Feralas Loremaster

I am currently 43/45 for Feralas loremaster.

The have searched the zone top to bottom, and double checked on any item drop quests, and the only one I currently have available to do is the distress beacon (00x-22) which could give me my last 2 quests.

However, I do not want to complete that quest at the moment so I do not harm my bloodsail rep until I know what Blizzards plan with it is.

So this leaves me stuck at 43 quests. Is anyone else in a similar situation, or when you completed Feralas did you notice that it was very tight on quests and your last quest finished it up? I had 1/45 going into this zone, and did a breadcrumb quest from desolace. I double checked all quest hubs, and quest givers throughout the zone. Any ideas?
Complete the Beacon and the turn in at Booty bay and you will have 45/45 completed.
You're in the same boat as me. The two quests are from Sensirai. She's an npc that spawns down in the Darkmist ruins. For some reason a lot of horde aren't able to see her. Someone was able to share with me the quests, but I'm not able to turn them in. I've read recommendations that say to run a repair of wow, but that did nothing for me.

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