Prot pallies can't die

I'm not sure about raid healing, but so far in instance healing (and from watching with my 80 mage) I've found that prot paladins have arguably the easiest time getting aggro with that hammer spell and righteous defense or whatever it's called (the one where you can save a target from aggro). Also they can't friggin die. I don't think I've ever had to hit an "Oshi-" button with a prot pally tank.

This is not including their huge damage mitigation, ability to self heal, half decent dps, and aura/buffs that beat out what warriors and bears can give. I think I'm going to roll one.

So prot pally - best tank? I think so =)

-healer's view
also healer view, softest tank of all. next week our last raid we may just have our prot pally switch to holy to tank, may get him to live a few seconds longer.
Ever since 4.0.1 I have taken more damage. Since the shattering has been released and seeing what they did to Holy Shield and losing 15% avoidance, I am not sure I want to play my pally tank of 3 or so years anymore. I might just make my druid Feral again when Cata is released. I just really don't know what I want to do with my pally at this point. I may just see what lvl 85 has to offer before I really pull the plug but we shall see.
Hm maybe prot loses its luster at the high end

either that or all the bears and warriors I've partied with have been awful at their jobs
It's kinda sketchy at 80 right now because they changed our tanking mechanics quite a bit.

85 in blues doesn't feel so bad, so I figure in epics it will feel a lot better.

I have a Druid and Pally, I'm going to tank on both and choose which one I prefer after a few raids.
Hm maybe prot loses its luster at the high end

either that or all the bears and warriors I've partied with have been awful at their jobs

a good chance of that
Tank & Healer view:

Bear tanks actually had us beat there for a while. Fully buffed in ICC I was pushing 75k health, hard as hell to kill, and usually making a dent in dps too. But Bear tanks with less gear would come in and pop up just short of 80k health and similar dps.

Then the mighty nerf bat came down hard last patch... on druids. We, on the other hand, changed little. Since the shattering? Yeah... pallys are the best tanks hands down. I've tanked with a Warrior and a Bear since the patch and they both are complaining about nerfs to health and threat. I, on the other hand, can keep threat with a mage popping off 18k dps simply by farting on my keyboard as long as Righteous Fury is on.

I have a lot of toons. Druid, Hunter, DK, Shammy, and Pally. Hands down this toon is my favorite to play. And the new mechanics with holy power just make it so I actually have to think every 12 seconds which is nice. lol

And to the healer calling us soft? Tell your tank to come read the forums more. Cooldowns work. And he can occasionally use a 3hp Word of Glory on himself to make himself less squishy. Hard to kill a tank that is being healed by a decent healer AND is able to pop a free 10k heal on himself every 10 sec. Just because we CAN do a lot of dps doesnt mean we should sacrifice surviving for it. Leave an occasional SotR out and WoG instead. Still shouldnt loose threat with what we can build.
im a prot/ret pally and in BG's I cannot die, full wrathful DK's with shadowmourn are laughable. not to mention i have 1671 resil up to 1721 with my elixirs muhahahaaa

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