaving Gilneas as a monster.

Now she works for the SI:7, fighting horde and ensuring the Alliance possess a foothold where it's needed.
Name: Cadsuan Al'Malkieri

Age: Young adult, in human years approximately 18

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Fire Mage/Tailor/Clerk

Physical Description: Cadsuan is of average height for a blood elf female and thin build. She wears no makeup and no jewelry besides the thin gold hoops in her upper ears. She wears her natural blonde hair in a simple bob. Despite her understated simplicity, Cadsuan's natural beauty shines through. Her most attractive feature is her smile, and the mischevious glint in her glowing green eyes.

Personality Description: Cadsuan is sunny and chatty. Cadsuan is likely to chat your ear off - she would be able to hold a conversation with a wall. She is sharing and polite. As of this time, Cadsuan has no romantic interests; that area of her life has been as of yet unexplored and any romantic pursuer would find her to be too innocent and guileless to be of much sport.

Cadsuan explores the world around her in an effort to reconcile the two parts of her being - the loyalty and politics fed to her from birth by her mother, and the carefree and natural pagan upbringing of her father. She questions internally the motives and true efforts of the Sin'dorei - you will not find the usual blood elf snobbiness in Cadsuan.

General Notes: Cadsuan works very hard to gain proficiency in her chosen professions. She is determined not to ask her mother for any money, and she also has to work very hard to afford her menagerie. Her favorite colors are blue and green.

Unusual Notes: Cadsuan can never be found without a pet trailing her. She loves to smuggle the furriest and cutest pets she can from the opposing faction. This is an unconcious affection due to the fact that she still wishes for the life of the Hunter and has a great affinity for her animal friends.

Secrets: A woman as chatty as Cadsuan has no secrets.

History: She is the youngest of the four Al'Malkieri daughters, from Sunstrider Isle. Her father was a Hunter and her mother a Frost Mage. Cadsuan wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father as a Hunter, but her mother was a staunch supporter of bringing the glory of the Blood Elves back, and since Cadsuan showed so much potential as a caster, enrolled her daughter in the Avenging Dawn Academy to follow the path of the Mage. Cadsuan chose Fire rather than Frost in an effort to rebel in some small way.

Current Going-On (if any): Cadsuan is currently very busy with her professions and saving for her very first flying mount. She loves the teamwork required to participate in dungeons with her fellow students and teammates.

Name: Devondra A. Brunestud

Age: Mid-30's

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Woodsman, Houndmaster

Physical Description: Big and Burly, for a female. Standing just under six feet tall, her body honed from years of physical labor, she is indeed a formidable-looking woman. Her skin is rough and calloused, her unremarkable face struck with fine wrinkles as age begins to take its hold on her. Fading scars can be seen across her nose and the right side of her face, as well as on her back and across her left leg, clothing permitting.

Personality Description: Stern and serious. She has a strong appreciation for the value of hard work, and little patience for tomfoolery or otherwise inappropriate conduct. She takes her job very seriously, and expects others to do the same. Good with animals, not particularly good with people.

General Notes: Rarely seen without the company of her dog, Artemis. She takes the well-being of this animal very seriously.

Unusual Notes: Loves dogs, but is terrified of cats.

Secrets: Has a feminine side, though she'll deny it if asked.

Notes on Artemis: Devondra's pet, Artemis, is as much a character in this story as her master is, with her own unique personality and history to match. Ask about it some time - she may not be the most social of people, but Dev can go on endlessly about her dogs!

(Brief, Spoiler-Free!) History: From the time she was first able to lift a hatchet, Devondra has worked for her family's logging company. As a child and young adult, she was dragged halfway across the continent by her father, as he searched for more and more profitable logging sites.

Eight years ago, Brunestud Logging Co. arrived at the densely forested land of Duskwood. Six months later, the company owner went missing, leaving his daughter in charge of operations. Less fickle-minded than her father, the new owner was happy to keep her workers in one place, declaring the Duskwood camp a permanant site of operations (A decision she would soon deeply regret, but that's a story for another time).

Following the razing of her family's lumber mill, and with her poor managerial decisions hanging over her head, Dev decided it was about time to throw in the towel. Disbanding what was left of the company, she moved north to the relatively calm woods surrounding the capital city of Stormwind, where she works as a logger to this day.

Current Going-On (if any): Chops wood, trains dogs, tries her best to stave off a full-on mid-life crisis.
Name: His real name is his business, you can call him Bullfrogg.

Age: 31 (about 35-40 in human years)

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Beastmaster in the fight against Alliance, he also cooks what he can to feed the troops as well as his pets. He dabbles in engineering.

Physical Description: Typical orc, albeit a bit taller

Personality Description: Unusually slow to anger for an orc. However, when his pets die or are in danger, it's no holding back. When his first pet (a tiger) died to the Fel Horde in Hellfire Peninsula, he charged the Path of Glory by himself, slaughtering any fel orc he could. Loves his pets more than anything, has grown especially attached to a devilsaur named Voysey. Voysey was the name of Bullfrogg's old tauren friend who died against the quilboar.

General Notes: Voysey was seriously injured recently, and Bullfrogg is now hesitant to use him in combat even though he has fully recovered. He uses a Shale Spider while fighting the Alliance, as he considers it merely a rock and has no emotional attachment to it like he has for his other pets.

Unusual Notes: Has a phobia of frogs, strangely enough.

Secrets: Is of the disgraced Redwalker Clan of orcs, and also has some ogre blood in him, although it is very little. This he confides in only those he trusts deeply.

History: Went through the events of up until the Burning Crusade minding his own business. It was not until the Dark Portal had been open for a while that he abandoned his job as a guard at Far Watch Post to begin his journey with his tiger. He adventured through Azeroth, grew experienced, and crossed into Outland. He faced little issue with the Bonechewer fel orcs, but he underestimated the Shattered hand orcs and his tiger died.

Bullfrogg returned to Azeroth, and wanted to get away from everything. He left for Un'goro, were he could be alone. Not smart. He was almost killed repeatedly by beasts of the crater. He eventually encountered the mighty King Mosh, and knew he must conquer that beast to regain his connection with nature. He met a strange troll mage named Jin'Loya, who placed a permanent hex on Mosh that made him smaller, allowing Bullfrogg to tame him and return to Outland. There he gained favor with the Mag'har, and met his hero, Rexxar.

The War against the Lich King was the first war Bullfrogg actively participated in. He did not see the fall of the Lich King, however, nor did he contribute to the deaths of Yogg-Saron, Anub'arak, or even Kel'thuzad. The most fearsome foes he helped killed were Sartharion and King Ymiron. He did, however, manage to attain much prominence at the Argent Tournament.

Current Going-On (if any): After the Shattering, Bullfrogg now only fights the Alliance. He seeks to destroy them in Tol Barad, the Twilight Highlands, and elsewhere. He has no personal vendetta against the Alliance, but simply chooses to fight them. He does not follow Garrosh, but will answer to Rexxar if he calls upon him. He has also taken up the discovery of the world's secrets (archaeology).
Name: Goes by Jandt Leafstalker, but his real name is known by only his closest confidants.

Age: Over 10,000, he fought against the Burning Legion in the War of The Ancients.

Job: He's a scout for the Alliance.

Physical Description: His hair is a bright white, and his skin is a light purple. Despite his old age, his body and mind are honed and he appears as a young night elf. A blindfold adorns his eyes. His upper lip was burned when an infernal crashed into him during the war, but it has mostly healed over the last thousand years.

Personality Description: Jandt is a man of conviction; he will stop at nothing to accomplish his personal goals. He can be brief and aloof, but he accepts all races and types of people. He understands that anyone can help him or the Alliance to destroy the Legion and the Scourge.

General Notes: He's a vegetarian, and he has a deep love for nature. He'll usually go on about how evil the Legion is and how unnatural they are.

Unusual Notes: Jandt doesn't care for large snakes or eels.

Secrets: He is a demon hunter. He hasn't gone through all of the demonic rituals yet, but he has the mindset and abilities of a demon hunter.

History: Jandt fought against the Burning Legion in the War of the Ancients, as a rogue and sorceror. His father was killed in the battles, but time has healed his loss. When Illidan was sentenced to 10,000 years in prison by Malfurion, Jandt almost interjected, feeling that Illidan wanted to do the right thing, but Malfurion didn't realize it. He kept his mouth shut.

Jandt grew an undying hatred for all demons, and slaughtered many that he found in the regions of Ashenvale and Darkshore. However, one demon happened to whisper to him constantly, it told him he wasn't good enough to live, that he would die like his father. Jandt later found the demon and challenged him to a duel to the death. Jandt was victorious, and from then on he devoted his life's most important goal to killing demons. He met a fellow who felt the same way, and he recieved his blindfold and dark powers to become a demon hunter.

Jandt met Tyrande in Darnassus and, after hours of conversation, he convinced her to not excommunicate him from night elf society. While others may believe he is damned to a dark path, Tyrande understands what he has to do, and allow him hospitality when he seldomly needs it.

Current Going-On: Since the Cataclysm, Jandt has been aiding his fellow night elves in Darkshore, helping to purify the corruption that Deathwing caused. He has also decided to help out the humans in Westfall.

Name: Muragnir

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Physical Description: The average stoutness of a Dwarf, accompanied with the fathomless shroud of a Death Knight. Muragnir clasps his mighty Scourgeblade reluctantly, but firmly. Recently released from the Lich King's rule, Muragnir is gaving trouble adjusting to being more than just a slave. He spent the few years after Arthas' death skulking in Storm Peaks, hearing the bone chilling whispers still calling his name.

Personality Description: Hardy by nature, and cold by trade, Muragnir has no one to count on. Hoping to get as far from Northrend as possible, he spends his days skulking in an inn in Hellfire Penninsula, where the whispers of his former master torment him as he sleeps.

General Notes: The faint glimmer of a Dwarf's carefree life is shrouded in the blackness of his heart. Muragnir is still haunted by the whispers of the cold land he left behind. He fought alongside other Death Knights against the Alliance and Horde alike, and was not given the gift of freedom until The Shattering. He feels that if he can defeat the Aspect of Death, his own death will seem less dark.

Unusual Notes: He has a strange fascination with Draenei, and cannot speak Common Tongue. He can only communicate with other Dwarves.

Secrets: The whispers make him do strange things sometimes...

History: Read above

Current Going-On (if any): He can be found skulking around Ironforge from time to time, trying to remember the old days when he was not so cold.
Name: Syrasha of Mannor Ante'Tiros and Synkha.

("mannor": a Draenei social group of learning/lifelong dedication, somewhat like a school, or school of thought. Ante'Tiros was founded by her great grandfather, and is/was dedicated to the arts and music)

Age: 41 (In human equiv.)

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: A 'classically trained' singer for much of her adult life, with the arrival of the Exodar in Azeroth, she decided that perhaps she should train as a mage, as that appeared to be her best bet when it came to helping out meaningfully with the war against the burning legion. Her skills grew at an average pace, and she has attained standing as a graduating magi, no longer under apprenticeship, but her strength as a mage is perfectly... average. This rankles a bit, as she was a very successful soloist in her previous life, matched or surpassed by few.
She still takes time to oversee what is left of her mannor when she can, in an effort to boost the morale of fellow Draenei during this time of conflict and war. She is particularly interested in the fostering of an appreciation for the arts among young Draenei.

Physical Description: Indigo skin. Horns swept up and back rather straightly. The seal of mannor Ante'Tiros on her tail cuff (The Drae equivalent of a musical note). Every inch a lady, she holds herself with poise and grace.

Personality Description: Gracious and calm, she was born into what amounts to Draenei nobility, but [in the author's imaginings] there isn't much of a notion of "nobility", as such, in Draenei culture. She was merely of the family that founded and managed a very successful and beloved mannor, and thus they were somewhat revered and cherished by most of the community. She appreciates the art in everything she sees, from the architecture of a citadel of evil ("Terrible management, but look at the spires!"), to the beauty of the curls of frost on a shield, to the pleasing sight of a well-built male specimen. A bit saucy from time to time as the mood strikes her, she's not opposed to a bit of dancing at parties or celebrations, and (a bit incongruously) often chooses attire that mildly scandalizes some of her more conservative friends, but she considers it an indulgence in beauty for its own sake.

Unusual Notes: Syrasha has a bond-servant, a male Draenei about 6 years her junior named Synkha. Her great-grandmother saved the lives of an entire family unit, and in gratitude, the eldest male offered himself as a servant to her family. Synkha's kin have continued their relationship with Syrasha's family through the years, with (at least) one of their own always in service to someone in her family. Synkha has been in service to her ever since he was [the equiv. of] 12 years old (which would make her around 18 at that time). Each year, during the Draenei New Year, she asks him if his service chafes, if he would like to be released and live a separate life, (as is the tradition between their two families), and each year he quietly answers no. The service is voluntary on both sides, and may be terminated at any time by either party. His duties stretch only to the tasks normally assigned to a common servant, although when Syrasha began training as a Mage, she asked him if he would not complement her battle skills by training as well, and he chose the path of the Paladin. Synkha is a very silent man, watchful and quietly protective of his mistress.

(Synkha is a real wow character, and I play and RP them both at the same time.)

Secrets: Using her tailoring skills, she designs his livery herself, -rather self-servingly, he looks a bit like man-candy and she likes it that way!

Name: Drahliana Moonrunner

Age: In transition from Young Adult to Full Adulthood.

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Guide/Leathercrafter/Skinner/Hunter ** Just like the class :) ** also "temporary" leader of the Moonwood Rangers.

Physical Description: Silver haired with Kaldorei *Wing* markings on face. She wears her hair long save when it's tightly bound for war. In Human terms, she is tall with a well built and somewhat muscular frame that weighs more than enough to disabuse any Human male of the notion of lifting her off her feet.... if the canines in her smile hadn't done so already.

Personality Description: Formerly she was known for being gregarious and expansive but recent tragedies have introduced an undercurrent of biter determination. She remains helpful with her allies, but has become considerably less forgiving when dealing with the overall war itself. She had been warned by Moonwillow that hosting events with the Horde gave them opportunities to scout Ashenvale for future invasion and has become worried that what she had dismissed as undue paranoia may have more truth than she was willing to admit.

General Notes: Drahliana is concerned first and foremost with the welfare of her people, secondarily with the concerns of the Alliance as it impacts the former. She does posesss an intense curiosity and and it has sidetracked her occasionally on important occasions. She still tends to a cautious approach in combat in planning especially when Kaldorei lives are concerned as she is painfully aware that the elves do not recover thier lost numbers at the same speed as the younger races. While generally more open-minded than most Night Elves she maintains a strong aversion to mixed racial coupling convinced that it can only end badly for those involved.

Unusual Notes: Drahliana obtained a limited ability to appear as a Frost Vrykul which is limited to the environs of Brunhildar Village in the Storm Peaks of Northrend. She still makes occasional visits there to work off tension in the general rough house competitions.

Secrets: Drahliana maintains a number of hidden caches throughout Ashenvale, Teldrassil, and Darkshore with a few others in other areas of Kalimdor. There are other more obvious ones that are labled with the Kaldorei sign for danger that are set up as deliberate traps.

History: At length on the ER Wikkia

Current Going-On (if any): Drahliana's father, Drahlan was fishing in Auberdine Harbor as part of ongoing research being conducted by the Temple of the Moon and the Darnassian Cenarians on the local sea life. His boat was dashed against the rocks during Deathwing's passage and he was killed instantly. While saving the world against the Twilights and other associates is a high priority, her secret determination is to hunt down and skin every member of the black flight that she can sink her arrows into, offering as much warning as her father received.
Name: Insein (In-sen)

Age: ~3 weeks out of the dirt

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Apprentice Fire Mage

Physical Description:
Appearance is approximately that of a late 20s, early 30s human, moderately preserved, well groomed. Once she regained her bearings upon undeath, she changed her mouse brown hair to purple and donned a mask to hide herself a little. She takes pains to cover or resew and fix her rotting parts and clear away all insects. Often smells of earth and jungle flowers, if possible.

Personality Description:
A shy mage, she barely remembers her life prior to undeath, but remembers clearly being an apprentice in Dalaran when it was located in the Alterac Mountains. She is hoping one day to return to Dalaran to see if anything will jar her memory. Insein finds herself eager to gather stories and tales in hopes that something will sound familiar. She has a curiosity for trolls and loves to study their culture and history. Her first story circle was also her first trip across Kalimdor. The sights and sounds were all new and refreshing and the strange Orcs, Trolls, Taurens, Goblins and Blood Elves were welcoming as much as they were unusual. They invoked something long dormant within her…emotions.

General Notes:
Insein was a little disoriented several weeks ago, when a Val’kyr under Lady Sylvanas brought her back to serve and protect her homeland. Much has passed since then, and the confusion of being raised as Forsaken has turned to a fierce loyalty to her new Queen. It has not, however, helped her much in the ring of remembering who she once was. A moldy robe with the Dalaran eye and a passion for fire spells are her only link to her past.

Unusual Notes:
As she learns more, Insein is beginning to feel the pangs of loneliness. She seeks camaraderie in her service to the Horde and to her Queen, as well as her distinct lack of a mentor, a must have for any good apprentice mage. Emotions have a terrible burden on the newly resurrected soul. Why do flowers make her feel happy? Why is human flesh so delicious? Why does killing humans make her feel sad?

Secrets: Possibly tied in with her past life, but none that she’d know nor share!

History: Not much history before three weeks ago. Maybe she knew you when she still breathed?

Current Going-On (if any): Currently, Insein is pursuing troll history in the jungles of Stranglethorn as well as taking in the local flora. In her spare time, she tries to join any story circle to listen and observe.
Name: Blikkzin Buckswindle
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Nickname: The Sultan of Subtlety (self-given nickname)
Job/Profession: Scout, Rogue, Skinner, Part-Time Enchanter, Cloak and Dagger Eliminations, Cutpurse

Physical Description: Blikkzin stands 3 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 42 pounds. He has brown hair, red eyes, a five o'clock shadow and a slim body build.
General Notes: He's a goblin. Wheelin', dealin' and explosions are his thing.
Unusal Notes: Blikkzin has worked for three different major Goblin cartels: the Venture Co., the Steamwheedle Cartel and the Bilgewater Cartel.
Secrets: Locked up in his bank and a giant ball of litigation and red tape.

History: Blikkzin's father was a thief and his mother was a homemaker. From an early age, Blikkzin's father taught him the arts of subtlety and stabbing.

Born and raised on Kezan, Blikkzin worked on Kezan as a low-level pencil-pusher in the Venture Co. from age 18 to 27. At 28, he wanted to join the Steamwheedle Cartel, only to find there were no openings. So he employed a travelling paladin named Jorundr Dawnwalker to "negotiate with some Steamwheedle employees to move on to more fruitful opportunities" ((read "kill 10 guys")). He did it, leery of the goblin's motivations. Soon after, the Steamwheedle Cartel contacted Blikkzin about a job and Blikkzin proved to be a good fit in the Cartel. He soon got opportunities and offers from many of the other cartels, most notably the Bilgewater Cartel.

At 30, he was fired from his job as a high-level accountant in the Steamwheedle Cartel. When Jorundr got word of it, he was understandably pissed. Blikkzin managed to weasel his way out of Jorundr kicking his ass by promising him favors later. Jorundr agreed, saying that Blikkzin knew what would happen if he tried to sneak his way out of his word. Soon after, and in need of money, Blikkzin took a job with the Bilgewater Cartel and soon worked his way through the ranks, to the point the Goblins thought he (among many others) might replace Trade Prince Gallywix. Then the Cataclysm came and turned his life upside-down, forcing him to rely on his subtlety and stabbing skills more than his ability to crunch numbers.

Current Goings-On: Making money.

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