Holy Nerf - Why?

Okay, I understand the nerf on whatever the ability was that basically guaranteed us a holy charge every 4 seconds of melee combat, and I even somewhat understand our AoE heal now costing holy power, but Protector of the Innocent? Really? What's great. Not only has blizzard scaled down all of our heals, but they've taken away pretty much the main replacement for Sacred Shield as far as I'm concerned. Rather than completely removing it from healing yourself additionally when you heal yourself, why not just make it throw out 1/2 heals, or even 1/3 or 1/4? Seriously, anything's better than nothing.


Looks like I'll be leveling prot 76-80 now.
Wrong Toon. This is me. :D
Because it was ridiculously OP (Mostly in BGs)
Because a 20k+ holy shock was silly.
hun? 20k? holy shock? with ICC buff im guessing

^ This is why.
they were also really potent in the raid testing, if i remember correctly. pvp was an issue, but pve balance had something to do with it as well.

^ This is why.

Well NERF GEAR THEN bliz! Maybe you actually need someone with a brain on the team!

If you nerfed GEAR... then he would not be able to do that..People would actually be equal! Sheesh

That has nothing at all to do with gear.

The entire reason it was possible revolved around two mechanics:
1) Blessed Life granted an absurd amount of Holy Power in PVP situations
2) Protector of the Innocent procced a 4k heal regardless of the initial heal.

Because of that, you could heal yourself with instant casts for 5k+ every single GCD.
Both of those mechanics needed to be fixed, and were.

But I don't understand the Holy Shock nerf. Specifically the heal portion. Healing 5 mans as a Holy Paladin was already plenty difficult I thought... Especially pre-tower of radiance where holy shock is literally the only way you can generate holy power.

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