[A] Shattered Blades recruiting

Schedule: 2 nights a week - Wednesday and Sunday from 7:00PM server until 11:00PM server.

Website: http://shatteredblades.guildportal.com

With Cataclysm just around the corner, the leadership of Shattered Blades has taken a long, hard look at our guild and decided it is in our best interests to open our doors. We are looking for a handful of skilled, knowledgeable individuals to fill several openings within our roster to shore up our ranks. In particular, our needs are the following:

Healers - We need one main spec healers to shore up our ranks. Preference will be ghiven to a Holy Paladin, though no qualified applicants will be turned away.

DPS - We are looking for either one melee and one ranged OR two ranged DPS to fill our ranks. There is currently no class preference here.

Tanks - We need one DPS or healer with a tanking off-spec who would tank as needed.

About our guild:

Shattered Blades is a group of friends that opted to form a dedicated 10-man raiding guild during the last days of the Burning Crusade. Nearly all of our members have been playing since the launch of WoW, and many of us have been raiding together since the days of Molten Core. Our main reason for forming was to have a more relaxed atmosphere where we could reunite under one banner and enjoy playing with old friends again! We are entirely comprised of working adults, with several of our members even having young children, that have grown into a group of friends. As such we strive to behave like adults in our dealings with one another!

We may not be a 'cutting edge' hardcore 25-man raiding guild, but we are a very friendly group of individuals with a desire to push the envelope as hard and far as we can! During most of Ulduar and the early days of Icecrown, we even held the distinction of being one of the top 10-man strict guilds on the server before finding some of our members having to face the most difficult boss of all - Real Life.

As with Blizzard's philosophy during Wrath of the Lich King, while there will always be raid balance needs, we seek to bring the player and not the class. With that said, applicants should show that they are willing to put forth effort in their raiding character such as obtaining badge gear, crafted items and, using the proper gems, gylphs and enchants with the proper spec and rotation.

The officers are also in the process of discussing a second raiding group comprised of appropriately geared alts, those who are members but are not dedicated raiders, and recruits. Final details on this, including raiding schedule, are still to be determined.

If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact me in-game on Taikishi, Masae, Yasuyo, or Auredelen. If I am not online, please contact Mikomi or Tyrilla, or you can email me at quicksilver.tfly@gmail.com

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