I Need Help W/ Buying Electric Keyboard/Piano

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I'm going to be buying an electric piano, but I'm not sure what kind I should be looking for and what would be best for a beginner. I've taken lessons before when I was little, but those didn't last that long (I probably had lessons for two months total maybe?) So I'll pretty much be a complete beginner all over again.

Would anyone out there happen to know certain keyboards that would be good for me?
And one more thing, I've been saving up money for a while now, so money won't be an option.
I'm not sure how many people here (on these forums) will have experience in this area, but I know one place that would likely help - the Tooltabs.net community is a bit of a wild animal at times, but there are a lot of really wise people in there - covering a wide birth of topics - but especially for musical instruments.



That second link is the Musical Gear section. I'll bet you a shiny copper someone in there will be able to give you a good start.

Thank you very much! I was beginning to doubt whether or not I was going to get a reply, haha. I'll check it out now.

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