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Earthen Ring
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Name: Vymissa (She doesn't know her lastname)

Age: Really pretty young for a blood elf, not even on adulthood

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Adventurer

Physical Description: She has black hair and bright green eyes. Her body is like of someone who makes constant exercises, natural. Her skin albeit pale is natural, just not so much sun contact. When in her demon form her horns. They are quite short for the normal demonform. Her metamorphosis in general comes with a little burst of fire when she is at her max demonic fury.

Personality Description: She is generally easy-going and naive. It's not really what's expected for a Warlock. She even don't consider her demons slaves, more like friends with free will. She is very lovable and innocent. Easy to manipulate, per see. She is very close to her friend Millianna and her childhood friend Amarant. When experimenting a great deal of pain (aka dying on game or something like this) she awaken her twisted mind state, what was born from the constant pain and abuses on her early life. They are like two distint persons, but in fact, they are not really, since the second and twisted persona of hers still gets the feelings of Vymissa for her cared ones, but in a twisted obsessive way, like giving pain is the only real way to demonstrate affection and love.

General Notes: She is very naive, have serious problems to recognize Forsaken from Scourge or Darkspear for Amanis. She is not found of anything that makes other suffers or killing itself, but actually thanks to her friend Millianna, she knows that she needs to fight to prevent more suffering. Usually when sad, she sings a strange lullaby.

Unusual Notes: She likes candy. She likes chocolate. She likes sweet things. She likes purple. She likes red. She likes singing when sad or everyone is quiet.

Secrets: Her twisted personality is a secret even to herself.

History: Vymissa was born on a decadent noble house of elves, which the name has been forgotten over the years. Her fathers, the last one were addicted elves, ones of the first followers of Kael'thas into the Fel Magic. Commoners, but drawn to a higher power, they fell in a high withdrawal of mana. After wasting all their riches on ways to consume mana, they turned towards their young daughter whose was born with a great magic strength. They both started to use her as a way to get mana, mana draining her with great amounts of physical and mental pain which leaded to her mental breakdown when she was still really young. This and her dispair to survive and run from her parents made her tap into the fel energy, twisting her magic talents so that is no more ways that she can detach from the path of shadow and demons. She was found then by a paladin who took care of her before set to fight off the Scourge, leaving her on the orphan house where she grew up. She can't remember the past because of the trauma, she then believes that she has a big sis disappeared and the parents died on the Scourge Invasion.

She grew up being bullied because of her powers and her easy-going nature and general naiveness, but she was protected by her best friend Amarant, who fought the bullys in a constant fashion to keep them off Vymissa. She really admirate her ginger best friend.

Current Going-On (if any): Wanting to discover why on Azeroth Milly and Amy are mad at her.
Name: Bloodpelt (Arcadias Walden)

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Hermit, though technically not a job he prefers to live in the wild with other animals and other likeminded worgen.

Physical Description:

Worgen: Tall with shaggy grey fur and a long mane as well as a piercing blue glaze and a scar across his left eye slightly impairing his sight within the left eye.

Human: 6 feet tall weighing about 200 pounds, scar across his left eye, short blonde hair and a goatee.

Personality Description: Bloodpelt (Acradias) is extremely stubborn, loyal, and an isolationist until the end, He has an extreme dislike of nonhumans (except for Night Elves). Bloodpelt loves the thrill of the hunt, though a solitary Worgen, he hopes one day soon he can find a pack of likeminded Worgen. He is extremely paranoid and cautious, and is quick to anger. Prefering a solitary life in the wild he rarely interacts with other beings, though he prefers the life of the wilds he is NOT feral.

General Notes: Arcadias was a soldier in the Gilneas Civil War, a strong supporter of isolationism he fought as a knight for Genn Greymane. A Former Gilneas Knight he is a very Chivalrous man. Arcadias' strong sense of isolationism has led him to mistrust many who are not from Gilneas, and even less who aren't human. Having An extreme dislike of many "Alien" Species, he can be extremely predjudice against the other races within the Alliance. Arcadias has always been extremely stubborn and possesses an extreme degree of willpower. Though once you have gained his loyalty he will follow you to the abyss and back.

Unusual Notes: Spending most of his days in the wild it is not uncommon for him to forget human customs and act "strangely" while staying in a human city. He has complete disregard for Non-Humans and couldn't care less if they get sacked by raiders. Spending most of his days in the wild he has adapted an extremely aggressive, and morbid personality.

Secrets: Though he may not appear it he secretly regrets leaving Gilneas behind, believing it would've been better if he had went down fighting.

History: Acradias was a Knight in the Gilneas Civil War fighting for King Greymane. His belief that he had failed to protect Gilneas and those he loved had led him to the belief that he is not worthy to live amongst humans, especially after turning into a Worgen himself. Though he lived in Stormwind for a short while the calling of his curse made him ever more anxious to gain control of himself, he travelled to Darnassus hearing rumors that the Night Elves knew of a cure. Learning to gain control of himself from the Night Elves has allowed him to accept the Night Elves and not hate them as he does the other races. While in Darnassus he became fast friends with a Night Elf Druid who had chosen the path of the savagekin. After leaving Darnassus he set out into the wilds of the Elwynn Forest, living as a Wild Worgen, though wild he is NOT Feral.

Current Going-On (if any): Bloodpelt is currently looking for a pack, as his days as a lone wolf has grown tiresome and lonely.
Name: Aerran

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Job/Prof: Skilled at getting what most cannot. Well read, and enjoys making things.

Physical Desc: Tall like the High Elves with trimmed aburn hair. Smaller build due to a lack of replenishing food sources as a child but living in the wild has made him stonger for it. The agile body of a jungle man, tarnished by scars from wars and battles past.

Personality: Not the type of person to swear fealty to someone on a whim, he has little trust in the Allied races. Although this may be seen as a downfall, his loyalty is unquestionable and in times of crisis he's known for his courageous acts of heroism, and unfaltering judgement. Also, having a very quick temper from his time spent traveling with the Darkmoon Faire, only a handful of people are even aware of his brilliance and charm; which only lends to his mystifying story.

General Notes: Unusually nice at first glance until he's comfortable around you then the obscenities come out. Enjoys creating new things and acting childish. Pet collector.

Unusual Notes: From all of the time living off the land in the Stonetalon Mountains he has become and execellent forager and knows some of natures best remedies and wildest treats.

Secrets: He knows former King Llane Wrynn I's big secret.

History: There wasn't much to tell of little Aerran until his 6th birthday. All was going fine until a small flickering flame was noticed over the hill. One was followed by two, and then three and four more. Riders from Stormwind by the looks of the banners and armor. He was placed under the celler near the fireplace with haste as the sound of hoofs approached their front door. Arguing ensued, and then alot of noise followed.... Apparently there was an interrogation held that night but it was clear no mercy was shown. After 10 minutes he decided to crack the door and thats when he noticed the bloody bodies strewn across the floor. His parent didn't go down with out a fight, managing to take out two of the four attackers the numbers were even for a short time. The other two retreated to the front after fearing retalliation from neighbors and lit the hay roof ablaze. The crackling of flames was now much louder then the fireplace and coming from everywhere. As the house burned bright with what they thought was Aerran inside, he looked on in disbelief from one of the higher branchers of a sickamore tree close by. After hearing the other attackers leave he was able to make his escape through their back window.

Skip ahead to age 16. A bit older, and a whole lot more bitter. Now a member of the Defias gang, robbing travelling merchants and small trade ships, he was making enough of a living to satiate his growing number of habits. All of which the Defias had more than a hand in supplying. It wasn't long before he found himself behind bars with Bazil Thredd in the Stormwind Stockade after failing an attempt at ransacking the royal armory. His time spent in the Stockade proved valuable as he gave up his bandit ways. Thredd was killed during the riots, shortly after the fall of VanCleef, and after Aerran's sentence was reduced he was thrown into the Navy.

Skip to 19. After a very short stint with Stormwind's Royal Navy, he found himself on the Cape of Stranglethorn in Booty Bay. Through some connections with the port authority in the Bay, he was able to smuggle in some bootlegged rum and make enough money to Honorabley Discharge himself from the naval service.

Current Goings On: Investigate the cataclysmic events in Kalimdor and study the newly discover isles of Panderia. Discover the fate of my old farmland in Southshore and expore the Wrynn family.
Name: Dathilde Stormbrow
Age: Middle Aged
Gender: Female
Job/Profession: Explorer, Hobbiest Cartographer, former Windrider

Physical Description: Dath is rather taller than the average dwarf, with the broad shoulders and lanky limbs of her Highland ancestors. She is approaching her middle years, which is apparent in her graying blond of her hair and mutton chops, as well as and the growing number of wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. Her skin is marked by a number of tattoos in the Wildhammer style, and her hair is adorned with feathers and beads. Her clothing and armor are a mix of plate and leather with a heavy fur mantle hung over her shoulders and back.

Personality Description: Dathilde is usually an upbeat dwarf, always ready for a tale or a song, or a good natured brawl. She generally forgives easily, and seems reasonably hard to offend. Though she will often play the role of the seasoned and world weary veteran this conceit does little to mask her genuine curiosity and wonder at life outside the Highlands. Sometimes Dath can’t help putting her foot square in her mouth, but she usually means well enough. When upset she's more prone to fits of sulking than rage, as if she is saving her anger for when those she cares for are threatened or she's scared in a significant way.

General Notes: Until very recently Dathilde had never traveled much outside of the highlands, and never outside Khaz Modan. With most if those excursions limited to short range scouting missions from the air her actual contact with the outside world has been extremely limited. Even with this relatively late start Dathilde is determined to pay back the allies that helped to save and heal her homeland.

Unusual Notes: Dath’s clan was one of the few to emphasise the worship of both the Earthmother and the Skyfather, and their militia unit was heavily influenced by that worship. As a member of their Windriders Dathilde had a particular reverence for him. In the air this lead her to embrace a lightning-quick fighting style with a lot of flash and thunder. On the ground her fighting style seems far more encumbered than it did in the air, and she’s prone to being more than a little clumsy. The ground just isn’t where she trained to fight.

Secrets: Dathilde is fairly open about things (some might say too open) so she doesn’t have too many secrets. The ones she does have are relatively minor:

    1) She harbors a deep curiosity about the Dark Irons and what they’re up to. She would love to learn more about them, but can’t quite bring herself to ask some random stranger.
    2) She has a secret admiration for engineered vehicles, particularly planes and airships.

Dathilde grew up as the middle child of four in an extensive Wildhammer family of cousins and other relatives. From a young age she trained as a Windrider, and generally she excelled at it. After coming of age she joined her clan’s militia and slowly rose upwards in its ranks. Throughout this time she remained close to her siblings and their children, although she never married or had kids of her own.

In the beginning threats to their clan’s family home were fairly few and far between, and much of her time was spent either on squabbles with neighboring clans or else scouting the edges of the highlands looking for trouble. Soon enough this relative peace began to change. Over the last few decades her beloved homeland began to see a variety of new intruders, from orcs and dragons to cultists and abominations.

During the Cataclysm the regular skirmishes with the nearby orcs broke out into full on raids and battles, and entire Wildhammer villages were destroyed. Unfortunately Dathilde’s clan home was one of them, and only a few of her family survived as a result. During the defense of her home Dath’s life-long gryphon companion, Arne, was killed and she was grounded.

Current Goings-On:
Over the last couple years Dathilde has had to reinvent herself, learning how to fight from the ground rather than the air. For the most part she devoted her time to assisting with efforts to cleanse the cultist’s taint from the Highlands, and to expel the last of their ranks from her homeland.

These days most of that work has been done, and even if things will never be exactly as they were Dathilde feels an urge to move on, and to find some purpose for her remaining years. In particular her friendships with a number of the Alliance working in the Highlands has lead her to develop a strong sense of wanderlust, and a desire to repay their efforts on behalf of her people.

In the last month or so Dathilde has decided to leave the Highlands to see where she can be of the most use, and to explore the world she’s heard about, but never seen.
Name: Neek Netherfel

Age: 31 in Gnome years!
Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Self proclaimed Grand Warlock of the Alliance, Demon Trainer, Master of The Burning Legion, Lord of the Eredar and Commander of the Nazrethim.

In actuality?
Engineer, journalist, archaeologist and magician.

Physical Description:
Neeks hair is a permanent green from the exposure of radiation he endured in Gnomeragon. His beard is large, bushy and unkempt. Not for any reasons of laziness and poor hygiene, he simply just prefers his beard that way. His hair is carefully gelled in a forward spike pattern. Average Gnome build with pale skin due to the lack of sunlight while trapped underground.

Personality Description:
Neek is an upbeat, friendly, inquisitive and quirky warlock. Some might say unhinged, some might say insane.
Some people have been quoted to say "OH GOD MY KNEES!" or "HELP I'M BEING FROZEN SOL-"
There was this one guy... was sobbing after our fight, his tears froze to his face when the cone of fel-cold it him. Was amazing, funniest thing I've ever seen. What happened to Eadric the Pure by the way?

General Notes:
Lost his family in the destruction of Gnomeragon.
- Wrote a thesis on Draenei facial appendages and was promptly barred from the Exodar.
- While he wasn’t exactly welcomed there in the first place, he is on the kill on sight list in Mulgore following an incident with an explosive sheep and Shaman vision elixir.
- Doesn’t understand why the Mage Tower keeps callings on his services.
- Started the newspaper, Darnassus Daily, was shut down when the first headline was ‘SEXISM IN THE SENTINELS?! WHERE ARE ALL THE MALE GUARDS!?’
- Started the newsletter, Stories of Stormwind. Was shut down after the headline, 'TURALYON SIGHTED!' Check valley of heroes.

Unusual Notes:
- Neek is convinced that his true calling is that of Fel Magic. So much so that he is convinced he is an actual warlock, despite the fact that he has no formal training as one. . The fact that he was ever trained as a mage is unknown as most of the records kept by scholars were destroyed.
- He is sure that his water elemental is just a wet void walker and that his skills with fel magic transcends even the greatest of warlocks to the point where he is able to kill his enemies with what he calls, “fel-ice.”
- Maintains that he doesn't want succubi following him around as they’re “Too much woman for me to handle.”

- Not actually a Warlock.
- Donated bags full of lower jaws to the silver pine graveyard after his service in Northrend. Was nearly eaten.
- Calls his Voidwalker Splash Mountain.
- Dated Lisan Pierce until his illusion spell fell off.
- Banned from the Purple Parlour for selling slow fall rides.

Neek was in one of the first groups of Gnomes to be rescued from the ruined city of Gnomeragon. He was dragged kicking and screaming from the rubble while yelling about the others still stuck. For months he was beset with grief while waiting for news of his family and friends.

When it was apparent that he was the sole survivor of his family he was once again filled with grief. Until one day he emerged from his hovel and walked into the rolling hills of Dun Morogh,
no one could understand why until words from other cities and towns got back to them. Vecks had become a hero for hire, He and other heroes had halted the Troll advance in Dun Morogh before he left, stopped the Van Cleef menace in Westfall, defeated Stalvan Mistmantle in Duskwood, Struck blows against the undead in the plague-lands and more.

The people who had healed and tried to consul him were confused, why and how was this angst filled and depressed Gnome become such a force for good? A few months ago they couldn't rouse him from bed. Why had he stopped down the path of misery?
It wasn't pondered long, people were happy to have had a hero in their midst.

The answer was simple. Neek had chosen to die. But lacked the courage to aim an ice-lance at his face, instead he chose to let Azeroth do it for him.
He had offered his soul in return of his Mother, Father and Brother to the hordes of demons in the Nether and received no response (Maybe due to the fact that he didnt know how to actually talk to them).

So instead he asked for powers to aid him in his quest to better the world before his death. Although he received no reply again he packed his things and set off, armed with nothing but a branch from a tree and the basics of magic he had been taught in Gnomeragon.
Since then he has learnt his worth and endeavored to always fight for justice and the continued betterment of the world. Swearing never, ever to let another city fall like his.

Current Going-On (if any):
Playing the foolish mages in Dalaran for their knowledge.
Name: Valdevil Lar'imore

Age: 154 (or early 30's in human years)

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Paladin of the Light

Physical Description: Muscular (carrying around a 2-handed weapon and plate armor definitely shows on the body). Unlike the rest of her race, she keeps her appearance simple, and hair is a little disheveled.

Personality Description: Pious, yet doesn't shove her beliefs down the throats of others. Her kindness is well known, and she is very charitable despite being poor.

General Notes: A powerful Paladin and a staunch believer in the Light. She is as much a Blood Elf as she is a Paladin, which causes her problems when she must do something she doesn't approve of for her people.

Unusual Notes: She has book that she keeps on her belt at all times.

Secrets: ((OOC: She has a scientific theory called "The Death Echo". Its a mechanic to be able to run old raids in real time. It states that powerful fel energies (those who have been affected by old gods and demon energy) cause portions of the corrupted spirits to return. They must be cleansed by a member of the Light))

History: A member of the Blood Knights, Valdevil was in Quel'thalas when Arthas led the Scourge into the Sunwell. She participated in the burning of her homeland, letting the civilians escape and giving the Scourge a mental victory. Afterwards she left with Kael'thas and his guard in hopes of finding safety for her people. After Kael's betrayal, Valdevil left with the Scyer's but aligned herself with the Aldor. It was with the Aldor she began to truly understand her purpose with the Light and became a true paladin.

Valdevil has served the Light since meeting the Aldor. She is not much of a healer, but the power of the Light courses through her when she uses an axe.

A staunch opponent of Garrosh, she helped hold the beach in the Siege of Orgrimmar, yet ventured no further to help hold back oncoming tides of Korkron soldiers from entering the city after the other champions entered.

She's not much of a believer in the war of Horde vs Alliance, but she strives to better the lives of her people, and if that means serving the New Horde she will raise her axe in their name.

Current Going-On (if any): She spends a good portion of her time in the Libraries of Karazhan, looking for the scientific backing of her belief in the "Death Echo" concept.
Name: Upeksa "Emberdew" Leafgazer

Age: 47 (early 20s for human reference)

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Troublemaker...oh..ha ha...Herbalism/Alchemy

Physical Description: This young Shu'halo female seems to spend a lot of time trying to look studious. What she thinks passes for rapt attention while listening to her trainer actually appears more like glazed-over daydreaming. An infectious, spontaneous smile or laugh is often covered up with a cough or yawn, although in some instances she has to make a hasty retreat before she develops a case of the giggles. She's quite a bit shorter than many of her peers and carries a few extra pounds about her frame, but she's in excellent shape and has no problem keeping up with her kinsmen or training. In fact, she loves going for long lopes across the plains, and then she likes to celebrate communing with nature with a huge cookie. She tries to keep her gear pristine, even when it gets a little old and threadbare, and she likes to decorate her mane and horns with bright baubles and nature fetishes. Her fur is clean and her hooves polished, and she often smells like cinnamon and freshly baked bread.

Personality Description: Optimistic, carefree, fun-loving, bright, bubbly, friendly, tries too hard to be "proper," worries too much what others think of her.

History: Working on this part yet.
Name: Anwynn Davenport (Annie)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Apprentice Priest, Weaver & Hunter (Tailor & Skinner)

Physical Description: Blonde and blue eyed, of average height but slender, toned rather than muscular. Athletic looking, usually with hair pulled back in a messy ponytail. Usually seen in clean but worn robes or simple home-made clothing.

Personality Description: Bubbly and energetic, with a piercing intelligence and curiosity that takes in and absorbs everything that happens around her. Altruistic, light-hearted and trusting by nature, she is capable of being serious when necessary but prefers to find the up-side to every situation.

History: Annie grew up in Lakeshire, Redridge with her cloth-trader parents and older brother. Hyperactive and hyper-curious from a young age, Annie dragged her brother James into many a scrape around the Lakeshire region, which lead to Annie learning to hunt and skin with James and the other Lakeshire boys in order to better get herself out of her own mischief. Once James was old enough to join the Lakeshire bridge labor force, Annie relented to her parents and began to learn the cloth trade, but she escaped every chance she got to hang out at the bridge site with the boys. One day near the end of construction, a large stone block teetered and fell on the lower half of James' body. Annie had gone running toward the commotion on the bridge. Upon seeing her brother knelt she at his side, and with a firm "You're going to be fine," her hands glowed with light and her brother was healed. Annie had discovered an affinity for the Light, and with that discovery a whole new world of possibilities had opened up in front of her. She had the strength to not only take care of herself while satisfying her thirst for knowledge, but she could help others while she was at it. When the Lakeshire bridge construction was completed, James went to Stormwind to join the army, and Annie begged her parents' permission to go with him and apply to train as a priest at Northshire Abbey.

Current Going-On (if any): Learning about the human kingdom and helping as many people as possible along the way.

General Notes: Although always getting into mischief, Annie had a somewhat sheltered childhood and never developed the kind of hatred for the "monstrous races" and Horde as some people, since the kidnappings in Lakeshire did not generally affect her directly. She values education and intelligence in all species regardless of physical appearance, but recognizes that intelligence often does not bring tolerance and you must either kill or be killed. Even though she recognizes the need for violence in certain situations, she is still rather uncomfortable dealing with shadow energy and/or using force against other rational races. Her goal in life is to understand why the Alliance and Horde have such strong reactions to each other, and try to heal the rift between the two factions by bringing together the educated, rational members of all of the races and showing them the power of a shared smile and positive outlook.

((New to server, veteran player, looking for fun people to socialize and RP with!))
Alysdair Blackdawn



Lord of Fenris, Lord of Alcaz, Steward of Southern Silverpine (all granted titles)

Physical Description:
Stands at around six feet tall, of slightly pale skin. His figure is medium build, with toned muscles that are for stamina and dexterity more than strength. He has red-blonde hair pulled into a ponytail at the back of his head, and a short, neatly trimmed goatee though he often sports a bit of stubble around his cheeks and neck. His face sports three scars of same length and cause across his face, with the center scar crossing the bridge of his nose in a diagonal slash, start above his left eyebrow and ending on his right cheek bone. The scars flanking this are in the same direction, crossing his eyes but damaging neither one. His chest, if shown, sports numerous other scars from the same assault. His left shoulder sports an intricate tattoo of a profile of a howling wolf's head. His right shoulder sports the Gilnean Crest. His eyes are an ice blue.

Personality Description:
Alysdair is a shrewd politician and businessman who often plays the part of the fool in order to illicit responses from those he converses with. He prefers to observe and talk rather than engage in action when it comes to chances of diplomacy and personal self harm, though he is not one to shy away from aggression should those he care about be endangered. He has a strong loyalty to his allies and family, and will often defer to them in situations where he is conflicted. Originally of lowborn birth, he maintains a strong commitment to the well-being of the common man, and is known to oppose overly authoritarian treatment of peasantry both within and without Gilneas.

General Notes:
Alysdair's greatest devotion is that to his wife, whom he credits with saving him from a very self-destructing path. As a rogue working in the darkness, he comments that "she is [his] Light," a strong comment from someone that does not adhere to the religious aspects of Light or Shadow. A former assassin, he's skilled in agility combat of dodging, ducking, and weaving, as well as fencing techniques of ripostes and parries to allow his smaller, more agile weapons to face against larger and more brutish ones.

Unusual Notes:
No unusual notes at this time.

No secrets at this time. Alysdair professes himself as the "most honest nobleman in Stormwind."

Long and complicated, filled with pain and guilt. he lives in the present and enjoys everything he can.

Current Going-On (if any):
With the war with Garrosh at a close, Alysdair has turned his focus once again to his holdings. He intends to repopulate Fenris, and re-establish his authority there and in Shadowfang and Pyrewood, two holdings he was gifted by Kalren Geroux to his care. He also plans on maintaining his Supply port at Alcaz, hoping to keep good relations with the Templars whom acquired it in the prelude to the Siege of Orgrimmar. At the request of certain Stormwind nobles, he is also directing the efforts of himself and Reigan Blackdawn to the Stormwind courts, in hopes of bringing about representation and prosperity for Gilneas and her citizens in exile in Stormwind's domains. His primary priority, however, is the care of his firstborn daughter, Catriona Blackdawn, and the preparation for more children to come.
Name: Aerothian Garlonne

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Journeyman Armorsmith, and a secret I'll touch on later....ya' know, in the secrets section.

Physical description:
The man is pretty well built like a road traveling smith. His hands are wide and calloused, his arms and shoulders are thick with muscle. His auburn hair almost always effervesces the odor of flux and forge. Bright, green eyes command more attention than he seems comfortable with. His face, high cheekbones and with a squarely set jawline, is worn by both sun and wind and looks several years beyond his age. He stands a couple inches shy of 6 feet and walks with near perfect posture. Aerothian's voice is very deep and carries.

Personality: Socially awkward. His tan cheeks have no problem glowing rosy when women engage him in conversation and he begins tripping over his words. He does not do well with crowds either but can be a very loyal friend if he can learn to trust someone and let them in. Fundamentally he is a very simple man, and a good person. He does not have a home, he sleeps in inns or beneath his cart full of wares.

History: Aerothian Garlonne is an Elwynn born and raised forest boy through and through. His father was a woodcutter at the Eastvale logging camp, his mother he has no memory of at all. A dull childhood of teasing Murlocs and mending fishing nets while making mischief about the camp lead to Aerothian's father giving him a choice at the age of 14. Take up an axe and start cutting wood, or take up a sword and join the militia. Having rumbled with the locals on more than one occasion he chose the sword and became a member of the watch. The camp smith was also in need of an apprentice and after gaining some strength and maturity through a couple years of fighting highwaymen and woodland bandits he volunteered time with the craftsman. For a few years he made tools and simple weapons, but where he took a shine was crafting hauberks and helms, greaves and breastplates. His pieces were far from ornamental, but they were of excellent fit and quality. Leaving the militia, he used his savings to purchase some raw materials and a cart and so he has begun traveling from Westfall to Duskwood and Redridge while peddling his wares.

General Notes: Aerothian bears no ill-will against the 'Horde' races. He believes that the Kingdoms of the Alliance should secure their own lands, and care for its' own people before meddling in the affairs of others. He is also naive of events concerning the Dark Portals and Demons. Not to say he hasn't heard of these things, but he is simply so far removed from them that they don't come to his mind. He can't stand that the Eastern Kingdoms are ruled by a King and nobility. He believes, and voices openly, that the people would do a better job governing themselves.

Unusual Notes: None at the moment

Secrets: Aerothian donates linen and wool, and products made of these things to the Stormwind orphanage on a regular basis. He is also a master tailor! He sells his fine and extravagant clothes, marketed mostly to the nobility of the lands, under the false name 'Alistair Pemberton'. Nobody has found him out yet and everything is done anonymously. The name is well known among the upper crust though. Aerothian uses the money to support local charities and people in need, his own Robin Hood kind of tale. He has thought of funding a group of free thinkers who support new ideas, such as his own ideas of how government should be.

Current going-ons: He wanders a route that takes him in a loop from Stormwind to Westfall, then Duskwood and Redridge as he sells his armor and ships his cloth goods out to clients. He hopes to some day settle down near some water and fish his elderly years away.

OOC: I am just getting back into WoW after some of that darn real-life stuff. I'm looking to have some fun role-playing with people and getting to know people. I'm also looking to get Aerothian into a guild. I have been playing the game since release, way back when and I have role-played since the days of advanced dungeons and dragons. Huzza for table top!
Name: Snowihakayda "Snowee" Winterhoof

Age: Middle-Aged

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Sunwalker

Physical Description: Smaller than most female Tauren, she's almost a full head shorter and weighs less. She is, however, very muscular due to her being a sunwalker. Her fur is white, with a pair of short off-white horns. The right side of her face, starting on her muzzle all the way back to her ear, she's got a splatter mark shaped scar. Due to this injury, she's always wearing an eyepatch over her right eye.

Personality Description: Kind hearted, gentle, and usually jovial, she has been known to have a quick temper. She is a bit awkward socially and slow to trust. But genuinely friendly when she does trust someone, and she is loyal to a fault. Lately, the goings on with Garrosh and all things that apply to him have hardened her a bit. For a time, she was wrathful and hateful towards those that wanted her and her clanmates dead. With that threat gone, she looks back on her role in the events leading up to now and frankly, is broken by them. She hates herself for what she's done and is all around pretty unstable, has had somewhat of a mental breakdown and is dealing with that and certain aspects of her past.

General Notes: She's had a family before, but they were taken from her while she was away, and she regrets that she was not there to protect them above all things.

Unusual Notes: She was a druid of the claw at one time, but after certain events in her past that nearly killed her and rendered her unable to shift anymore, she's taken up the mantle of a sunwalker to remain useful.

Secrets: Secretly hates wearing plate and longs to wear druidic robes again.

History: Born in Winterspring several years before the Orcs ever set foot on Azeroth, she lived in a small Winterhoof tribal village that carved its existence out of the harsh landscape. From an early age, she exhibited signs of druidic abilities. Despite this, she spent several years with her family in southern Winterspring, on the border with Mount Hyjal. When she was old enough, she traveled to Moonglade in order to harness her abilities. And while she was proficient in druidism, the somewhat racist Night Elves in Moonglade relegated her to cleaning duty whenever she wasn't practicing. And she did this for many years, mostly oblivious to the world.

Newcomers eventually came to Moonglade, bearing stories of the world, which caused wanderlust in Snow. And not long after, not yet finished with her training and studies, she went out into the world. Not long after, she met several people from the Tears of Draenor and before she knew it, she was counted among their number. During this time, she also took a mate and had two calves.Everything was extremely happy for Snow, who had traveled and seen the world, who had made many friends and found a place that she was happy with, and she was beginning to be a druid of some small renown. It was during this time that she found out that her entire village had been wiped out by the Burning Legion before the Battle of Mount Hyjal.

Then came the news of the Lich King's return, and the calls for all able-bodied adventurers to go to the frozen north. Leaving her mate and calves behind, under the protection of Moonglade, she traveled on one of the first Horde ships toward Northrend. And it was during this time, the Lich King attacked. The plague ravaged the land, including Moonglade and many of the major cities. Her family was not some of the lucky ones to survive this. Depressed and alone in Northrend, Snow was sent with a small army to secure the area beneath Naxxramas for future incursions. However, several Scourge leaders, including Kel'thuzad himself, and others appeared in the battle that took place there. It was then that Snow was hit in the face with a vial of acidic poison that very nearly killed her. Luckily, the Horde was able to drive the Scourge away and recover their wounded, but the damage was done and Snow was comatose.

Sent back to Moonglade, she was placed in a sort of suspended animation, mind sent to the emerald dream while her body recovered. And there she stayed until Deathwing's return. The shock of his entrance into Azeroth, shook Snow awake. After learning that her family (her calves, mate) were all dead, she soon discovered that the poison had robbed her of her ability to shift forms. Luckily, a new form of druidism had taken root and grown, one that didn't require shifting. Pursuing this new form of druidism, she quickly became a sunwalker, her greatest struggle being that her body was relatively weak and that plate armor is heavy. Setting out into the world as a sunwalker, however, she discovered that Deathwing had already been defeated. But that the Horde was going to a place called Pandaria, and soon after, she followed suit.

(There's more, but it's too long, this is a good place to stop, though. :P)
Name: Emeldir

Age: Early middle-aged - mid to late twenties, in common years

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: She likes to call herself an adventurer; her extended family would likely call her a vagabond. She's a jack of all trades and a more-than-occasional sellsword, if her partner, Ardei, isn't around to keep her on the legal end of things.

Physical Description: Emeldir is unusually tall and lanky for a blood elf female. Blood elves are generally slender, true, but Emeldir possesses little of the grace and surefootedness that most of her people seem to be born with; there are few curves to her frame and she binds what little chest she has with bandages to flatten herself further - indeed, until she speaks, most passerby would take her for a particularly thin young man.

She keeps her dark red hair long, for reasons known only to herself (if they're even known to her), but it's nearly always tucked underneath the cowl and face-mask she wears. Scarring disfigures her face beneath the cloth; her upper lip is torn and scarred into a permanent sneer, and one side of her jaw is ripped and shiny with dead flesh. She hides her disfigurement to everyone in the world save Ardei - she sleeps, eats, drinks and fights with her cowl firmly in place.

Personality Description: Emeldir is a sullen, suspicious woman. She possesses few social graces and a staggering shortage of patience; she dislikes crowds and public use of magic makes her intensely uneasy. She rarely interacts with other blood elves - Ardei being one of two exceptions - because of that discomfort with magic; the Forsaken as a whole tend to frighten her, although she would never admit it - they're entirely too close to the Scourge for her liking.

Despite this, Emeldir isn't the strong, silent type - she can't promise that you'll always like what she has to say, but she does promise to speak what she's thinking. She's been banned from several pubs along the Kalimdor roads, and rumor has it that she isn't allowed in Thrallmar at all anymore after what happened to one of the guardsmen that made an uncouth remark to her partner.

General Notes: Emeldir strongly and exclusively prefers the company of women, and one woman in particular, at that. She holds little to no ill-will towards the races of the Alliance, and indeed once shared a series of intimate nights with a human woman in the Bay.

Secrets: Her face was disfigured by what her extended family politely refer to as 'an accident' - and she's sure that it was indeed an accident; she's also somewhat sure that carelessness played a fairly strong part. She had been little more than a child; her parents had been fiddling with their magic and their spells. Something went wrong, and their daughter was caught in the crossfire. Healing her injuries with magic, the magisters said, would have simply made things worse, and so Emeldir healed on her own, slowly and agonizingly. In common-years, she would have been thirteen; when she was fourteen, no longer bedbound, she boarded the zeppelin across the Great Sea.

History: Emeldir is at home in Mulgore and the Barrens. After the incident that disfigured her, she left her birthland at the tip of the Eastern Kingdoms for Kalimdor; weeks after her initial departure, she found herself in Bloodhoof Village. To her surprise, the tauren were exceptionally welcoming - especially Yaw Sharpmane, seeing her potential as an archer and hunter. Yaw helped her channel her frustration into lifesaving skill with a bow while slowly teaching her to connect with the life around her.

Emeldir eventually became a skilled hunter, renouncing magic entirely and living with and off the land - she took to the hills and forests of both continents, although she markedly avoided venturing north of Hillsbrad, could she help it. She took a black bear cub as her companion shortly after venturing away from her home in Mulgore, calling him Jorah; within six months he stood taller on his back legs than she did. With Emeldir, Jorah is docile as a lamb, nuzzling her hands for treats or cuddles; when Emeldir is threatened, Jorah is a true force to be reckoned with - now that Ardei has entered the picture, Jorah has two women to defend, and he does his job admirably.

Current Going-On (if any): Emeldir tries to keep to forests and wilderness, Durotar being one of the few exceptions. She journeys with Jorah and Ardei, offering her arrows and her skills to the highest bidder.
Barbro Arrius



Archmage, Skilled tailor, and Second in Command to The Royal Lions Brigade.

Physical Description:
Barbro is plain at first sight, her looks neither unattractive nor exceptionally beautiful. She has a somewhat unmemorable, smallish face with long, straight raven dark hair. A slight, bony nose rounded at the tip, smaller than average mouth and flaming crimson lips. She has small ears adorned with large silvery hoops. Large eyes with cool emerald pupils which flicker red when she is very, very angry.

She stands at an average height of 5'7", built somewhat thin and muscular. She has small hands with thin fingers adorned with three rings: a golden wedding band, and her sapphire engagement ring on her left ring finger and signet of the Kirin Tor on her right. Her hands and rings are almost always concealed by gloves.

Dressed modestly, usually seen wearing her archmage mother's Sorcerer's Robes. She has various scars, most noticeably a scar around her neck.

Personality Description:
Though Barbro is normally very quiet, she is not to be mistaken as shy. She has a composed and modest attitude and unwavering spirit. Sometimes mistaken as one of noble blood, she is a farmer's daughter. She is a gentle-hearted and kind person, especially adores children, able to get along with anybody. Though she is a kind and gentle person, she has and will fight with militant ferocity to protect those she loves and respects.

General Notes:
Barbro, while generally quiet and reserved, is friendly and welcoming to all.

Barbro Marie Larsson was born in Southshore to farmer and retired Alterac Sgt Thomas Larsson and his archmage wife Marie Larsson. She was left an orphan at the age of 6 when the Forsaken slaughtered her parents during an attack on the town of Southshore. Barbro was taken as a charge to the Stormwind City orphanage where she was later adopted by an elderly couple from the plains of Westfall. At the age of 10 and 16 her adopted parents Pa and Ma Alexston, respectively, passed.

With no known living relatives, Barbro moved to Stormwind City where she began working at Larson Clothiers as a seamstress and ultimately a dressmaker. She studied under Archmage Malin in Stormwind and then later under the Kirin Tor in Dalaran, earning her title as Archmage. Barbro has also served with the Alliance military forces.

In the past several years, she met Vectis Arrius whom she later married. Vectis also introduced her to The Alliance Protectorate which she joined and is renamed The Royal Lions Brigade. Barbro was recently chosen as the Second in Command to The Brigade, headed by Magistrate Kelsus Hadson.

Current Going-On:
Barbro is currently stationed in Stormwind City after a short stint in Draenor.
Name: Pungewort Copperhoff

Age: In his 30's.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Death Knight & Mushroom Vendor

Physical Description: Half regular gnome and half leper gnome. His skin is colored green, but he doesn't possess the lesions or emaciation of typical leper gnomes. His favorite hairstyle to sport is a bushy green mustache to compliment his bushy eyebrows.

Personality Description: The best word to describe Pungewort is optimist. Despite his intimidating position of death knight, Pungewort stands for protecting all that is good in life, but moreso he wants to bring out the goodness from those where it is typically not found. Many consider him to be naive and with his head in the clouds. But his unshakeable conviction comes from living a life full of darkness and experiencing the power and hope within the tiniest bit of light.

General Notes: Although battle-hardened, Pungewort's social skills could use a bit of tempering. Living a life mostly of seclusion or with "odd" company has left him with some tendencies out of the norm. Plus there's always the pesky insanity that comes from leper gnomes that has to be kept in check!

Unusual Notes: While spending time with the forsaken, Pungewort became a connoisseur of mushrooms. They're a delicacy that he loves to both eat and sell.

Secrets: Pungewort's mother's last words before her death. They are heard as loud today as when they were spoken many years ago. They are for him to know alone, and they are what guide him and give him strength.


The Early Years

Pungewort's mother fell victim to the radiation in Gnomeregan while she was pregnant and became a leper gnome before delivering. To his parent's relief and joy, Pungewort was born a healthy baby with a resistance to the typical negative effects of radiation. Sadly, the same could not be said for his mother. Over the years her struggle to resist the psychological and physical effects of radiation became worse and worse. Pungewort was ten years old and was with her in her last days. The pain of losing her remains to this day.

Young Adult

Being cast out of society due to both fear and hate for his half-leper side, Pungewort had lived with his parents in a secluded forest for his younger years. Any encounters with gnomes were met with hostility, bullying, and eventually violence. Wanting a greater life for his son, Pungewort's father brought him to those who would accept him for who he was. Of all races, it was the Forsaken. Pungewort spent many years learning and going on adventures with his Forsaken teachers and friends.

Life Changes

In his late 20's, Pungewort was ambushed and killed by the scourge. He was resurrected as a death knight during a time of utter chaos and desperation. The Lich King was struggling to defend his throne. The shock of his resurrection amplified his leper-side psychosis and he gave in to darkness. He was sent out to destroy a particular enemy, a gnomish infantry squad. As he stood before his first victim, a young female gnome warrior, his rage boiled as he remembered all the torment and hate he endured by his fellow gnomes as a child. But upon looking into her eyes, he noticed something which struck at the core of his heart: fear. In her eyes he saw the same fear that he felt as a child.

The tiniest bit of light shines through the greatest of darkness. At that moment, Pungewort overcame the darkness in himself and defended the gnomish squad against overwhelming odds. Once safe, Pungewort layed down his rune blade and awaited his fate. For the first time in his life, he was shown acceptance and friendship by his fellow gnomes. His new best friend is the female gnome whose life he spared. From that day forth, Pungewort dedicated his life to bringing out the goodness in those whom it is not seen.

Current Going-On: Pungewort has had the great honor of meeting with the High Tinker. His greatest passion is to help leper gnomes regain their consciousness and is spending much of his time in New Tinker Town. His runeblade stands ready to take on the Legion.
Name: Aigana Ebonbraid

Profession: Adventurer
She dabbles in Archaeology, Mining, and Gnomish Engineering due to natural affinity but has no great interest in them.


This young adult dwarf clearly has some Dark Iron heritage. Though her eyes are of a red color, they do not glow, and her skin is a flawless pale gray except for the few freckles sprinkled across her nose. Her smile is winsome and her eyes are gentle and friendly.

She often reaches down to stroke and speak in affectionate tones to the felhounds that accompany her.

Known History:

Aigana grew up with her mother, a retired adventurer, in Ironforge.

((Feel free to talk to her to find out the rest!))
Name: Dunkori

Age: 400

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Crafter of cosmetic and practical gems. Mines her own ore to prospect, therefore not reliant on others in order to acquire her own work materials. Also goes on Archaeological expeditions, both independently and for the occasional odd job for the Explorer's League.

Physical Description: Average height, muscular from years of mining ores. Sports a facial scar (hidden beneath the bottom half of her helm) and several notches in her horns from near misses in battles on Draenor (pre-First War) during the Orc's attempt to eradicate the Draenei on behalf of the Legion.

Pale blue skin and eyes: so much time spent in caves or canyons that she didn't get much exposure to sunlight. Silver-ish hair. Not through aging, but born into it.

Personality Description: Patient, especially with the myriad races of the Alliance her people threw their lot in with. Takes kindly to Night Elves more than the other races (outside of her own people, of course).

Soft spoken, unless provoked. Tends to avoid social functions, with the only exceptions involving family gatherings (few and far in between, small as they may be, not many of her own blood remain).

Fierce in battle, persistent in her assaults in spite of all her soft social qualities. Only backs out of a fight when the odds are overwhelmingly against her and/or her comrades. Occasionally uses the her races' unique connection to the light of the Naaru to heal herself and her allies when the battle is dire, but not so dire as to be unable to recover.

General Notes: Doesn't speak much outside of regular prayer to the Naaru or when bestowing blessings to her allies. Shows affection by hugs, nudges, and pokes. Her ability to carry a large weapon or shield comes from 1 part physical strength from swinging a pick around during her mining ventures, and 1 part through her practice of wielding the light as a weapon as taught to her by the Vindicators or her people.

Unusual Notes:
Holds a special place in her heart for the cause of the Kurenai peoples of Outland. The company of old friends and other survivors of the attempted genocide of her people bring her comfort and bring out the more social side of her.

Her second favorite race among the peoples of the Alliance are the Dwarves, with whom she had several interactions with during her Archaeological ventures.

Secrets: Doesn't make any effort to have a romantic side due to the nature of her life of relative solitude and the fact that lives on Azeroth have a tendency to get cut short (or just be short, compared to the long-lived nature of her and her kin).

History: Born aboard the Naaru vessel Genedar shortly after her people's evacuation of the world her people inhabited prior to Draenor. Was the child of an Anchorite Priestess and a member of Velen's Elite Guard, therefore, her affinity for wielding the light started rather early.

Due to who her parents were and their charges, she trained with the Vindicators during whatever free time she could spare on the grounds surrounding Karabor in Shadowmoon Valley. All of this came in extraordinarily timely when the Orcs turned on her people with no known provocation.

She survived, but not without injury to her physical form and her sense of self. The atrocities she witnessed at the hands of the orcish horde hardened her, and made her feel overly cautious when dealing with any people outside of her own, lest they turn on them in a similar fashion.

After her people's escape from the shattered remains of Draenor aboard the Exodar and the ensuing crash landing on Azeroth, her and her people's trust was put to the test when they encountered the Night Elven race. Tough as it may have been, her people recognized a need to find allies on this new World, and found that the Elven peoples of Darnassus could be trusted to be among their people.

Current Going-On (if any): The Legion has come to Azeroth, and not the first time they've invaded according to the Elves. Dunkori is currently (reluctantly) a mlitary commander of the Human/Dwarven Order of the Silver Hand, and leads their forces into the storms of fel fire and brimstone. Light of the Naaru be with us in our time of need, and may our blades be caked with the blood and ash of our demonic foes. The Legion's End draws near.
Basic Information
Full Name: Gisela Goldenwing
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Wildhammer Dwarf
Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy

Physical Appearance
Age: adult
Eyes: green
Hair: blonde
Skin Tone: light - suntanned

General Appearance:
Small blue, orange, and green beads are braided into Gisela's hair, framing her face, while more beads and feathers decorate the long braids that cascade down her back. Her blonde hair is sun-streaked, and her skin is tanned, with a few light freckles sprinkled across her nose.

She also wears a few necklaces, some of the same beads. Others are small glazed clay totems hanging from leather strips. Tiny pouches of dried herbs can be seen attached to her belt alongside an intricate chased silver drinking stein decorated with gold gryphons.

Known History
"Oh, I've been runnin' supplies ta high elf and human settlements fer years with me father. Then one day while I was ridin' ol' Grumptalon, I was hearin' voices on the wind. I thought I was losin' it, aye, but then the elders told me it was time ta give up me supply runs an' work wi' the elements."
Name: Edivan Kolvath

Age: 36

Gender: Male, Human

Job/Profession: Battlepriest/Tailor and Enchanter

Physical Description: Nothing too out of the ordinary. Although, for a practitioner of magic, he has a more than typical muscular build due to the traveling he undertakes to fulfill his personal goals. 6'3" and 240lbs, blue eyes and light colored hair. He has a scar on his right hip from a previous war. And with the right amount of beverages he may show it to you and boast about it.

Personality Description: Very opinionated, but open minded enough to listen to anything anyone has to say. If a fact he has found true has been proven false, or vise versa, he tends to be the first to admit his error. Most of the time. But, he is only human. His life's decisions has made him slightly bitter and a natural loner. Carrying a weight upon his shoulders from all his doubts and regrets. But, with newfound purpose, he hopes to balance his wrongs with doing some right in the world.

General Notes: Edivan believes in the ideals of the Alliance, but doesn't necessarily agree with the leadership. He believes that the Horde and Alliance would benefit greatly if they could bury past atrocities both sides have committed and work together for a better Azeroth. That is his one true mission, to garner treaties and broker peace as best he can between the two factions.

Unusual Notes: Edivan has no filter between his thoughts and words, which tends to make him an honest talker. Sometimes, too honest. He also suffers from PTSD due to the wars he has fought in the past, and other disturbing things that have happened from childhood on to adulthood. But, he tries his best no to dwell on them.

Secrets: A hopeless romantic, a part of his soul yearns to find his true love more than anything.

History: From childhood, Edivan was raised in a home filled with substance abuse. From it, he had to grow up fast to avoid the hand that beats. As soon as he reached adulthood, he enlisted in the Stormwind Military were he spent 4 years fighting in war after war. The spectre of his past still haunts him to this day. After his Honorable Discharge from the Army following Garrosh's capture in Pandaria, Edivan decided he would instead use his woefully gained knowledge to attempt to find a more peaceful solution to Azeroth's problems. Although, he isn't above using violence when needed.

Current Going-On (if any): Once of the Warrior-class, Edivan is currently learning the traits of becoming part of a subsect called the battlepriests.[i][/i]
Name: Dromme Sadgear (Dromme for short)

Age: Around 20 years old (or young adult equivalent for Gnomes)

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Dromme is a Priestess of the Light, and her other side (Mareridt) is a Priestess of the Void. Both of them are Scribes.

Physical Description: Slightly shorter and paler to female Gnome standards, she seems frail at first sight. Her eyes are blue (they shift to purple when Mareridt takes over), her hair is black and tight in two braided buns (she rarely uses her hair loose), her feet and hands are slightly smaller for a female Gnome.

Personality Description: Dromme is a cheerful, yet aloof and sometimes gloomy young lady. She seems excited and curious most of the time, and she has a eerie, dreamy countenance near people in general. She is mostly shy and prefers to hide behind her Draenei best friend, Móbil, who she truly adores and cherishes.

General Notes: Dromme suffers from bipolar disorder --- her mind is divided in two personalities: Dromme (the mainly dominant, good-oriented personality with kind demeanor, who chooses mostly the Holy path) and Mareridt (the second personality, which acts more mature, seductive, sometimes evil or mischief-oriented personality with mischievous and sometimes dangerous demeanor, who actively follows the Shadow path).

Dromme also has several health issues due to her childhood at Gnomeregan --- she often is tormented by high fevers, weird and painful rashes and even lethargy when exposed to wasted environments, taken either by Fel or even Arcane in massive amounts.

Unusual Notes: Dromme is somewhat very innocent and kind, and she doesn't understand some social interactions (specially those romantic-intented, as she never had any romantic companions, regardless of gender) and fails to acknowledge some compliments or insults.

She has a great fondness for tea, Elekks and Meadowstompers, and also likes cooking and creating designs, blueprints and written material in general. She hates being alone and is quite clingy when she is new somewhere.

Secrets: Dromme believes Mareridt to be either a sister or a closer related parent that sometimes takes her body and controls her actions. Also, much for her future dismay, she has a high chance to be barren due to the Gnomeregan irradiation incident.

History: Dromme Sadgear is the last Sadgear living. This family used to be of female explorers and male settlers, who wold stay at Gnomeregan's territory to tinker while the women when elsewhere to discover more techniques, cultures and purposes.

Dromme's mother went on a journey and never came back when she was a toddler and her father died days after she was born. She was raised by her grandparents and, because of her frail constitution, Dromme got closer to her grandfather, who was a very creative Gnome with wild dreams of inventions.

By the time she was either 6 or 8 years old, Gnomeregan was irradiated by Thermaplugg and her grandparents died. Her grandfather died on top of her to prevent her granddaughter to be caught in the deadly mists. Dromme was saved and healed, but the irradiation killed most of her immune system and that made Dromme too frail to become a frontline warrior, and the Light called to her years later.

Because of her background, she sometimes suffers from flashbacks as she cannot piece some events completely. Mareridt appeared in her mind on those lonely years and became a solid personality even before a charming male Draenei known as Móbil Soulstorm appear in Dromme's life, charming her and making the exotic figure her best friend, comrade, confident and companion (though they have no romantic ties whatsoever).

Current Going-On (if any): Dromme's adventures in the Broken Shore broke her will and her heart, as she almost gave up of Priesthood, almost decided to stop living and lost her sister forever in the Exodar. Having to cope with her grief and move on, Dromme feels particularly alone and sorrowful as Móbil seems to be gone again and nowhere to be found...
Name: Corvaliini

Age: unknown exactly, but she is quite old

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Tailor and Engineer by trade

Physical Description: Tall, slender, exotic, her brilliant blue-white eyes regularly flash and sparkle when she talks or emotes. Her appearance is generally immaculate, from the tips of her well-tended horns to her polished, manicured hooves. Small golden rings cling to the few tendrils around her soft neck. Her frame is perhaps a little on the thin side, but not frail, as even her hands and fingers look strong and capable, perhaps from her work as a tailor and engineer. Her tail isn't too long, falling to about the middle of her strong thighs, a gold band holding on against her back where the tail protrudes and a couple more with intricate designs further down. Her legs were strong, used to standing and running, ending with a tuft of hair around her hooves. She carried herself gracefully at all times, even in battle she managed to move gracefully as if it were choreographed.

Personality Description: Corvaliini is generally quite pleasant, but reserved, so sometimes she comes across as standoff-ish. While she understands a lot, she sometimes misunderstands other races, especially their expressions or cliches. She adores children and usually willing to help someone in need. Her disdain for the Legion rivals that of the demon hunters and is quite wary of warlocks. She finds it amusing when someone fawns over her, male or female, though she never intentionally leads anyone on.

General Notes: She has been known to use her magic to infuse her tailoring and engineering creations. She is currently single (widowed) and may or may not be open to someone (she prefers males but has been known to have an interest in both teams)

Unusual Notes: When her emotions flare up, they are often exhibited in a magical form. For instance, if she feels threatened, snow and ice may begin to fall around her, forming a protective barrier if the threat is not dealt with. Also, while she can speak other languages, she'll use magic to help interpret, but her accent is always very heavy. (think Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show)

Secrets: She always wears a pendant with a purple crystal around her neck but it hangs down under her robes. Why?

History: Corvaliini was born on Argus before the migration, so she is very old, although you may not realize it upon meeting her at first because she keeps her appearance so fresh. She did not develop her magical abilities until she arrived on Azeroth. She was married and had a son, but both her mate and child died during the crash of the Exodar. She has participated in most of the established events of Azeroth since her arrival. It took her several days to set hoof on Argus again, as it was too traumatic at first.

Current Going-On (if any): She is gathering her strength to aid in the final push into Antorus and hopefully end the Legion's threat for good.

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