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Looking for a guild that raids but with a casual attitude and that will not kick me if I don't. I hope that the Cataclysm changes will help that especially because of all that I can bring to a guild:

7 L80 Characters:
NE Priest Alch[Transmute]/herb Shadow/Holy
NE Hunter LW/Skin Beast Master *Will be changing to Worgen
NE Druid Enchanting/Tailoring[Moon] Feral/Rejuvenation
Gnome Warlock Engineering[Gnomish]/Mining Destro/Demon
Human Warrior Weaponsmith/Mining Protection Spec only [Yes I leveled him from 1 to 80 that way]
Draenei Shaman JC/Mining Elemental
Human DK Mining/Herbs Unholy/Blood

Besides them I have 3 GB alts that I can use for leveling, questing & raiding if need be all have 3 tabs & all are also L80:

Human Mage Tailor[Shadow]/Inscription Frost
Dwarf Rogue LW[Elemental]/Skin Stealth
Draenei Paladin Alch[Elixer]/Herbs Holy

All have maxed Primary Professions & Secondary except Fishing. All the ones I can put in a guild have at least 5K GS except the Shaman. 4 Have 310% flying all 10 will have in 4 more holidays. My playtimes vary due to work, wife, and my 2 kids. So how much and when varies but as you can see I do a lot with my time.

ATM I am gearing up my Shaman so feel free to mail me in game to this char or to contact me on the Shaman Iroh.
Well, Fellowship of Storms has been around since the early days of Vanilla. We've always been a casual, but progression minded guild, that focused on 10 man raids. We're looking at trying to run two 10 man Raid teams in Cata, with each raiding on different nights. We have a mix of players - all PVE minded (though some of us do BGs for fun, and we're thinking of setting up a guild BG team). Our players range from single Main Toon focused to stables of alts. Guild chat tends to vary, as many of the more talkative members also hang on our Vent server. We have all the standards - Vent, website, tabard, GB, etc.

If you are looking for an enjoyable bunch of laid back players who could care less about your age, who raid and progress, but at their own pace, who understand that Real Life does happen, then look us up.

For reference, our guild site is FOS.Guildportal.com
However, it has been neglected some by the Webmaster 9me) as other things, WoW included, have chewed up free time.

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