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Earthen Ring
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Name: Jimbra Jenkins. "Jenkins" is a professional pseudonym used by many adventurers. Jimbra's real family name should be Bronzebeard. She is Brann's bastard daughter, which makes her Magni's niece, and thus a semi-distant member of Ironforge's royal family. She hates Moira Thaurissian, but travels abroad and hides her real name to avoid further troubling the complicated politics of Ironforge.

Age: "Never ask a woman her age, guv. Especially when she's armed."

Gender: Female ((male in real life)).

Job/Profession: Jimbra is a rogue, but not really a thief; rather, she is more a professional adventurer and explorer. Her business is to go where nobody has any business going, and she is very good at it. Like her father, she is a crack Archaeologist and Engineer, and very self-sufficient.

Physical Description: Jimbra has green eyes and wears her coppery hair in a long ponytail, braided with hidden blades to keep foes from grabbing it. Like most Dwarfs, Jimbra looks stout, but actually is solid muscle. She can be pretty when she dolls herself up, but she usually dresses butch both for practical reasons, and to hide the scars from her adventures.

Personality Description: Jimbra is a tomboy adventurer who is more man than most men; she dips gunpowder, can drink a dragon under the table ((her drake mounts can attest to this)) and isn't scared much of anyone or anything. She is slightly hyperactive, has a curious streak a mile wide, and often gets into trouble "because it's there!" She is loyal to the Alliance and a proud dwarf, but open minded towards other races; "It matters WHO ye are, not WHAT ye are." She will flirt with almost anyone of either gender, but keeps her real emotions and attractions private. Like her father, Jimbra is a free spirit; she is equally comfortable sleeping alone by a campfire, or in a crowded city inn. She prefers stealth to open battle, but is a ruthless brawler when the need arises.

General Notes: Between adventures, Jimbra usually can be found in Stormwind's Dwarf District or the Shrine of Seven Stars.

Unusual Notes: Jimbra is a citizen of Ironforge, but much of her childhood was spent on the streets of Stormwind. Her heroism has given her some fame and made her many powerful friends and allies ((51 exalted reps and counting)).

Secrets: "If I tell ye, they ain't secrets."

History: "History? I dig it up! Sometimes literally, sometimes not..."

Current Goings-On (if any): Jimbra currently is adventuring in Pandaria, exploring the new land and getting along well with the Pandaren. "Finally, another race that really knows how to drink!" When not otherwise occupied, she keeps busy with exploring and Archaeology, and/or searching for the few Engineering recipes that she doesn't already know.
Name: Morwel Starseeker

Age: Stopped Aging

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Knight of the Ebon Blade, Blacksmith, Former Druid of the Kaldorei

Physical Description: See Armory

Personality Description: Usually calm and collected, Morwel rarley has much to say. The few times she has displayed any emotion were dealings with the Qiraji.

General Notes: Being of a logical thought, Morwel will try to pull apart any situation to determine the most efficient and effective method of solving it. This also is one of her great weaknesses.

Unusual Notes: Morwel tends to be drawn to the wounded places in nature.( Nordrassil, Felwood,etc.)

Secrets: "My secrets are hidden from me."

History: Work in progress

Current Going-On (if any): Morwel has recovered from serious injuries obtained at Icecrown Citadel. Unable to help right away during the cataclysm weighs heavily on her.
Name: Rale

Age: 160

Gender: male

Job/Profession: Rouge

Physical Description: coal black hair covers his face

Personality Description: a good freind

General Notes: hangs out at a bar

Unusual Notes: Kills one critter a day

Secrets: he has a half night elf son

History: born in winter spring with 5 others traind in the art of killing.

Current Going-On (if any: Meh just geting drunk and whating for a hit
Name: Rayzorstorm

Age: Roughly 2,000 years old

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Operative for Cenarion Circle. He used to be a feral soldier, a "Druid of the Claw", but now his duty is to be out in the world, acting as the eyes and ears of the Circle, and serving as an ambassador for their cause.

Physical Description: Tall, and built like a running back. His features are harsh, not particularly good looking. He is usually very calm, but with intense eyes that quickly sweep around him, quickly assessing situations. He is usually seen in a wearing a kilt, shirtless, with a cloak over his shoulders, and a helmet of an ancient owl. His torso and arms are criss-crossed with various scars and abrasions

Personality Description: Intensely duty bound. Tends to be too serious, and doesn't qutie get sarcasm. After many years traveling on his own, he tends to remain solitary, even among a group. He is always polite to new acquintances, but it takes a long time before he allows them closer than arm's-lenght. He is intensely protective of those he cares about, and will put himself in the way of grave danger to come to their aid.

General Notes: He is much more accepting of other races than most Night Elves, and greatly enjoys their company. He loves immersing in their cultures, and actively tries to develop exchange of ideas and values. He also sees all of his actions as a direct extension of the Cenarion Circle, and thus chooses his words and conduct very carefully.

Unusual Notes: He often avoids Darnassus because of his overbearing mother. She is extremely xenophobic and cannot understand his fascination with the "lesser" races. If he does come home, he tries to visit his father when he thinks his mother will be gone.


History: His mother is a priestess of Elune, and his father is a simple tradesman, a tanner. As a relatively young druid, he came into his adulthood after most druids had gone to the Emerald Dream. He became a feral shock troop in the War of the Shifting Sands, and was supposed to be in the detachment that Valstann Staghelm lead to defend Southwind Village, but was scouting when they split off. He was crushed when he learned that his detachment was destroyed, and took the death of Valstann harder than most of the troops.

Current Going-On (if any): Just before the Shattering, he returned to Silithus to observe and infiltrate the Twilight Hammer based on some strange leads he'd unocovered. When he suddenly learned that they were moving out, and coordinating vast numbers of new recruits, he rushed to Moonglade to make his report to the Circle. Shortly after he delivered his message, word reached Moonglade about the extreme cult activity in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, as well as the increasing agitation of the elements. Post-Shattering, he continues travelling the world, delivering messages between groups of the Circle, and making tactical strikes against the Twilight Hammer.
Name: Tzarina Remington

Age: Will not say (Looks to be in her late 20s)

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Priestess of the Church of Light, Heiress of the now-defunct Remington Household of Lordaeron, former member of the Stormwind House of Nobles, former Alliance Diplomat, recently joined Harrison Jones’ Uldum Expedition as an archaeologist-in-training.

Physical Description: Lady Tzarina stand at 5’2" with a slender but frail-looking frame. She has dark skin with jet black hair, and amber eyes.

Personality Description: Lady Tzarina carries herself both in words and actions in a refined manner indicative of a noble upbringing. Well-spoken and with a calm demeanour, Tzarina is no stranger to public speeches and occasionally displays intellect and insight unexpected of one at such a young age. She especially takes pleasure in conversations regarding history of Azeroth, and the current political situation and the state of war between the Alliance and the Horde.
Some may find Lady Tzarina a bit cold and callous in discussions relating to war. She displays cynicism towards the justifications of war and its objectives. She also appears distant and naive to the realities of the war and the emotional cost of the suffering it causes. It is believed that Tzarina purposefully hardened herself to the horrors of war to cope with the loss of her immediate family members, household and country at a young age.
Lady Tzarina is also susceptible to sounding vain and arrogant in certain topics she has absolute confidence in.

General Notes: Despite her prideful and sometimes arrogant attitude, Tzarina is quite open-minded and receptive towards the ideas of others and will listen (or appear attentive for the sake of politeness). She shows concern for those close to her in subtle ways and refuses to openly admit it.

Unusual Notes: Tzarina adamantly refuses to drink alcohol. She seems over concerned about her appearance despite carrying herself confidently. She seems to display an affinity for rare pets, and has names for each of them. Tzarina also seems to enjoy wearing chokers and appears to own a variety of them as she is seen with a different one each day.

Secrets: Though she appears quite indifferent and uninterested to it outwardly, Tzarina is quite good at chess games. At times, she secretly plays chess by herself in the privacy of her own home whilst talking to herself in conversations seemingly directed at another individual.

History: Tzarina, being the daughter of the late Count Remington, is the only survivor and heiress of the Remington family in the Lordaeron House of Nobles. She escaped from Lordaeron with the other refugees to Stormwind when the undead scourge decimated the country.

Current Going-On (if any): Tzarina is currently living on her own in a residence belonging to her distant uncle, Count Remington Ridgewell. As with a few surviving Lordaeron nobility with ties to the Stormwind nobility, Tzarina was entitled to membership in the Stormwind House of Nobles and eventually held a diplomat position in light of her talents and gifts. For a while, she took part in observing the governance of Stormwind. However, with Varian Wrynn’s return and the subsequent unmasking of Lady Katrana Prestor as Onyxia, Varian drastically reduced the influence of the House of Nobles. Disillusioned with the king’s aggressive approach to the Horde, Tzarina forfeited her membership after the declaration of war and resigned from her diplomatic position as well. She currently pursues a long standing interest in archaeology and is preparing to join an expedition to the recently unearthed Uldum.

Name: Voneri Stine

Age: Mid-life; whichi is to say she's lived about half the lifespan of a common Dwarf.

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Being adept in all things magical, she finds herself a skilled enchanter of armor and weapons. Also, having endured the deepest depths of Azeroth, her desire for all things Natural has given her an unique ability to discover and collect new plant life.

She is also very curious about the origins of the many races found on the surface, using her Dwarven instincts to find artifacts and study them.

Physical Description: It's hard not to notice: She's one of the Dark Iron Clan. Well, formerly of the Dark Irons. Her coal black hair has begun to look more like soot; greying streak run throughout its long tendrils. Her sharp dark chestnut eyes sparkle with flecks of amber. Some would say she's a handsome female - with a stout body - if not a bit more curvy then some.

Personality Description: She is conscience of the fact not many in the world understand her kind. She's very introverted and determined. She feels lonely most of the time and longs for the comforts of the fires of her homeland. She does not make friends easily and keeps mostly to the small towns and villages she encounters during her travels around Azeroth. She may be suffering from a form of depression, but she dislikes physical contact with people she does not know so she'll probably never be diagnosed.

General Notes: She's uncertain about her future and the future of her kind.

Unusual Notes: She was born at the end of the great civil war between the dwarves in the once-great city of Thaurissan.

Secrets: Many

History: Orphaned by the war, she was raised by an old, widowed pyromancer. She lead an unremarkable life in the service of the empire until the day she left Shadowforge City; following Moira Thaurissan and joining the Alliance after the Cataclysm.

Current Going-On: Having lived the majority of her life underground, she finds herself extremely interested in learning all she can about life on the surface. Therefore, she can be seen wandering around Kalimdor now, having almost completely explored all of the Eastern Kingdoms (exception being the lands dominated by the Horde). She loves listening to the lore of the land. She hopes to someday visit the land of the Draenei and Orcs, but she is hesitant to visit the frigid areas of Northrend, although she realizes she will have to in order to complete the history of her people. So much to do. So little time. And death waits for no one.
Name: Raynaard Bordeleux

Race/Class: Worgen Death Knight

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Profession: Raynaard is a fine jewel crafter. His wares, even the more mundane rings and necklaces, are pricey but sought after by many Lords, Ladies, and private collectors. He can spend weeks on the design and creation of a single pendant simply to meltdown the end result because of flaws many wouldn’t even notice. Never seen being peddled at street faires Raynaard’s goods are sold at private showings or are made through private commission.

Physical Description: Always immaculately dressed and well kempt, Raynaard wears fine clothes nearly all of the time and even when working. Showing off his wealth is not the reason for this, simply because it is what many of his clients expect him to look like and it makes for good business. His dark hair, beard, and side burns are all kept well-trimmed and he seems at any moment ready for some kind of an inspection. If one doesn’t mind the chilled touch and iridescent blue eyes left by the taint of the Lich King Raynaard does posses a handsome face. When in Worgen form things are a bit different, he dresses much freer but this is explained later.

Personality: Raynaard lives his work. The Gilnean has devoted himself to his jewel crafting and he is fully submersed in his profession to the point of obsession, he pursues it with a passion that is oft known only to lovers and even though only few. Although polite and well-mannered like most proud Gilneans he is also socially awkward. Conversations are limited to short answers and simple chatter or business. Large balls or festivities are most likely to find him embracing the evening air out on the balcony after the ‘required’ hello’s and how do you do’s are over with.

General Notes:

Unusual Notes: Despite the agility gifted him by his Worgen blood he gets violently ill when aboard ships; be they shuttles from one side of a lake to another or a sea-going voyage Raynaard does not do well with travel over water. Flying unsettles his stomach as well, though he can tolerate it a bit better than water travel.

Secrets: ()Self loathing. Raynaard Bordeleux hates and often tries to ignore the Lich King’s invasion of his mind, body, self, and soul. The Gilnean still suffers the nightmares of what he was forced to do, the atrocities he was asked to enjoy doing to civilians and soldiers alike. As a result he is knowingly and regretfully withdrawn from the world, afraid to allow himself into any kind of a bond with others. The strict rules of business and the professionalism demanded on both sides help to give him a slight taste of some kind of social contract with others, no matter how artificial it may be. Within himself a small piece yearns for a connection of some kind with the social world, be it with many or only a few individuals.
()At times Raynaard will embrace his Worgen form and run, free and true in the evening clad in naught but cheap linens or hides. Enjoying the wilderness air and the freedom he can spend hours running, swimming, or even hunting game. This is a side of himself he has yet to knowingly show to anyone.

Brief History: Hailing from a long line of Gilnean mineral and gem merchants he was born into wealth and always fortunate enough to have the proper stock for his profession. After savaging others in the name of the Lich King and being accepted back into the good graces of the Alliance and much of society Raynaard began to build his own fortune. He know owns a small home in Stormwind and is looking to purchase another home in a more secluded wilderness somewhere in the Eastern Kingdoms.
Name: Kogorroth Skullcleaver
Age: 3 (since resurrection as a Death Knight), 37 (actual age)
Gender: Male
Clan: Black Tooth Grin Clan
Job/Profession: Death Knight, Defender of Orgrimmar

Physical Description: Kogorroth has brown skin, but it's due to his skin losing pigmentation after his death. He has black hair and a short beard. His eyes are glowing blue, a trait common to Death Knights. He has a bulky build and his body has numerous scars and closed wounds. He is missing three teeth on the right side of his mouth, two on the bottom and one on the top, as is proof of his initiation into the Black Tooth Grin Clan.
Personality Description: Kogorroth has two modes; anger and murderous rage. Bringing up or asking about his living life are always ignored.

General Notes: Kogorroth is a member of the Black Tooth Grin orc clan, a clan that has very few members remaining. Very few orcs of the Black Tooth Grin clan are in the Horde, with the majority of the (very few) other members of the clan part of the remaining holdouts of the Dark Horde of Blackrock Spire. Kogorroth has very little respect for Garrosh Hellscream as a leader, but respects him greatly as a warrior.
Unusual Notes: Kogorroth absolutely hates spellcasters, claiming that they "stand in the background throwing spells instead of picking up a weapon and fighting with honor."
Secrets: He still has the broken armor that he wore in life.

History: Kogorroth was born during the First War. For most of his adolescence, he heard stories of the great orc warriors' prowess in combat against a foe known as "humans," excitedly awaiting his opportunity to join the Horde in combat. Sadly, his opportunity never came. At age 11, the Horde was defeated and Kogorroth was one of the orcs that escaped Draenor before the Dark Portal was closed. Soon after, he was put in an internment camp with many other orcs. During his time in the internment camp, he was initiated into the Black Tooth Grin clan. At age 22, after years of imprisonment in the same internment camp, Thrall freed the orc clans with Kogorroth among them and he joined Thrall's new Horde out of respect for his skills and gratitude. He fought in the ranks of the Horde during the Third War, and afterwards became a guard in Orgrimmar.

For years afterwards, Kogorroth was a guard in Orgrimmar, glad that he had gotten to fight in the Horde and more than willing to sit aside and let the young orcs fight the new wars. However, during the Scourge's second invasion, Kogorroth was sadly killed by a ghoul attack. However, instead of getting a respectful burial or cremation, his corpse was stolen by Cult of the Damned agents and sent to the necropolis Acherus and resurrected as a Death Knight by the Lich King. Kogorroth did his duties to the Scourge without question or hesitation, until the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel where the Lich King's control over Kogorroth and the other death knights was broken when Tirion Fordring hit the Lich King with the newly-purified Ashbringer. Kogorroth was then commanded to return to Orgrimmar to re-join the Horde. After some initial hostilities, Kogorroth was readmitted to the Horde and went to Northrend to get revenge on the Lich King. Along the way he assisted in destroying the Lich King's majordomo, the lich Kel'Thuzad, and aided in ending the Nexus War by slaying the former Lord of Magic Malygos. Kogorroth's vengeance against the Lich King, however, was sadly unfulfilled, however he was pivotal to weakening the Lich King's power base by infiltrating the Forge of Souls, the Pit of Saron and the Halls of Reflection.
Current Going-On (if any): Kogorroth has returned to hsi duties as a guardian of Orgrimmar, though instead of merely martial might, he uses his abilities as a Death Knight to decimate those that would threaten Orgrimmar.
Name: Ciska (In life, Franciska Ashtawny)
Age: Early 20s
Gender: Female
Job/Profession: Healer, cook, novice.
Physical Description: Ciska is shockinly well preserved, as Forsaken go. Her death was barely a year ago, and she is - for the most part - intact. Overall, she stands barely taller than 5 feet. She was blind in life and has problems with her vision in death - she can see almost too clearly, which leads to random bouts of vertigo. She is a murky green color, and has a chunk missing from her calf.
Personality Description: Ciska has finally accepted her Undeath with grace, and although she was told about her previous life, she has very selective memory of it. She tends to be quiet as undead go, trying to avoid trouble and bothering others. She is quite pleasant when spoken to though, and is a rather lonely individual. Ciska enjoys telling and hearing stories, but often lets her imagination get away from her as she is telling them. Others see her as a compulsive liar because of this.
General Notes: Ciska has no knowledge of her past, but has a few quirks that remain from it. She is aware of being blind in her life, and used to wrap her eyes in death because "The lights are too bright. I don't need these horrid eyes." Ciska’s favorite sense is touch – she feels that she can never know a person unless she has felt and memorized their face. She also has a love of clocks and the sound of ticking - in life, her father was a clock maker.
Unusual Notes: Ciska is fairly pleasant, as undead go.
Secrets: She has a thing for Verner Fromm, but she is reluctant to say anything because she still carries vestiges of memories of a boy from her life.
History: (All of this is unknown to Ciska.) In life, Franciska Ashtawny was the daughter of a clockmaker named Caleb Albrecht Ashtawny. Her family was not very wealthy, but they still managed to hire a butler for Franciska who was with her at all times. Micah would walk Franciska wherever she pleased and describe the scenary to her.
Franciska died in Gilneas just after the wall was built. Micah left her alone to meet a woman, and Franciska – unused to walking alone – got lost and ended up in an unlocked room where gnomes were testing a high voltage transformer. Franciska reached out and touched it with her left hand, and was killed instantly. Micah disappeared into the forests of Gilneas afterwards and is assumed to have been killed by the worgen as they began their siege of the city. Her father was turned into a worgen and killed.
Current Going-On (if any): Ciska is currently living in Orgrimmar, as she is studying to be a holy priest under the tutelage of Lellenthyr Blooddrake.
Name: Geoffrey L. Stanton

Nickname(s); Auld Geoff/Uncle Geoff.

Age: He made a conscious decision to stop counting and thinking about it a while ago.

Gender: Male.

Job/Profession: Before the cataclysm, Geoff had a small clinic housed on the corner of an alley that bridged the Merchant District and the Cathedral Quarter. It was a bit run down there, but it was home. Geoff was a healer of sorts, most specifically an accomplished hypnotist. Though you wouldn't believe it from the commonly accented, lazy way he speaks. Though as Geoff himself would tell you, it's disarming, and when someone views you as not the brightest person in the world, you can catch them off-guard.

Geoff also practised a few other more... fringe medicines and healing practises, not commonly recognised, as if him being a practitioner of hypnosis wasn't enough. His clinic was eventually shut down due to unsubstantiated claims of deviance with one of his patients, and the nobility involved threw some weight around to see it done. And Geoff? Well, he was a nobody, so he couldn't really complain.

He lost his way for a little after that, but apparently the spirits of nature or whatever similar wherewithal had other plans for him. Or at the very least, a gift. His passion to see an end to suffering over the years, and his many successes in areas where most doctors would fear to tread, earned him some fairly good standing with someone... or something, that's for sure. (He's still trying to figure that part out.)

Largely he's left his healing days behind him. He's an adventurer now and he sees that peculiarly as a retirement of sorts, he wanders and he puts his various new forms to the use of the peoples - namely protecting them. After a fashion he feels young again, as all those things that life taught him have been partially overridden by the fact that he now knows what it's like to be a bear, and a cat. And soon enough even a gigantic bird, or so the elves tell him, but he's quite dubious about that one.

Still, his healing mattered to him when he did it, and to a degree it does now. If he's ever called upon to do so, then old Geoff will be happy to practise whatever healing talents are necessary - new, or old.

Physical Description: Geoff looks like he's seen through and lived through a lot, it's conveyed in his eyes. He's a fairly common worgen and actually he seems quite healthy for his abundant years, having practised some more risque and ultimately worthwhile healing techniques on himself over the years. (You can't ask another to try what you haven't.)

He usually wears a set of raggedy clothes that he's attached to. Sure, they're tattered, but he's a very sentimental codger. He's got his arms and armour that he puts to task whenever his night-elven landlords seek his aid, he's wherever at their behest and clad in whatever seems to be right for the job at hand. But when he's relaxing? All that's off. Stanton has some dignity left, and relaxing in armour is just uncouth.

Ultimately though, Stanton is completely unimpressive in just about every way. But truthfully, he'd tell you that he prefers it that way - or at least the appearance of such.

Personality Description: Stanton is an old soul, he's seen his years, his sunrises and sunsets, and many days have been just the same, one day much like the prior, the prior being like the day after, and entirely predictable. This has given him a degree of patience and peace. Due to this, he's often not in a rush, and he absolutely loves being vague, esoteric, and most of all... eccentric. Stanton believes he's entitled to some eccentricity at his age. Whatever that may be. No, don't tell him! He doesn't want to know.

He also has this bad habit of speaking himself in the third-person, of using plurals when he shouldn't, and other, similar lingual quirks. But he's set in his ways and determined not to change. An air of eloquence isn't something he ever wants to carry, as he'd prefer people to be comfortable with him. It's a healer thing. Often, if someone thinks that you have this towering intellect, they'll never relax. And that doesn't help anyone.

So there may be more to Stanton than there first appears, though, by first appearances you'd probably assume that he's some sort of street beggar. He goes to great lengths to convey this image. And he's happy to be dismissed by those whom wouldn't care to delve any deeper than aesthetic first impressions.

(More to come.)
General Notes: Stanton hates tea, and will duly glower at you if you make tea jokes in his presence. He's much more partial to a glass of water, fruit juice, or milk. And as you may infer from that, he's also a teetotaller. Generally though, he's easy going, and very talkative if you can stand his eccentricities.

Often though he doesn't really need anyone to talk to, he'll often be found nattering ot his 'little one,' a moonkin cub that's taken to following him around. Quite where it came from is a mystery, and Stanton wishes he had a story, but the little critter just sort of turned up one day and now they're never seen apart. Though if Stanton had to wager a guess, he'd wager that his elven taskmasters had something to do with it. Compassionate lot, them.

A mildly curmudgeonly old man seems lonely, you've got a little critter without a parent, put the two together and see what happens. That's one of many theories that he has, anyway.

If nothing else, the little creature seems to have a better sense of direction than he does.

Unusual Notes: Aside from the tea thing, there's probably not much to say. Oh, wait. yes. Stanton will attempt to fetch a ball/stick if thrown, but, depending on his mood, he may also disassemble the person doing it via word or act for even trying it.

Secrets: Stanton has many of these, so many it'd make your head spin, and so many that they burden him. And not just his own secrets, either. No, not just. The secrets of his patients, too, whom he's kept quiet about all his life. No matter how strange, peculiar, or dubious, he's held his tongue.

Ol' Geoff's mostly sweet an' lovely ma, bless 'er soul'n 'ope she's restin' well wherever she is, useta say... she'd say 'Life is too precious, too short, and too valuable of a thing to risk. So many people choose to end life, that's why it's so much more important to choose to end suffering instead - without ending life.' She'd also all too often tell 'im ta get an 'aircut too, poor old hen'd likely die if she saw 'er progeny t'day. Got a lot more 'air than I useta. S'funny ta say that, really... considerin'.

Old Geoff knew that if he shared those secrets, the embarrassment of some might be enough to do them in, some might get people killed, and others yet would simply results in hearts split in two. None of these things are things that Geoff would want to see happen.

Another secret is that he never took part in the ceremony of balance, he didn't trust it. Really, he seems just fine. He knows enough about minds to figure out how to make peace with himself and his wolf without help. And really, sometimes he just wonders if worgen rage stems from the inner fury of people believing their beast would turn them into a mindless killer, but Stanton's mother told him not to judge a book by it's cover, and he listened.

There's a lot of wisdom in the sayings and axioms of one's mother, he finds.

He did, however, fall in with Alpha-Prime for a time. He was swept up in feeling as though he finally had a place, and a strong degree of worth. And he won't lie, he liked it. Stanton, from a young age, felt that he always understood dogs at least as well as he understood people, and really, wolves aren't that different. And having the mind that Stanton had, and has, he's the sort of person to ask himself what it's like.

"A dog can smell history, I wonder what that's like?"

So, for him, the experience was a wonder.

However, he quickly saw the corruption of the one he called Alpha, and slipped away quietly before the war in Gilneas broke out. He does, however, long for the strong familial bonds that were hinted at there at that time, to have a large family, and to be amongst those who are proud to be worgen, as he is. (And proud to be a druid, too.) Perhaps in time, these things and more will come.

History: Well then, I'm terrible at this. I've already covered everything above! My apologises. I really am very bad at these. Gift of the gab and all that, yes?

Current Going-On (if any): Stanton is currently learning the ways of druids and revelling at having so many forms to choose from, it's making him feel quite young and alive again. Currently he's not doing much, he can often be seen walking in one of his forms and chatting with his 'little one,' or out in the world adventuring at the behest of his elven taskmasters.

Feel free to send me a tell in game if you'd like to roleplay with Stanton the esoteric, old worgen hypnotist & druid.
Name: LaBelle

Age: Unknown but considering appearance/vitality, physical age: around 475 yrs. chronological age: less than 1 year.
Gender: Female
Job/Profession: Tailoring/Enchanting/A fine "Builder of Bridges" between people.

Physical Description: about 5'10", slender, long, dark hair, eyes like fire opals. Often can be seen weeping, for no apparent reason.

Personality Description: Sullen. Soft-spoken and Reserved until antagonized by fleshlings who are motivated by stoopidity, greed, one-upmanship or other forms of egomania...then ya prolly best get out of the way.

General Notes: An outstanding pupil of the Arcane Arts. A thirst for knowledge, coupled with massive inherent arcane abilities has led Master's of the Arcane arts to seek her out as a student with unlimited promise.

Unusual Notes: LaBelle can often be seen wearing her clothes with the tags showing (inside out). She's not sure why she does this, and is only aware of it when others point it out to her. It would seem to be a sub-conscious display of her continued confusion about her origins (waking up on Earthen Ring wearing only burial clothing and dressed with her clothing "inside out". Although she considers herself a "student" she is in truth becoming a true "Master of the Arcane". While she exhibits an uncanny, massive intellect, her "common sense" (as is often he case with genius level intellects), is almost humorously lacking. She cannot for whatever reason, see the small truths when they are right in her face. Some fleshlings cannot see the trees, despite the forest. LaBelle cannot, at times, see the forest, but sees the heart and the soul of the lil squirrels as they hide in the trees, guarding their nutz.

Secrets: While LaBelle exhibits an outside-facing strength, loyalty and resolve, she is quite confused as to why she is here or how she got here, and she longs (almost violently) to find out the truths about her life before her awakening on Earthen Ring.

History: No known history prior to her awakening on Earthen Ring, with complete amnesia about how she got here. The only clues to her life before, are the clothes she woke up in, a label on the garment read: "Property of the Royal Undermine Funeral House". After waking up on Earthen Ring, hungry, alone, terrified, LaBelle encountered a few wanderers who took advantage of her situation, stealing from her, the few provisions she was able to scavenge during her first few days on ER. As a result, she has a distrust of strangers, hides her food, and makes few friends. The guild **** ***** eventually took her in, helped her develop a new life for herself, and chipped away the coldness and distrust of her hardened heart. **** ***** has helped her immensely in her on-going quest to discover her origins, her past, and have helped her to build a new life on Earthen Ring.

Current Going-On (if any):
The first skill LaBelle acquired after waking up on ER, was to mend and improve (with her innate Arcane abilities), the inferior "burial" garment she had awoken in, leading to a development as an outstanding tailor. Her innate Arcane abilities have also served her well in a career as an enchantress. She is a masterful cook. Her "love" for food, harkens back to the times when she was hungry and had little to nourish herself, and even those scraps being treasures stolen by road thieves in her first few days on ER. In her spare time, LaBelle searches the cyber-world for clues on other realms to her previous life, and the ever unobtainable explanations to her current situation/location. Some shreds of information have been found, pointing to the Undermine server, and the guilds called "The Rubicon" and Hell's Panty Raiders", but attempts to astral project her consciousness to that realm have so far yielded only more questions and few answers. The search continues, while building a new life on Earthen Ring, with her new friends in Nublet Cartel.
Update: After seeking out one of the 7 Masters of the Arcane, Master Orpheleous, to guide her in her attempts to Astral Project to the Undermine Realm to uncover her past, LaBelle has made some startling discoveries about her origins.
LaBelle has a "doppelganger" on that Realm, named "Belle". Belle currently is the GM of the Mega Guild "The Rubicon", the largest Alliance guild on the Undermine Realm. Belle was formerly the GM of Hell's Panty Raiders (now called HPR Phoenix), the most successful 10 man raiding guild on that Realm. Belle is also the linchpin and organizer of The Alliance of Guilds, 34 Sister Guilds working co-operatively on the Undermine Realm. Belle is a talented gnomish engineer, but as that discipline goes, there are frequent "complications" with engineered devices.
The fact is, LaBelle is one of those "complications".
Apparently, one day, while Belle was using her Gnomish Transporter in Outlands, a burst of arcane molecular diffusion occurred in the transporters nano-chamber. This malfunction created a "dark energy non-molecular refocus charge" which re-grounded when Belle's feet touched ground after completing the transporter function. A bolt of light developed, and shot through Bell's nipples into a 5'10" rock. That rock melted into plasma, and then miraculously reconstituted into a living fleshling. A negative ion charged "Evil-Belle" was created by this unfortunate malfunction. Recognizing the malfunction, and realizing that in her place of power and respect within the Undermine Realm's community, she simply HAD to destroy this "accidentally engineered fleshling" as soon as possible. A "Dark Belle" would have identical genetic features, and with Belle's unlimited access to the resources, politics and people's of the Undermine Realm, a "Evil Belle" could simply NOT be allowed to exist! Belle, as a skilled Rogue, immediately Sapped the (massively confused) Evil Belle, and carried her to the Guilds Headquarters in Stormwind, being careful to disguise herself as a drunken Dwarf, so as to not be recognized. Seeing her unconscious negative doppleganger, Belle had at once, pity, fear , as well as a sisterly love for the poor creature that lay before her. Enlisting help from her most trusted companions, Thanis Half Elf, Bobbarkr, Bierduud (the crossdressing Dwarf) and Viaggro, Belle set out to rectify this mistake of nature and gnomish engineering.
Bobbarkr, a skilled mage, cast a modified "sheep" spell on the "Evil Belle", keeping her unconscious and quite portable. Bierduud dressed Evil Belle in one of his wedding dresses, and tucked her (as a sheep) under one of his hairy burly arms. No one in Stormwind would cast a second look at Bierduud, in his dress, carrying a wedding gown attired sheep across the city. They were used to seeing such things of the strange little dwarf.
Once the group had arrived at Bierduud's engineering workshop, they set immediately to work, re configuring the nano energy connecting phase limiters in Belle's gnomish transporter. While Belle and Bierduud worked feverishly on the alterations to the device, Bobbarkr was left unnoticed, guarding the Evil Belle, and keeping his "sleep-sheep" spell refreshed on her. As it was, Bobbarkr, who had always had a huge secret crush on Belle, but never acted on it, cuz well, he had been turned into a Worgen during the Third War, and with Belle's station in the community, figured he would never be accepted as a suitor for the well-known, powerful and beautiful Belle, had some ideas of his own. While the others worked feverishly on the modifications to the transporter, Bob allowed his love fore Belle, and his desires to encircle his heart. He felt, at the same time, both Extreme Love (this Evil Belle was a more reasonable mate prospect than the "real Belle") , and Extreme Pity for the creature. Thgis creature HAD a reason to exist, despite the unusual circumstances of her "birth". Bobbarkr did the unthinkable. He devised, then cast a spell on this "abberation of gnomish technology", that would grant her protection and shielding from whatever influences on her existance the newly altered transporter would inflict on her. No matter what Belle and Bierduud's transporter would be programmed to do, no matter where this creature was to be sent, Bobbarkr had insured that Evil Belle would survive the trip. This "creature" would not perish.
(to be continued)
Name:  Torage Ragetotem

Age:  93 (Tauren equivalent to late 50s - early 60s by human standards)

Gender:  Male

Job/Profession:  Working with metals, teaching and war.

Physical Description: 
Torage is an old bull. Large and although well past his prime, certainly no slouch. Between the wrinkles and the scars it is clear that he is experienced and wise. He is heavily muscled and stands at 7'10" (although he claims he was once taller)

Personality Description: 
The one word to describe Torage is wise. He can be a bit strict and grouchy with young people but he means well and usually has a lesson in mind. Although slow to anger he will seldom tolerate disrespect.
Torage's experience makes him calm and collected in battle. His name's meaning, to rage, was given to a much younger and extremely aggressive Torage. He honors the name and often says "rage, when channeled properly, gives purpose and does not demand loss of control".

General Notes:
 Torage is past his prime as a warrior but his vast combat experience can put him on an equal playing field with many younger bulls. Although he is a bit slower he can often anticipate his opponents moves.

Unusual Notes: 
When the Orcs came to Kalimdor and fought with the Humans, Torage was fascinated with their full plate armor. At that time most Tauren warriors wore traditional war harnesses made from leather and either bone or scales taken from beasts and saw the metal armor and weapons as "un natural" and "out of tune with the Earthmother". Torage was one of the few that saw the advantages of such armor and learned the trade of gathering ore and working metal. He sees it not as defacing nature but channeling it.

Because of his old age Torage's armor, although he claims to be more at home with it on than off, causes him many aches and pains.
Although he claims he "just got better" he knows the mysterious spirit in his vision healed his wounds and told him he must go to the lands hidden in the mists... whatever that means.

After the founding of Durotar and his people finally had a land of their own in Mulgore, Torage realized he was past his prime and retired. He then spent his days in Thunderbluff teaching younger Tauren to work metal and how to fight. He often thought that his dues where paid in the wars of this world, and it was up to the next generation to fight.
This changed when the shattering happened. Torage took up arms to defend his people and fought valiantly, but during the fight, he was thrown from the bluff and sustained grave injuries. He was expected to never recover and was unable to stand for nearly 2 years when in under a week he miraculously started recovering and decided he must not take it for granted and go on one last adventure... or two...

Current Going-On (if any): Currently regaining his strength and seeking allies in preparation for his next grand adventure.
Name: Petrov Gregovich

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Profession: Hunter of fine skins and rare ores. Has ventured into fishing the many bodies of waters he has found in his journeys.

Physical Description: A bit over 6' human and taller in his true form. Dark haired (and of skin tone) with violet eyes. A serious expression but with a slight smile. Developed physically from spending most of his life outdoors.

Personality Description: Although looking serious, he has a kind and giving attitude. He sees no problem in helping anyone who is being troubled by monsters and will help if he is needed. His family and friends are the most important beings in his life and he will defend them to the end if necessary. Enjoys the comforts of life as well as the beauty that is in the world. He is saddened by the recent escalation of events in the world and will try to keep an open mind in dealing with anyone unless their actions prove otherwise.

General Notes: Prefers to be outside of cities and around large crowds tends to be out of his element. If it were not for his families business needs he would never go into any of the larger cities, but he must do his best for them.

Unusual Notes: Has been know to attempt a poetry in describing things that have had a profound effect on his life. Sees nothing wrong with communicating with those considered "The Evil Horde" when communication is possible. Has a profound dislike of any form of cruelty and will not hesitate to step in.

Secrets: Has none as far as he knows. Will draw a limit on what he terms "His personal life"

History: Was visiting Gilneas City on business for his family when he was swept up into the worgan outbreak. After his transformation and flight from the city with his cousin Josof, he maintained what was left of the family business with ongoing trade and continuing his hunting lessons from the Alliance teacher who were available. He's picked up a few more skills in hopes of bettering his survival skills and has found he is quite the cook!

Current Going-on: Has found a group of like minded adventures whom he trusts and supports whenever his time allows. He continues to find new areas of the world and attempts to see the beauty in it. (Searing Gorge stretches it!). He's recently heard tales of a way to go see a new world and looks forward to exploring it, discovering what peoples live there and helping if he is able.
Name: Elysium Shadowmoon

Age: Relatively young for the Kaldorei, around 150 years old

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Sentinel Scout

Physical Description: Elysium stands at 6'7", a tad shorter than the average female Kaldorei. She is small and petite, but not dainty: decades of running, climbing, sneaking, and fighting have caused her to become lithe and muscular, but she lacks any sort of shape to her body. One might say her body shape is very boyish. Her skin is a pale gray and her hair is the color of the moon. Black tattoos she received when she came of age adorn the area around her glowing eyes.

Personality Description: Having spent most of her time working alone, Elysium is very independent and reserved. She is not shy, but believes that there are times when one should be silent and times when mindless chatter is accepted. Elysium is dedicated and loyal to her fellow Kaldorei and takes her job as a Sentinel Scout very seriously. Due to her constant traveling for the Sentinels, Elysium is a bit more accepting of cultures other than her own, but is still careful around strange people. She is normally quiet and observant around strangers until they give her a reason to trust them. She struggles with paranoia and anxiety, especially when it comes to other people and their motives. Once Elysium trusts an individual (or a group of people) she can be welcoming and protective.

General Notes: Elysium can be found wandering anywhere around Azeroth. She is used to traveling in order to complete espionage or assassination missions, so even when she isn't on a mission, she still travels.

One thing Elysium cannot grasp is how rogues are treated (and how rogues act) in other cultures. In Kaldorei culture, rogues are seen as important assets and most rogues work for the good of their people. She doesn't understand why most rogues in other cultures use their talents for evil or for trickery. It isn't odd for Elysium to stop a crooked rogue from stealing if she catches them or to question another rogue why they act like criminals.

Unusual Notes: Elysium suffers from anxiety and paranoia. She constantly questions strange people's motives, and sometimes she even questions the agendas of close acquaintances depending on how she feels that day. Her anxiety more than likely stems from her work as a scout/spy. She has seen a lot of deception (and has even been on the giving end) so she has a general distrust of most people, save for her family and her very close friends. Elysium knows she is paranoid and tries to remedy to the situation, often resulting in her acting even more strangely around strange people.

Elysium has a fascination with owls and can speak with them to some extent. The Sentinels commonly use owls to communicate with each other, so Elysium is comfortable around them. It isn't uncommon to see Elysium traveling with an owl at her side.

Secrets: None

History: Elysium was raised in a community home in Ashenvale: she was raised by her biological mother and father, but was also raised by other adult Kaldorei that lived under the same roof or in the same town. She has one biological brother named Silas, but she also has a group of Kaldorei that were raised with her that she refers to as "brothers" and "sisters." From a young age she started to learn about the Night Elves and nature. When she reached 12 years old, she was pressured by her sisters to start training as a Priestess of Elune because that was the path that her sisters had chosen. She studied as a priestess until she decided that she wanted to become a Sentinel at age 23. At this time, Elysium had stopped aging physically (like other Night Elves), but was still technically aging. She trained as a rogue due to her small stature, speed, and quiet yet serious nature. Elysium went through decades and decades of training until she started taking rookie tasks for the Sentinels around the age of 90. Once she turned 100, she was officially seen as an adult by the Kaldorei and was inducted into the Sentinels.

Elysium has been with the Sentinels for 50 years, but didn't really appreciate the traveling aspect of her work until about 15 years ago. When she's not on a mission, she can be found connecting with nature and observing other people. She also returns home to Darnassus to visit her family on occasion.

Current Going-On (if any): Since Elysium doesn't have any missions at the moment, she is preparing to travel again.
Name: Sasavi Telvethren

Age: Around 300 years old and not quite considered an adult.

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: She has recently decided to try her hand at enchanting, though she considers her job to be a "mercenary".

Physical Description: At 6'8'', Sasavi has a thin, flexible, and wiry body. Being a feral druid, she is built for speed, precision, and more rogue like tactics rather than frontal fighting. She has light lavender skin with short, dark blue hair. She has a maroon tattoo around her eyes and down her nose - almost like a mask. Her eyes are pale gold and seem to "glow in the dark" like a cat's. She has prominent cheekbones and dark lips (which are larger than she would like).

Personality Description: Sasavi is someone who prefers to "sense the mood and refrain from speaking". She is not shy or anti-social, but past events have caused her to isolate herself often. She prefers to work alone, and at one period in time, went three months without seeing any race.

More than anything, she is self-conscious about being in public. She spends so much time in her animal forms that she has to watch her behavior among more "civilized" company. After spending a solid month as a cat, she caught herself scratching her ear with her foot in public, so now she constantly checks herself and everything she does is usually deliberate and thought through.

Sasavi opens up easily to people. Despite her initial precaution, she becomes swept into a conversation and is willing to hear anything that someone might wish to tell her; however, she is afraid of attachments because of past experiences, but can't help but love her friends dearly. With company she smiles often and can be fun loving - with alcohol she becomes a giggling mess.

General Notes: She is rarely seen in cities and prefers the comfort of the forest or small towns. She is on the move constantly and has a determination to gain a good reputation world wide, and she is very easily irritated with people who look down on/mock her.

Unusual Notes: Sasavi considers herself removed from the ongoing conflict between the Horde and the Alliance. While she is bias toward helping the Alliance, and while many Horde members would kill her on the spot, she grew up in Moonglade among the conflicting races. All druids are one and race doesn't matter (at least that is what she was taught). She has many tauren friends, as well as troll (although she does not think they deserve the art of druidism).

Secrets: She carries one secret with her - the fact that she can be held responsible for her lover's death.

History: Sasavi was born in Shadowglen, Teldrassil. Her mother, Evanna, was a jewelcrafter and her father, Valurion, was a weapon-smith. She can barely recall their faces, for when she was still very young, both of them were killed on one of their visits to Darnassus. She was told that they were killed by rabid nightsabers, but she always had a feeling that there was something more to the story. Frightened of being taken away by unknown hands, Sasavi ran away deep into the forests of Teldrassil. She did not keep track of time, but she knows that for at least a year she was attempting to live off of the forest. She grew to understand what plants were edible and most importantly, she learned how to kill to survive. She became a feral child.

But life in the forest could not continue forever, and she was discovered by Tajarri, a visiting druid from Moonglade. Tajarri took pity on the child and convinced her (with a little force) to come to Moonglade. In fact, Tajarri's intention was to help reform Sasavi through druidism, as Sasavi had already developed a connection to nature. In Moonglade she was given to Loganaar who, along with Tajarri, raised Sasavi as a druid. She had a hard time with damaging magic but picked up healing magic well enough. However, she connected best with the shapeshifting aspect.

Fast forward about 200 years. Sasavi traveled often and developed a habit of doing people's "dirty work" for money. Eventually, she stopped returning to Moonglade. Tasks became more daunting and the world became more frightening, twisted, and fascinating. In the Blasted Lands, she met Lyandris. Lyandris was a blood elf rogue who had been exiled from the Eclipsion elves in Shadowmoon Valley. They hit it off instantly, and began taking jobs together and traveling together. They fell in love. He was killed in Shadowmoon Valley.

Current Going-On (if any): After finding her beloved friends in Clan Steele and moving into the Scarlet Enclave, Sasavi traveled to Northrend to find more work, where she can currently be found.
Name: Vanthein Riverwind

Age: unknown

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Hunter/Engineer

Physical Description: Tall, slender build with white hair and piercing green eyes that seem to burn thru you when he casts his gaze in your direction. Recently considered a haircut, but thought better of it at the last moment.

Personality Description: Loner; prefers the company of his loyal dragonhawk Visces to most other beings that he comes into contact with. Seems lost, always wandering in search of something, but not sure what he's supposed to be searching for.

General Notes: Unsure of his parentage, he adopted the surname of Ardeyn Riverwind, who befriended him when he wandered into Fairbreeze Village lost and confused of how had gotten there.

Unusual Notes: Not particularly fond of the Trolls...not sure why, but senses it has something to do with his forgotten past.

Secrets: Loves pie...if you need a favor, offering pie as a reward will increase the chances of him helping out.

History: ...still being discovered.

Current Going-On (if any): Recently arrived in Kalimdor to search for answers about his past...this is where the Trolls are, so maybe there are answers here for him.

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