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When I first heard of what the expansion, Cataclysm would bring for WoW. I was a skeptic. I thought how lame this would be to just have all the lowbie stuff be redone, and we 80's only get 5 levels. After all the media hype, after all the info, after the beta's and the PTR's, i was still, not convinced that this Shattering, and the expansion shortly after would hold up to the expectations.

I was wrong, and I wanted to say, to you Blizzard, Top notch job on this thus far. I have one of each class on the horde side at level 80, as I have been playing this game for 6 years now, and as you can guess the old content was getting, well, Old.

I decided to see what all the new changes brought with the cataclysm. So, I rolled an undead hunter. I am NOT disappointed. The quests are great, all are new with the exception of just a handful that I have played through so far. I have been playing for almost 8 hours toon time, and am already lvl 21, and just did one of the best quests I have ever seen in this game. I became the quest giver. As I sat atop my mount in the Hillsbrad foothills, I witnessed 3 toons come by for quests that I was giving them. The dialog and names of these toons was brilliant. I seriously LoL'd in RL.

I know lots of people are and have been very critical of you Blizzard (And when I say Blizzard, I mean the people creating the game, the quests, and all that comes with it) and some of those criticisms have been warranted, probably a lot of them, but very rarely do I see congratulations, or job well done. So let me tell you, Great work thus far. The quests are refreshing, and very much help carry an incredible story along. I love all of the interaction that is taking place, it makes it easier to go and get 10 bear a$$s as one of the NPC's stated when I was handling out quests. :) Love it, and keep up the great stuff.

**Grammatical errors fixed.. I hope.**

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