More than tips

What's with folks doing stuff for free and then maybe getting a tip? What you can make is a part of a profession, not a charity that likes donations. C'mon folks, it's okay to put up prices for your stuff. The Auction House is one of the tools that can be used to sell that stuff you make for asking prices, but it's also okay to mention it on trade chat. As is, I see too little of it taking place.

As for you others that say things along the lines of "I don't get stuff from them if they say it'll cost X. I only give tips." Get over yourselves! They're professions, you're supposed to make money off of them.
Some people want to just help other people out and make enough money in other ways.

Usually the only people who are doing things for not even a tip are people who are leveling the prof.
Leveling or not, I think folks need to be far more aggressive with their professons and folks also need to not be so uppity with those offering services that are advertising with prices.

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