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Guild Recruitment
Shadow Council (RP-PvE) - Alliance - Tues, Thurs, Sun @ 6MT.

All classes open. Especially looking for heals and ranged DPS. http://republic-guild.com/ to apply. Or come talk to me in-game.

Finally, the end of Wrath is coming.

As with any major change like this, Republic is expecting to see a few people leave or reduce their playing time. Additionally, the new inflexible raid locking system means that in order to run the same number of groups that we're used to, we're going to need more people.

Let me tell you a little bit about Republic.

We're a small guild. Throughout Wrath, we have averaged 30-35 active raid-ready players. With this group, we've had a full 25-man team and up to four 10-man teams running on any given week.

We're different from your typical progression guild. We're not just taking people who have the highest performance and turning over raid team members every time somebody better might come along. Don't get me wrong, we expect high performance.... But we have other standards too. For example, we want to like playing with you before we'll guild you. That means drama is rare here. Turnover is low. Explaining stuff to the new guy doesn't happen very often. It might also mean that we come across as a bunch of elitist bastards who insist on interviewing our friends before hand. We're alright with that.

So, it should be clear, we're not looking for the highest-DPS testosterone junkie, ePeen stroking adolescents to rock our meters and "teach us a few things". We're looking for mature, no nonsense, self-sufficient adults to come rock our meters and quietly teach us a few things while they talk about movies or music or something other than how awesome they are.

Cataclysm is a complete reset. New gear, new talents, new rotations, etc. We're all going to be learning to play again. If you have what it takes to learn to be a great player with your new abilities, and what I said above appeals to you, we want to talk to you.

Now, as I said, we do have performance standards. The primary one is that if you make a mistake, we expect you to own up to it, and if at all possible not do it again. We also expect our raiders to be pushing in the top 15 or so percent of what's possible out their class (DPS wise, healing and tanking are more subjective). We expect people to know what loot they're after so we don't spend 20 minutes looting a boss. We expect people to be punctual (or at least give advance notice). Etc....

So we're not taking just anybody, but we do want to expand our roster a good deal.

Our recruiting priorities are:

1: Healers - All types
2: Caster DPS - All types
3: Death Knights - we have none, believe it or not.
4: Others - But these spots are still open.

Traditionally our 25-man raiding schedule has been Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday at 6:00 server time. However with Cataclysm, you may be joining us for 10s, so the scheduling may be considerably different. We'll be figuring it out when we hit 85.

We've long used a DKP bidding system that has treated us well. We will be resetting come Cata raids, and may change the system slightly. However it will continue to be something that rewards participation equally. We do not loot-council.

Come register on our forums, read our stickies, check us out, and drop an application:


Or come find myself (alts: Ulmaceae, Thumbs, Aloft) or Wiress (alts: Tank, anything ending in *iress) in game to chat.
Come raid ICC with us on Saturday December 4th. Sign up by dropping an app on our website. http://republic-guild.com/

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