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Don't quite understand how honor is gained in the BG's.

For example, with this alt I was just in Warsong, I had 2 flag captures, 2 flag returns, was 3rd in killing blows, 2nd in damage.

But I was 9th in honor

It appears that honor is based solely on honorable kills, but what exactly is an honorable kill?

1v1: you kill a enemy player. That is an honorable kill (HK). HK generates Honor Points. Granted you dont grossly out-level the target.

BGs: every time a enemy player is killed by you or teammates, the HK is granted to teammates within 'X' proximity. The shared HK is so players that help damage the target or heal teammates can earn Honor instead of just the person receiving the Killing Blow.

BGs have historically been a controversial subject with botters, people going afk to soak HK, etc. To alleviate these concerns I am aware certain BGs give Honor Bonuses for defending a flag (ie, helping your team win). I am not aware of the specifics concerning WSG at your level.
An honorable kill is participating in the death of an enemy player that is no more than 8 levels beneath you. In BGs, this means being in the vicinity of the enemy player when s/he is killed either by you or a fellow team member. Killing blows in BGs do not increase honor gain.

In BGs, honor points are awarded if you have HKs, fulfills an objective (capturing a flag in WSG, destroying a tower in AV, breaking down a wall in SotA, etc), and at the end of a round.

Honor awarded varies.

1) In certain BGs, defending certain nodes gives you an Honorable Defender buff - which increases all honor gains by 50%. This includes HKs.
2) When fulfilling an objective in a BG, everyone in the team gets awarded with honor points - not just the person who capped the flag or destroyed the tower.
3) At the end of the round, honor awarded varies again depending on whether you selected a random battleground, whether you won the battleground, and whether it's your first win of the day.

- Corylyn/Wynnoa, Wyrmrest Accord

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