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Moon Guard
During the elemental invasions I recall someone yelling "Stormwind will be safe with Rivendare's son protecting it!" I paused for a second, about to shake my head right before another person yelled, "The street performers are defending the city as well! Keep them safe!"

You can insult bad role players as long as you make it IC and hilarious.
You could actually try to -help- them.

When I first started on Moon Guard a long while back, I was the special snowflake, the lorebreaker. I had decent prose, but little in lore. It took a bunch of great people to make me realize, hey, I should do my research, and cultivate my characters into believable, rich characters that others can enjoy interacting with. We've all been there, I think, at some point or another. And I'm so grateful to those people that educated me!

Yeah, okay, there are some people that are lost causes, because they refuse to acknowledge lore, or they don't want to play a flawed character, Mary Sues, purple prose, etc. etc...but you can ignore those types if it's that ridiculous. It just seems rather cynical and mean to go out of your way to troll these people. You're basically just reinforcing their habits by being a jerk. You're not proving anything by acting that way.

I think it'd be a lot more rewarding, if you tried aiding them instead. Give them ideas, help them with lore. I love that I can whisper Jerolan or Falkoen and ask them a question about Night Elves, they know so much more than me, or Hlaine if I need a history lesson on Lordaeron. And Akirum knows a ton of #%%! about Draenei! You could gain a lot of respect and gratitude from others in the RP community, instead of creating unneeded resentment.

tl;dr : Stop bullying the other kids on the playground. It isn't nice! *smack*
You could actually try to -help- them.

Actually just do this instead.
Though I believe that in order to foster a great RP community, we should help those in need (of RP lessons) not pick them apart.

I'm on the fence here. If it's done well, as in somewhat subtle, not over the top, it accomplishes exactly what you say here. It tells them "What you're doing is silly, and people won't take you very seriously."

A few of my characters refer to growth potion users as "potion-chuggers" and try to advise them to seek help for their addiction. It's not hostile or super-overt, but I think it gets the message across. I think this is the kind of thing Thor is talking about.

But if it's being done hostile and mean-spirited for the sake of being a jerk? That's not cool.
I never felt even the slightest bit of elitism until I came to Moon Guard.

Regardless, I try(Big word there) to accept everyone's RP, it's only fair. But if it's just utterly outrageous, then I just can't do it, and I usually end up trying to avoid RPing with them, but I can't stand hurting people's feelings.

I've attempted to calmly explain things to people to make things less lore breaky. If it's slightly lore bendy, I don't mind it, but lore breaking makes me break. These usually turn out well, though.

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